The Amaranth Enchantment

The Amaranth EnchantmentDespite the two star rating, this book really was enjoyable However, it was a very generic fantasy fairy tale novel One thing that really frustrated me was that the setting was so ambiguous that certain things seemed out of place Details pointed me towards the Victorian Era the use of the words hats, the emphasis on Christmas , but others suggested another era The last names suggested France, but the first names were decidedly English Berry was clearly going for her own made up place, but she referenced real places Gibraltar , so it felt very muddled and it bothered me.Our hero, Lucinda, is pretty generic, too spirited and beautiful but she doesn t recognize that, of course She even has a goat sidekick I don t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times that has been done It also bothered me that she falls in love with her love interest upon their first meeting Um, hello, Lucinda He could be a jerk, for all you know.Lucinda s also very bipolar when it comes to other characters I wish Berry had spenttime showing the links between steps in the relationships a little better.A very enjoyable read, but I probably won t spend money buying it. The Amaranth Enchantment, Julie Berry s debut novel, has the shadow of a fairy tale in its soul Yes, there s a prince, but not just any prince this prince looks like he swallowed the sun for breakfast Yes, there s a royal ball, but not just any royal ball this ball is to announce the engagement of the prince to a princess who looks like she was sculpted from spun sugar And then there s our heroine, Lucinda Chapdelaine, who has not only wit, but compassion as well, not to mention brains and beauty, too Add to this mix a rogue of a street thief, a faithful goat named Dog, a bit of magic, a maligned woman, and an immortal villain and you get a delightful and well written read Highly recommended. When Lucinda Chapdelaine Was A Small Child, Her Parents Left For The Royal Ball And Never Returned Ever Since, Lucinda Has Been Stuck In Perpetual Servitude At Her Evil Aunt S Jewelry Store Then, On The Very Same Day, A Mysterious Visitor And An Even Bizarre Piece Of Jewelry Both Enter The Shop, Setting In Motion A String Of Twists And Turns That Will Forever Alter Lucinda S PathIn This Magical Story Filled With Enchanting Surprises, Lucinda Will Dance At The Royal Ball, Fall Under The Amaranth Witch S Spell, Avenge Her Parents Death, Restore Justice To A Town That Does Not Yet Know The Corrupt Danger Around Them, And Maybe Just Maybe Lucinda Might Capture The Heart Of A Prince I do love this book but then again, I wrote it Advance readers, I would love to hear your thoughts This book was a sheer delight Berry has created a fascinating world, and a mythology and magic that delighted me to know end A romance, a mystery, an adventureall the elements of a fairy tale are here, but the story is entirely new A cute fairy tale retelling of Cinderella The Amaranth Enchantment was one of those rare books that I randomly picked up and started to enjoy I knew absolutely nothing about it but since it was a re telling. I, of course, had to read to it In it, you will meet Lucinda She is really likable character and definitely seems like Cinderella The few twists thrown your way are a bit predictable but still really enjoyable I really like Berry, who is the fairy godmother of this book As soon as they got reunited together, I knew that I was going to really like this book.As for the men in this book, Peter and Gregor were interesting Peter is the street thief that ends up stealing your heart I really liked how things ended up going for him at the end of this book Then there s Gregor, I just wish I gotof him In my opinion, he deserved to be inof the book scenes.Overall, I enjoyed this book I did end up having some unanswered questions. but I can move past that. Part Cinderella story, part sci fi story it s an odd mix, and I m not entirely sure it works all that well The other world was an interesting twist, but bothered me in that both the world itself and the rules for coming and going from it seemed ill defined, and ended up not really making much sense to me It also bothered me that the relationships between various characters seemed to become too deep within too short a time period I have a hard time with books where people fall in love at first sight, or on first meeting or whatever, with no real significant interaction between them That happened in this book, as well as people becoming the deepest of friends almost immediately I wish the action had just been stretched out to covertime And then there s the goat This goat named Dog, of all things that just suddenly starts following the main character around and is super smart and super protective of her and manages to find her wherever she is, no matter where she leaves him I m not really sure what the point of it was, other than for the goat to miraculously help the heroine out of various sticky situations I found it quite irritating That said, I really liked a couple of the characters, and I got sucked into the story pretty quickly The writing was good for the most part I just wish that maybe Berry had put a littleinto it. The Amaranth Enchantment was an excellent fantasy book with lovable characters, a fast paced plot, and a swoon worthy romance Lucinda is an orphan, taken in by her uncle and wicked aunt She is treated like a servant in their house and in their goldsmith shop One day, everything changes when the mysterious woman known as the Amaranth Witch brings a spectacular gem into their shop to be set The same day, Lucinda meets Prince Gregor, who is in search of a bauble to give his betrothed, whom he has never even met Combine the magical world of the Amaranth Witch, the handsome and gallant Prince Gregor, a lovable street rat named Peter, and an endearingly loyal goat who thinks he s a dog, and you get one fantastic story I loved all of the characters in this book, and the way they were all so cleverly intertwined in each other s lives Lucinda was a strong willed heroine who had been through a lot, but she still had a soft and tender heart underneath it all She wasn t so strong and hardened that she couldn t cry or be vulnerable with her emotions.Lucinda s romance almost a love triangle, actually was just exactly what I love to read Gregor and Lucinda s special night at the Winter Festival is exactly what every young girl dreams of Gregor s small gestures of affection were heart stopping and really stood out as very romantic.Peter was a lovable rascal and he was just like a cute puppy who you could never really be angry with no matter how many times he messes up And Dog, the goat, practically steals the entire show what a hero The only complaint I could possibly have about this book is that it could have been longer and the characters and situations evenfleshed out There was so much to love, all of the scenes could have been evenin depth However, the simplicity and innocence of the book was one of its charms.I loved this book and will definitely put it on my keeper shelf The characters really put this story over the top reviewed for Don t you love it when the book has a pretty cover It makes the whole experience of reading that much better Really You know when you finish and look at the book longingly it makes you thinkyeah the story deserved such a wonderful coverOk now on to the story and to stop rambling about pretty pictures.I am a sucker for fairy tale retellings so I went expecting to like it and that I did This book uses some of the traditional Cinderella signatures She is born of a wealthy family, later orphaned, meets a prince, has something like a fairy godmother, but Berry makes the whole tale spin into something incredibly original Lucinda, our main character, is the one who holds the whole story together She is feisty, vulnerable, loyal, stronger than she thinks, and funny in that way back when way.The plot is fairly original like I mentioned There are some twists but nothing way too shocking The godmother of the story is a character you won t forget I hope we see some kind of sequel to this book to seeof what happens to her and that retched stone Beautiful but very troublesome Peter the street thief is great He is a little conceited I guess but I loved the way things ended up for him Gregor is a dreamboat even if we don t get to see him that much I did have some qualms about the ending though It isn t as neat as I would have hoped Like when nobody really seems to care or notice what happened to the villain What s up with that Also we aren t sure if Lucinda tells Gregor how the big showdown happened One thing I really did give kudo points to Lucinda for is that her whole happiness didn t cling on to the prince, but at the same time you knew she really cared and loved him Not easy to do but the author did it.I can t believe I almost forgot to mention Dog the goat He s the real hero of the story You ll see when you read it. Only took me about two hours to read If Ms Berry had addeddetail, anddescription this book could have been wonderful, but there were not enough words to put a picture into my head The end was very rushed.SPOILERS I stewed on this book all night and have questions 1 Have these people never heard of rope, handcuffs, or cages Why does someone have to sacrifice themselves 2 How the heck in the city that the prince went missing in, remembering the birth mark and that his mother knew it right off, does a street thief whom you would expect to have knowledge of goings on not know that the boy wondering outside could possibly be the prince 3 Why would Beryl not go back to help Lucinda She knows how easy it is to get back home now, and she knows that someone wants her stone badly, so she sends it back Without anyone to protect Lucinda Hello 4 If the family could come and help Lucinda, why could they not get back the people that sacrificed themselves Barring question 1 5 What the heck happened to Aunt Did they make up What 6 What was with the gathering of a goat Did someone not miss it 7 Where was the person that originally sacrificed themselves for Coxley 8 Why do they think it is a good idea to send their troublemakers to other worlds to make trouble I lost a whole night of sleep on the above Yuck.

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  • 13 June 2019
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