The 6th Target

The 6th TargetThe 6th Target by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro is the 6th book in the Women s Murder Club Mystery series Medical examiner Claire is shot at a ferry dock shooting, there are unexplained deaths at reporter Cindy s apartment and a young girl is abducted Fast paced with plenty of action and adventures Lindsey is demoted on her request and her love life is on and off I love the friendships and support that the Women s Murder Club provides An exciting book that keeps you reading to the end and makes you want. On a bright sunny morning a madman with a gun has made a trip on a ferry boat deadly for four innocent people, one of whom is a young boy Lindsay Boxer s best friend, Claire and her son William were also caught up in the attack and Claire has been shot in the chest While Claire fights for her life Lindsay and her new partner, Rich Conklin, pick up the case, and solving this one is personal Then the shooter inexplicably turns himself in but he s says that hedidn t mean to hurt anyone , and claims thatthe voices in my head made me do itNow it s up to prosecutor Yuki Castellano to prove that not only is the man NOT legally insane, but that he s guilty of murdering four people, attempted murder of a fifth, and recklessly endangering the lives of everyone else on the farry He has been deemed sane and capable of being tried in court and Yuki is determined to prove that he knew full well what he was doing, that he purposely took aim and starting shooting people, and that he should be found guilty and be punished to the full extent of the law in prison for murder, not in a psychiatric hospital At the same time, parents all over the city are terrified when someone begins kidnapping young children and their nannies in full daylight Then the case takes a terrifying turn when the kidnappers don t contact the families with a ransom demand With very little to go on, Lindsay and Richie fight to find even the smallest thread of a lead, knowing that time is of the essence, and the clock is ticking And, as if things weren t bad enough, people living in Cindy Thomas s apartment building are panic stricken as someone is killing people at random and no one has any idea who would do such a thing to innocent people This is the sixth novel in theWoman s Murder Clubseries and the books continue to thrill me with the suspenseful story lines while keeping me hooked as to the happenings of the four friends, Lindsay, Claire, Yuki, and Cindy The 6th Target is an edge of your seat ride from beginning to end The brilliant twists in the plot took me completely by surprise and I couldn t foresee what would happen next, only making the tension rise higher and higher Maxine Paetro masterfully blends the three cases together while adding a few personal romantic sparks among the characters along the way Even with everything happening it s easy to follow and even though it s the sixth in the series the story lines and crimes remain new and original, the characters are as fresh and interesting as ever There seems to be endless excitement among the four friends, each one with individual twists that pop up unexpectedly, thus keeping me on the edge of the cliff in anticipation of what the next book, 7th Heaven, has in store If you ve been following my reviews of this series you ll know that this is the second time I ve listened to these audio books The first time was so long ago that I don t recall very much other than that I loved them and I m enjoying them as much as I did the first around Note This novel is in audio book fomat As is always the case, narrator Carolyn McCormick does a seemingly effortless job of bringing the story to life from the written words on the pages Her enthusiastic story telling is additive and I always have difficulty turning it off. When A Horrifying Attack Leaves One Of The Four Members Of The Women S Murder Club Struggling For Her Life, The Others Fight To Keep A Madman Behind Bars Before Anyone Else Is HurtAnd Lindsay Boxer And Her New Partner In The San Francisco Police Department Run Flat Out To Stop A Series Of Kidnappings That Has Electrified The City Children Are Being Plucked Off The Streets Together With Their Nannies But The Kidnappers Aren T Demanding Ransom Amid Uncertainty And Rising Panic, Lindsay Juggles The Possibility Of A New Love With An Unsolvable Investigation, And The Knowledge That One Member Of The Club Could Be On The Brink Of DeathAnd Just When Everything Appears Momentarily Under Control, The Case Takes A Terrifying Turn, Putting An Entire City In Lethal Danger Lindsay Must Make A Choice She Never Dreamed She D Face With No Certainty That Either Outcome Has Than A Prayer Of Success I usually enjoy James Paterson s books definitely not for his writing, but at least for his suspensful stories, but The 6th Target fell a little short for me There was hardly any character development and I felt like he wrote the book just to get another Best Seller under his belt As far as the Women s Murder Club series goes, I have only read the first one, which I really enjoyed This being the 6th book in the series, I got the impression that James Paterson really has no idea how to write about women Both his character s inner monologue and dialogue seemed extremely far fetched and almost stupid to me Parts of the book were gripping and like his others it is a nice fast read, but I just wasn t a big fan I felt like he started off with a pretty good story and then put no effort into developing his villains At the end I really feel like he just gave up and wanted to finish the book. Lindsey main character is an idiot Throughout this whole series I haven t been able to decide if I like her or not and I have finally decided that I don t I think that is part of the reason it has taken me so long to complete the series I am half way through this book and I have found myself actually skipping over whole chapters just finish the dang thing Not like the chapters are long, any one who has read James Patterson before knows that his chapters are only about a page long seriously And even with skipping whole chapters I still know exaclty what is going on This series isn t horrible, but I would only start if there is nothing else to read I just noticed that there is a 7th book Will it ever end I decided I don t want to contiue this series after all In fact I didn t even finish this book, skipped to the end and read the last couple of chapters Hope someone else has a better experience with it than I did It just wasn t worth my time. I feel that there is too much going on in this book It begins with a major shooting, where one of the women in this group gets shot The trial of this murderer continues throughout the book, while other cases are happening, like some murders at an apartment building, and a kidnapping of little girl who happens to be someone s boss daughter Everything is connected, making this a stressful time for the club, but they don t seem concerned Everything is treated lightly, never getting too deep into any one part Patterson just skims these events Makes me wonder if he wrote it or if Maxine Paetro wrote it Is this series going to turn into a formula series, like Danielle Steel Let s just say that I am very disappointed, and if they continue the series in this manner, I will probably stop reading them But, on the bright side, they created a T.V show from these books that is pretty good I just read another Women s Murder Club so this is the second one in close order The last one 4th of July left me feeling a little iffy about this series not really that good I thought I wanted to try another one right away to see if I could just ditch this batch of books on my TBR shelf The 6th Target rolls right out with a mass murder on a ferry by a crazy guy Then, unexpectedly, the crazy guy turns himself in, making me wonder what we are going to do with the rest of the book The last book turned into a slightly interesting but not exciting story of a trial and I thought this one was going to follow that same path I was not thrilled The role of the trial in this book is only slightly interesting and thankfully shorter The author seems determined to show that the tabloid realities of Rodney King and O.J Simpson are not forgotten.With our prurient interest tested, suddenly, we get shifted into a child kidnapping case with a possible murder which gets our heroine back into the picture Mostly it is not obvious to me that we are dealing with a heroine rather than a hero except when she is in bed with her boyfriend or pining after him Other than that, the fact that this is a woman cop is barely discernible One of my reasons for selecting this series was the woman cop angle so I am disappointed But, let s just see where this goes, OK The chapters are notably short as in previous books and that in itself does keep things moving along relatively quickly Several cases vie for attention the crazy mass murderer, the child kidnapper and the apartment building noise vigilante all have their rambunctious moments of implausibility And, of course, our heroine s erstwhile romance The cover of this sixth book in the series promises the toughest case ever but if the hype is not obvious the follow up seventh book offers the most terrifying case ever These paper backs must scream off the supermarket racks as they are cranked out I can but wonder if I should commend lead author James Patterson for openly sharing credit with Maxine Paetro who is also listed as a co author on the cover or castigate him for taking the credit and royalties for a book written by someone else I can only Google and grin querulously about the relationship of the writers as Patterson is given book jacket kudos and Maxine lives with her husband in New York I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I bought several books in the Women s Murder Club series drawn in by the promised but ultimately disappointing Women s connection I have now read several and must consign the several remaining to the free library give away rack at the restaurant across the street I gave my first encounter four stars a couple of years ago, a reprise three stats last week and this most recent offering two stars for its worn and predictable path Time to make room on my groaning bookshelf for some noteworthy offerings Farewell, James Patterson RIP, Maxine Paetro I have been ever so gullible and desperate for diversion But I must raise my sights. I m going to keep going with these because I m addicted to the terribleness, and because I develop low grade anxiety when I don t finish stories series But, PSA THESE BOOKS ARE TEETH MASHING, HAIR PULLING LY BAD But if you smoke a little, they become bearable Lindsay is a whiny, unprofessional baby Listening to her complain about being Lieutenant and asking to drop back down to her previous rank of Sergeant I mean, just keep playing into that sexist idea that this job is too hard for the little ladies why don t you , while running around trying to solve a slew of different plot lines 3 in this one that keep intersecting and confusing the story, is exhausting and frustrating.The plot here is cheap, taking easy twists that don t make sense within what we ve been previously asked to believe as the reader The mental illness discussed doesn t read like it was researched very well at all, and it wasn t handled in a way that created a menacing villain but a laughable one.And the romance between Lindsay and her meathead, dogooder boyfriend, Joe, goes to a new level of triteness Their back and forth and mushy, cliche words, just doesn t ring true and makes me literally gag no, not literally If my husband and I ever spoke to each other that way, I would smack the both of us But him first The friendship teamwork of the Women s Murder Club has become this male created stereotype, kind of like what bad jokes about women sound like I find it all at once fascinating that someone can write these scenes and think, yes, this is good I d like other humans to read this with their eyeballs and also offensive that someone can write these scenes and think, yes, this is how real human women would speak and behave with one another This book has started the beginning of my actual physical loathing towards these women I ve decided I don t want any of them to succeed in their lives or endeavors I want them all to experience soul crushing pain so maybe they will stop hugging so much and being just sooooo supportive of each other Half of the time, I felt like I was reading a novel written as if Alex Cross was on Saved by the Bell. This series is literally the after school special of crime novels If you like supreme cheese, go for it But me gags I have decided I am a fan of this series They are all so easy to read and always have sufficiently intriguing mysteries and a nice batch of friendly characters Add to this short chapters which keep the pages turning , and you have books which are always good to have at hand for when you need something neither heavy nor demanding The 6th Target is typical of the series It has a couple of different police cases going on, one involving a mass murderer and the other child abduction All four members of the Women s Murder Club are involved to varying degrees although Lyndsey has the most significant role Much of the story revolves around police work with its necessary failures and successes Time is also spent in the court room and these chapters are written well.So a perfect book to read in a doctor s waiting room, on a plane or as light relief between other onerous books I am sure James Patterson writes to entertain his readers and he succeeds. I have to keep reading these because I started thembut wow are they getting bad The latest left it wide open for the 7th book Also, my bf a psychatrist took one look at the Insane killer and noted it wasn t even described correctly also, I was left to wonder, if this person was doped up as strongly as he washow was he still so clever I am tried of Lindsey s whinning I don t buy the friendships between the women, totally falls flat More then anything, I don t see the appeal of Lindsey s hardly seen boyfriend Joewhy is she pinning for him again Beats me Apparently beats her too since she keeps breaking up with him Am I supposed to be rooting for them Whoops, my bad And again this book had 3 different plotsconfusing and frustrating.I will read 7 just to be done But I don t expect to like it

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