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The Alexandria Link. Clearly I m a sucker for anything involving libraries and books Not quite as engaging as the previous book, but this feels like it s going to be a middle of the road or guilty pleasure kind of series which I m fine with, as long as I remember not to take anything too seriously A few issues with some of the characters but overall decently enjoyable. BONUS This Edition Contains An Excerpt From Steve Berry S The Emperor S Tomb And A Cotton Malone Dossier Cotton Malone Retired From The High Risk World Of Elite Operatives For The US Justice Department To Lead The Low Key Life Of A Rare Book Dealer But His Quiet Existence Is Shattered When He Receives An Anonymous E Mail You Have Something I Want You Re The Only Person On Earth Who Knows Where To Find It Go Get It You Have Hours If I Don T Hear From You, You Will Be Childless His Horrified Ex Wife Confirms That The Threat Is Real Their Teenage Son Has Been Kidnapped When Malone S Copenhagen Bookshop Is Burned To The Ground, It Becomes Brutally Clear That Those Responsible Will Stop At Nothing To Get What They Want And What They Want Is Nothing Less Than The Lost Library Of Alexandria A Cradle Of Ideas Historical, Philosophical, Literary, Scientific, And Religious The Library Of Alexandria Was Unparalleled In The World But Fifteen Hundred Years Ago, It Vanished Into The Mists Of Myth And Legend Its Vast Bounty Of Wisdom Coveted Ever Since By Scholars, Fortune Hunters, And Those Who Believe Its Untold Secrets Hold The Key To Ultimate Power Now A Cartel Of Wealthy International Moguls, Bent On Altering The Course Of History, Is Desperate To Breach The Library S Hallowed Halls And Only Malone Possesses The Information They Need To Succeed At Stake Is An Explosive Ancient Document With The Potential Not Only To Change The Destiny Of The Middle East But To Shake The World S Three Major Religions To Their Very Foundations Pursued By A Lethal Mercenary, Malone Crosses The Globe In Search Of Answers His Quest Will Lead Him To England And Portugal, Even To The Highest Levels Of American Government And The Shattering Outcome, Deep In The Sinai Desert, Will Have Worldwide Repercussions Read my full review at Tales Between the PagesI m starting to think that Steve Berry is a megalomaniac The of his books that I read, the I see his fascination with power and self importance I keep reading him because I expect his stories to get better I like Cotton Malone, I really do Thus, I go back.With that being said, The Alexandria Link sounded promising I ve always been fascinated by its secrets Is it still out there Did any of it survive However, what I realized about half way into the book is that it s just another one of Berry s attempts to destabilize religion I normally wouldn t have a problem with this, but THREE out of the five books that I ve read has tried to destabilize religion in some way, shape, or form It s getting a bit old I find myself saying, Yeah, yeah, the Bible is flawed We know that, a bit too much with his booksSo what did I like, you ask There were moments where I forgot about all of the things I m griping about and truly enjoyed reading I like Stephanie and Cassiopeia s story line I m a sucker for a government thriller In fact, I d would have rather like Berry to go that route instead of the path he did choose I also liked the riddles and the quests Seeing Cotton try and figure out the hero s quest was pretty interesting I did think they solved it a bit too quick There weren t enough real obstacles in his way just men with guns They re easily taken care of.Overall, the story is fun It also gets you thinking But, if you ve read a lot of these religion has secrets novels like I have, you ll find The Alexandria Link formulaic and pretty unremarkable. The Alexandria Link is the 2nd book in the Cotton Malone series After uncovering The Templar Legacy, Cotton along with his friends Henrik and Stephanie, as well as his ex wife Pam and son Gary is on the hunt for the lost Library of Alexandria Of course, what search for something of such historical significance would be complete without a couple of governments, a few bad guys and a cartel of wealthy international moguls chasing you throughout Cotton and Pam are brought into the search after their son is abducted Cotton receives an email threatening his son s life if information he has is not turned over in 72 hours It is Cotton s knowledge of an event 5 years ago that the kidnappers are after and are willing to do whatever they have to in order to get it from Cotton.I rated the 1st book in the series, The Templar Legacy, 3.75 stars This book was a much better read There was better action, a stronger plot and characters who were much likable this time around There was a good balance between historical fact and fiction.Rating 4.5 stars Words are indeed the true weapons of mass destruction The Alexandra Link I picked this book up mainly for my fascination with the Library of Alexandria Unfortunately the novel didn t really spend that much on the Library itself Rather, it was of a follow the clues type of treasure hunt in search of one of the earliest known bibles, written prior to its subsequent Greek translations This ancient text, if found, would spell great turmoil for the Middle East, and great power to the person or organization who has knowledge of its secrets As always, this kind of story must include both good guys and bad guys who compete to be the first to unravel the mystery And, of course, they all carry guns and are not afraid to use them.Steve Berry brings back most of the characters from the first book in the series, Templar Legacy But he puts a little meat on the bone in this novel, and we learn about the family of the main character, Cotton Malone We also learn much about the twisted White House administration currently in power and the government bureaucrats who will stop at nothing to further their careers.I found The Alexandria Link to be interesting than the previous series novel The ending was gripping, and not at all predictable Warning those who might be offended by an author taking license with history, particularly of religious nature, should best steer clear of this book series Both The Alexandria Link and The Templar Legacy took shots equally, I might add at Christians, Jews and Muslims I try to ignore any personal offenses, and just sit back and enjoy the ride. 4.5 Stars This is a cracking good read A good mixture of code breaking, a hunt for the Library of Alexandria, historical backdrop of the Old Testament and Middle East rivalries, as well as good interaction of the characters If anything I think I enjoyed this than the first one in the series Will definitely be continuing in the series. Okay, another Steve Berry book that gives mixed signals Just like the Dan Brown stuff, he tries to discredit everything you think that you know about religion In this one, he has St Jerome intentionally manipulating the Old and New Testaments He also has the Old Testament lands actually in Asia and says that no ancient texts really exists of any biblical writings before 900 A.D or C.E., if you prefer He also states that there is not archeaological evidence that Isreal is really where any of the bible took place.He seems to forget all about the Dead Sea Scrolls which contain parts of every Old Testament book but Esther , Hadrian s wall, the tunnels and wells beneath Jerusalem, and everything else that is chronicled nicely in Biblical Archeaology Review in every issue.Berry is a great story teller and needs to stick to the story and stop trying to tear down religion In this book, he goes after Christians, Jews, and Moslems with great fury Jews being his greatest target. Reading this book I felt a ton of conflicting thoughts and emotions There were many things I really enjoyed about it, but there was also one large issue that really roiled my blood and is preventing me from giving this book anything higher than 2 stars Let me first discuss what I liked This story has three storylines moving parallel to each other All,though, are connected and are many times propelling each of the three threads along The big idea of this book is the search for the lost Library of Alexandria, which is a wonderful story idea This is a huge collection of lost documents that would provide so much new knowledge to what the world already knows The idea that it survived thousands of years after it was thought to have been destroyed is fantastic I also liked how off balance the story kept you There is so much deception and government plotting and backstabbing, the reader never really knows who is being honest, trustworthy, or whose motives are understandable Things are constantly shifting fast and furiously The reader is never truly sure who the enemy is A third thing I liked was the idea of this big, mysterious entity trying to affect world politics through manipulation, murders, and strife, especially in the Middle East, already a hotbed of issues This brings me to what I detested about this novel Hopefully, not giving anything away, Steve Berry posits that the Library of Alexandria will reveal that the present day location of Israel is wrong That it in fact lies in an entirely different region all together Wholly implausible, but Berry uses it to thrust his novel along His pulls in the Saudis, Israelis, and Americans into this story He says the Bible was mis translated either intentionally or by a lack of understanding of languages All fine for a fictional story What really upset me is that the book is filled with page after page of anti Semitism and anti Israeli feelings At first, I thought it was just me being overly sensitive, but I soon came across a number of other reviews elsewhere that started noting the same thing After awhile, reading the story became quite distasteful I guess Berry could hide behind his characters and say that he was only writing what his characters would feel, but the amount of it and the level of animosity shown is clearly coming from somewhere else It was unnecessary and it doesn t really add anything to the book If anything, it has seriously questioned if I want to continue to support this author by reading any of his future works Normally a book like this would have received than 2 stars, but I couldn t do that here Not after what I felt were personal attacks against both Israel and Jewish people I will be taking a break from Steve Berry for awhile and will make a decision in the future if I want to read anything by him. I had not previously read anything by this author but got this from Book Club, and it s been sitting on the shelf for a while This is the second book in a long running series about retired American super agent Cotton Malone, who now runs a second hand bookshop in Copenhagen, but gets drawn into high stakes treasure hunts with geo political undertones, like a cross between Dan Brown and David Baldacci with a bit of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure I had no problems from not reading the first book.Cotton s stroppy ex wife Pam arrives in Denmark to tell him their teenage son Gary has been kidnapped Shortly after telling him their demands, the baddies blow up his shop Aided by his elderly friend Henrik, a billionaire businessman, Cotton must reveal the secret location of the titular Alexandria Link, who turns out to be a scholar of middle eastern history who has a theory that could change the world Israel is not where it s supposed to be A shadowy European cabal want to locate proof of this for their own ends, and American politicians, Mossad and Saudi Arabian agents all want to either find or destroy the evidence, which is hidden in the legendary Library of AlexandriaThis was a drawn out but reasonably fast paced action thriller with a complicated twisty plot full of cross and double cross, gunfights and car chases, international travel and a tense climax inside the mysterious library I couldn t stand Pam, who bumbles about being self righteous and difficult, and found Cotton rather a cold fish, but I enjoyed the adventure and would read in this series The author s note at the end explains which bits are fact and which made up, which was useful Other reviewers have complained about anti semitism, but really there are goodies and baddies on all sides, as in real life, and if you abandon this part way you ll miss out on the reveals of who s who and Israel really aren t the enemy here.

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