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Temporarily Away When A Fellow Writer S Mail Is Returned Marked Temporarily Away And She Is Unable To Reach Him, Henrietta Harcourt Asks The Local Sheriff To Investigate, And The Man S Mummified Remains Are Discovered In His Remote Cabin On The Edge Of A National Forest After His Death Is Dismissed As Natural Causes, A Suspicious Henrietta Prods The Sheriff To Look At Someone With Motive, Means, And Opportunity When He Does, Natural Causes Begins To Look As Unlikely As Temporarily Away

Amanda Brenner is a native Midwesterner who has traveled extensively throughout the United States, and who now lives quietly with her husband and an assortment of wildlife visitors to their urban home Her interest in writing began at an early age when westerns were popular attractions at the local theater It seemed only natural that her first novel, Trail of Vengeance, should be in that genre A

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 37 pages
  • Temporarily Away
  • Amanda Brenner
  • English
  • 01 November 2019

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    When Henrietta Harcourt received a return to sender item of mail, which was marked Temporarily Away , she was a little concerned She ran the writers group, The Grey Goose Quill Society, and the gentleman in question was one of her successful writers Matt Mercer would never go away without notifying her, as he was a diligent member of the group.Feeling uneasy, she decided to investigate a little on her own before going any further, but with no success she finally contacted the local Sheriff of Dobbsville, Cal Wellesley He knew Henrietta and patiently listened to her concerns Mostly to pacify her, he decided to send his deputy in to check on Matt when he next cruised past the farm And so it was that the body of Matt Mercer was discovered, mummified and lying on the floor of his home How long he d been there was open to question, but it seemed Henrietta s uneasiness had been valid.When the sheriff s office passed the death off as a natural but tragic event, Henrietta decided once again to delve deeper When prompted by her, Sheriff Wellesley followed through But what could possibly be the outcome An elderly man passing away seemingly naturally would Henrietta s suspicions be correct It seemed like Henrietta had the plot to a new mystery she was planning didn t it A thoroughly enjoyable short story which was easy to read, a great mystery and very well written I am going to have to check out work by this author Recommended.

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    This is a short story Henrietta is concerned about a postal notice that one of her book club members is temporarily away according to the post office What does that mean, she wonders The story builds, little by little, with revelations that kept my interest until the final revelation, and the answer to the mystery.

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    cute cozy mystery in a rural setting.Nice, clean short story Believable characters and setting descriptions. kindle freebie.

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