Tempted (Eternal Guardians, #3)

Tempted (Eternal Guardians, #3)WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ME ENCANT Al principio era medio mehhh pero luego UFFFF no, l anlo y me dicen porque es F cking AMAZING 4.5 I don t think there are any spoilers in here, and if there are, they might be things we found out in the last book I got hooked on the Eternal Guardian s series last year, so I was super excited at the chance to review this book This is Isadora s book, and I ve been waiting not so patiently to see how she handles this.Isadora is a very timid, with a doormat personalityuntil lately She is finally waking up and seeing what she wants And I loved watching her grow She began this book as timid, and ended it as a queen who no one will mess with And if they do well, in Isadora s words,My father will be dead in a matter of weeks and I ll be your new queen If you don t leave us now, I guarantee I will remember your name And the consequences will be severe Demetrius is quite the opposite He s one of the guardians, and he s been a complete bastard to her for about 200 years Wanna know why Hera s curse Hera cursed each Guardian to have only 1 soul mate, and that soul mate would be the worst possible match ever Demetrius knows Isadora is his this is not a spoiler since we re told it early on, and I think we knew from the last book And while he wants her, knowing he can t have her, it s He doesn t want to soil her We find out who his mama is, and hoo boy, there s a shocker He has every reason to distance himself and make sure Isadora never looks at him with anything but disgust and hatred Too bad for Demetrius that Isadora s able to see behind the fa ade.Isadora is kidnapped at the end of Entwined, and this book picks up right in that same spot She is taken by witches who want to free their warlock god, and giving him a royal, virginal, powerful sacrifice will do that But the Guardians save her, and Demetrius opens a portal and shoves both Gryphon and Isadora through But he didn t think about where he opened the portal and came face to face with a bunch of daemons Gryphon is still weak from fighting the warlock the witches wanted to free he comes back later , so he ends up near death before he s rescued.Meanwhile, Demetrius mummy dearest tosses the two of them to an island called Pandora and binds his powers He can t open a portal back to their home, and Isadora s too weak from the kidnapping, the spells, and everything to be much help Oh, and don t forget she can t be away from Casey and Callia for too long, or the 3 of them weaken So they have to not only trust each other, they have to avoid being killed by all the crazy mythological creatures who come out at night Which reminds me, I snickered a bit at this quoteWhat do you mean nocturnal That harpy came out into the sun So did that boar I didn t say they were vampires who couldn t go out in the sun I said they re nocturnal They rest during the day, hunt at night Isadora finally realizes that Demetrius has been pushing her away on purpose, way before they could even get close, let alone now that they have gotten close She won t let him push her away any, and she will make him see her as than the timid little princess she had been Meanwhile, while Demetrius and Isadora have been MIA, Gryphon was found and rescued He is fatally wounded, and his soul is dying his soul is being killed off by the type of wound he received He also overheard some things taken out of context which makes Demetrius the enemy All the Guardians think he s been planning to kidnap Isa for a while, and instantly believe all the circumstantial evidence So, once Isadora s back home, Demetrius, still not believing himself worthy, won t speak He won t prove them wrong, he won t even try to save his own skin That all I can understand, but once he was redeemed no one apologized for believing the worst in him I mean that really made me mad since Theron especially said some pretty crappy things to him It s a good thing Isadora was there to speak for him And Isadora didn t wow just them, she wowed me as well She also made some enemies in the process.Nick is a character I now love I mean, hard core love I want to see how he gets around this little thing that I can t say, because man, that s harsh Orpheus, oh Orpheus I hope he can find what he s looking for And I hope he gets a book too hint hint Ms Naughton Oh, and a great heroine name for Orpheus would be Laurie Just sayin.I think this is a series that everyone can get into, the writing flows and it s definitely action packed Elisabeth Naughton has written a fresh series with believable characters who are up against unbelievable odds Thank you so much to the author for the review copyhttp www.demonloversbooksand.co Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceMs Naughton has taken the Greek Argonaut myth, turned it on its head, and OWNED it In TEMPTED, she includes all the elements of an extraordinary mythological tale gods, goddesses, monsters, witches, and heroes saving the heroines Just to name a few.From the very beginning, I was hooked by the tough and cocky attitude of Demetrius An act he has played for so long to distance himself from Isadora He does everything he possibly can to keep that distance because of the darkness inside of him would ruin Isadora But that coldness is sorely tested when they are stranded together and he has to save Isadora s life a few times.Isadora doesn t remain a spoiled Princess for long As she becomes a strong, independent woman, Isadora eventually sees through Demetrius false pretenses and realizes he s hiding something Each time Demetrius turns away from her, which just steels Isadora s spine even Although Isadora may not know Demetrius dark secrets, I like the fact that Ms Naughton doesn t keep the reader in suspense It makes Demetrius all the heroic as he battles his love for Isadora and doesn t want to see her ruined.Now, don t be fooled, there is so much going on in this book Yes, the sex is hot and, at times, you may get as frustrated as Isadora All the Argonauts are present along with Callia and Casey Hades makes an appearance just to aggravate Isadora Orpheus plays a major big humungous part this time around and he has some of the best lines Where would we be without the big evil herself, Atalanta Yeah, she s really causing havoc this time around And this one last surprise, I did not see this coming Poor Nick Although, I knew something was up way back in MARKED Book 1 You ll have to read to find out.While it isn t necessary to read the first two books in the Eternal Guardian series, they will provide back story and make it a bit easier to catch on Be sure to refer to glossary in the back of the book before you start to read The definitions listed there are a great help.TEMPTED is a rip roaring good time the best one of the series by far Although it has left me with questions But that is a good thing More books about these luscious Argonauts Why are scars so SEXY This is my favorite kind of story.Tortured, sexy, scarred, hero.Pure, good, strong, girl.Demetrius That s all I have to say His name alone invokes so much feeling He is in the same category of Zsadist Lover Awakened and Ripper Unbeautifully.Isa She was a different person in the first two books I grew to love her and as she overcame obstacles and became a stronger person In this book, she is the perfect match for Demetrius, exactly what he needs, and he is meant for her in every way.Isa is Demetrius s ONE He can feel it and knows it for hundreds of years But she is the princess, and so he pushes her away, and makes her believe that he hates her When Isa disappears, Demetrius saves her over and over again Finally, when they are sent to the hidden island of PANDORA, they are forced to spend time together and the secret love for each other explodes This story is anything but cheesy I feel everything they feel I love the Greek mythology It s so creative.This is my favorite in this series so far.I will read ANYTHING by Elisabeth Naughton. Throughout the first two novels in this series, Eternal Guardians, I was curious as to the reason behind the volatile emotions between Isadora and Demetrius If you haven t read the beginning of the series Isadora is the Argolean princess and heir to the throne In book one, Marked, she starts off being demure and pretty much lets others walk all over her As the series progresses she goes from being a timid princess to a strong future queen But one constant in her life for the last two hundred years has been the Argonaut Demetrius and the vile way he treats her I mean, I would hide under my bed if I heard this warrior coming Intimidating doesn t even begin to cover how he comes off Well in Tempted, we finally learn the reason behind his bad attitude Book three picks up right after Entwined, where Isadora has been kidnapped by witches in hopes to bring back a powerful warlock to flesh Demetrius rushes to her rescue only to escape one hellish nightmare before being thrown into the next Sent to a mythical island, cloaked from anyone and everyone, for a sadistic enemies pleasure Isadora must depend on Demetrius to survive and trust him with her life As these two are thrown together hidden feelings are reveled and we learn that Demetrius has pushed Isadora away to protect her from the evil inside of him and the threat he poses to the kingdom But can he trust Isadora with his secrets or will the truth be revealed before he has a chance, making Isadora doubt Demetrius true intentions and forcing him to embrace that dark part deep inside that he s buried for so long Tempted was a riveting story and every page left me craving for Elisabeth Naughton really delivers with this third installment, my favorite of the series so far She blends the series seamlessly together with Isadora s story weaving a gripping tale while building upon the complex and vivid world she has already created with the first two novels One of my favorite parts of Tempted was the growth of the two characters Isadora and Demetrius, both as a couple and individuals Isadora steps up here, proving to everyone that can and will be queen and is fully capable of that position While readers get a deep look into the cold and standoffish Demetrius, to find out that there is a good heart underneath the hard exterior even if he can t see it himself The plot was intensely emotional and action packed with surprising twists thrown at you left and right The series really reaches a boiling point here and the novel ends with major cliff hangers for two loveable characters that while maybe not Guardians, they are still heroes in their own right The amazing cast of this series add such dimension to it that the story comes to life from the pages Eternal Guardians is an exciting and original series that I would recommend to all romance lovers The next release in the series is Enraptured, April 2012, and features my man Orpheus Someone I was drawn to at the start He puts on such a bad boy front but can t seem to say no to those in need and I know there are good intentions under his supposedly selfish actions April can t come fast enough for me Rating 4.5I became a fan of Elisabeth Naughton after reading her Stolen series and I wasn t that bowled over by the Eternal Guardians but I am glad I never gave up and Tempted, the third in the series is her best effort where we finally see Isadora, the heir finally come onto her own We have seen her weak, making deals with Hades losing her soul and Orpheus to learn magic and when the book begins her hand maiden has betrayed her and cast a fertility spell on her for Atlanta, their enemy.Demetrius is the hated guardian and he likes it that way because he thinks that is what he deserves view spoiler his mother is Atlanta and his father made him ashamed of his witch powers hide spoiler DEMETRIUS He S The Hulking, Brooding Warrior His Fellow Guardians Avoid Too Dark Too Damaged And Given His Heritage, He Knows It S Best To Keep Everyone At Arm S LengthIsadora Is Missing The Words Pound Through His Head Like A Frantic Drumbeat For Her Own Protection, Demetrius Did All He Could To Avoid The Fragile Princess And Now She S Gone Kidnapped To Get Her Back, He Ll Have To Go To The Black Place In His Soul He S Always ShunnedAs Daemons Ravage The Human Realm And His Loyalty To The Guardians Is Put To The Ultimate Test, Demetrius Realizes That Isadora Is Stronger Than Anyone Thought And Finally Letting Her Into His Heart May Be The Only Way To Save Them Both Originally posted at Sisters Unedited Recommendation If you enjoyed Zsadist s story from BDB then give this one a try It has the same sort of feel to it If you liked the first two books of the Eternal Guardians series then you will like this as wellDemetrius who we are is not a result of where we come from It s the combination of what we do and how we live that determines who we areWe dive head first into Isadora s wedding day That s right I believe this was man number 3 that she has to marry since the other 2 found their soul mates But Isadora goes missing Everyone thinks that she ran away again but this is not true She was kidnapped by her lady s maid and brought to Atlanta, who reminds me of Malevolent from Sleeping Beauty, so she can cast a spell on her While the Argonauts are trying to figure out how she left she is being prepared for this spell.Now I know you are all wondering what this spell is that Atlanta is casting Don t worry I will tell you She is casting a fertility spell on Isadora This is all so that Atlanta can create the her own chosen one Before the Argonauts can get to her in time the spell is cast and Atlanta sends both Isadora and Demetrius to their own private island This island ends up being where all the mythical creatures have been sent too In order to survive they have to work together Will they manage to get along or will they kill each other If they do get along can Demetrius manage to keep from fulfilling Atlanta s wish Side Notes Loved how we get to see the real Isadora She was quiet and shy in the first book You see her grow a little in the second book, but this one you get to see her shine Demetrius reminded me of Zsadist from the BDB series Dark past, scars from abuse, and the whole don t fuck with me attitude to tie it all together We do however learn that Demetrius is than just an Argonaut He has some deep dark secrets that must be overcome for him to give himself completely to Isadora image error This third book featured the mean guardian Demetrius, the one who relished every opportunity to torment Princess Isadora for reasons unbeknownst to all In fact, his disrespect was so appalling in the last book when the King had ordered him to marry Isadora that he said he would rather be put to death.After Isadora went missing with her hand maiden right before her binding ceremony to Zander, the guardians began looking for her Demetrius was able to find her and rescue her from his mother, but not really since his mother banished them to the island of Pandora Demetrius mother was hoping to find a way to get her son and Isadora to become involved so they can have a baby She would use this infant and it s power to reclaim her rightful place as an Argolean ruler.I am really intrigued with this series because of it s potential, not the execution In fact, this story has holes than the last one.My 2.5 Major Issues 1 Hera s curse Theron hated female humans thus his mate Casey was a human Zander well, I don t exact understand why Callia was his mate as I don t know what he hated about her But I know he hated an action that he thought she did Demetrius hated pathetic, weaklings, thus why he seemed to hate Isadora But this novel implied that Demetrius was aware that Isadora was probably his mate for a really long time So why did he continue to treat her so reprehensibly He went out of his way to terrorize her, yet he has a shrine in his place I don t get it If he suspected she was his curse , isn t it inevitable that they will fall in love anyway Also, why did it take so long for their feelings to kick it because Theron and Zander seemed attracted to their mates from the beginning 2 Background check I don t know about being an Argonaut, but my job performs background and reference checks before an offer of employment is extended How is it that no one knew anything about Demetrius lineage before they appointed him one of a handful of eternal guardians to protect humans and Argolean s from the Daemons In fact, they didn t know he was part witch, only that he was of Jason s line How is it that Theron didn t even know where Demetrius lived, when this is the guy whom you trust to save the world with you Minor Issue Their government set up reminds me of the power struggle that ancient Rome had with the dictators always fighting with the Senate for control The political scheming etc Why didn t Lucian face some kind of backlash for remaining quiet about his son s involvement with Callia s son and the deal with Atlanta I need answers and better answers I am not getting them so far but I am not frustrated yet I am still open.Ultimately, I am giving this book a four because it makes me want to keep going and neglect the other books that I planned to read because I like Gryphon and Orpheus So despite the issues, I am still invested in the story, that s why I bumped it up from a 3.5star to 4 stars Could this series get any freakin better Elisabeth Naughton has become one of my new favorite Paranormal Romance authors and once you read this series, you ll understand why She takes Greek mythology, puts a paranormal twist to it, spices it up with smokin hot Argonauts and a steamy romance then gives us non stop suspense action to keep us on the edge of our seat until THE END In my humble opinion, Tempted was the best yet and it quickly made its way to my Favorites of 2011 list Demetrius is the Argonaut that everyone loves to hate, but that s by his design He has kept everyone at arm s length, never letting anyone get close, because he is afraid they will learn his secrets, and man does he have a few major ones I have to admit, I ve had a soft spot for Demetrius ever since we met him in Marked He called Isadora out on her spoiled princess ways when no one else would, and I loved that about him He is fierce, strong, loyal loves with everything that he is The revelations into his life history are shocking, to say the least, and leave you with such empathy towards his suffering.Isadora has not been my favorite character in this series While she was o.k in MARKED, in ENTWINED I thought she was very selfish, self serving petty She had this spoiled brat attitude about her and that always turns me OFF to a character When I found out she was the heroine in TEMPTED, I ll confess, I was a little skeptical However, she seriously stepped up to the plate, grew a set didn t you know women could do that, lol and became the Queen that she has always been capable of She found her voice and wasn t scared to use it any There were several times throughout the book that I was going YES Finally Isadora got a backbone By the end of the book, I loved her and was so glad that her character was written in such a way It made me love the book even The love story between Demetrius Isadora was absolutely beautiful Although it was a long rough road for them to get to the end, it was so utterly completely worth it Their journey was full of twists, turns, monsters, Gods, meddling smokin HAWTNESS Never have two people deserved each other or the love that they give to one another.So Ms Naughton, I know that TEMPTED is just releasing tomorrow BUT, when can I get my hands on the next one who will it be about I m dyin over here Find all my reviews at


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