The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

The Amazing Adventures of DietgirlI thought I was the only Fat Girl in the world I mean, I thought certain things were Katie Issues, but it turns out they re a particular strain of Fat Girl Issues I ve never been anywhere near 350lb physically, but if I hadn t put a stop to things last year I easily could have been, given time And I think 350lbs is about where my brain s been living for the last eight years Like The Blue Castle did for me around this time last year, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl has changed me I ve already lost most of the weight I want to, but the book s as much about your brain as your body or perhaps it s about the things your brain does to your body At any rate, I m hugely grateful to this book for switching on another little light bulb for me actually, a pretty bloody big light bulb, really Life, I would like to start living you again, if you don t mind. One of those I picked this up at exactly the right point in my life books Also one of the few blog book that is even better as a book than a blog books When I first picked it up, I skimmed a bit in the middle, a date with Gareth, and was thoroughly charmed I m glad I did that, because starting at the beginning when she was so filled with self loathing was harder to get through But this was utterly rewarding and has made me think a lot about my own life and the Fat Girl Issues we share that she had to work through I really felt like this was My Book I identified strongly with Shauna and her story than I have with any other in a very long time.I see a lot of the reviews are bothered by the fact that she only liked herself after losing weight, which is valid, but I think misses the big picture she liked herself after seeing what she was capable of The two things happened pretty much simultaneously and were so intertwined I don t think you can pull one away from the other. In January Shauna Reid Was Twenty Three Years Old And Twenty Five Stone Determined To Turn Her Life Around, She Created The Hugely Successful Weblog The Amazing Adventures Of Dietgirl And, Hiding Behind Her Lycra Clad Roly Poly Alter Ego, Her Transformation From Couch Potato To Svelte Goddess Began Today Miles, Seven Years And Twelve And A Half Stone Later, The Gloriously Gorgeous Shauna Is Literally Half The Woman She Used To BeIn Turn Hysterically Funny And Heart Wrenchingly Honest, The Amazing Adventures Of Dietgirl Follows The Twists And Turns Of Shauna S Lard Busting Adventure As She Curbs The Calories And Learns To Love The Gym There Are Travel Tales From Red Square To Reykjavik, Plus Romance And Intrigue As She Meets The Man Of Her Dreams During A Pub Quiz In Glasgow As Her UK Visa Rapidly Runs Out, Will She Be Deported Back To Australia Or Will Love Triumph Entertaining And Action Packed, This Is The Uplifting True Story Of A Young Woman Who Defeated Her Demons And Conquered Her Cravings To Become A Weight Loss Superhero To Inspire Us All This is not the kind of book I normally read, but I was so unexpectedly moved that I have to review it here I usually hate memoirs but Shauna Reid is the most delightful person, so charming and funny and well intentioned that only a Scrooge would root against her I teared up multiple times and read favorite passages out to my boyfriend as I read, and as soon as I finished I looked up her blog to see how she s doing now She has pictures on her Flickr of events from the book, FYI the Vegemite tasting, the trip to Las Vegas, etc I don t think a weight loss memoir could get better than this She s funny, yeah, but she puts in the hard work She does the hard work, mental, spiritual, and of course, physical She truly, honest to god, changes her life By the time I got to the end of the book, I could barely recognize the narrator from the first half Shauna had changed so much as a person Every part of this book was inspiring, and I cherished reading it, even though I m not trying to lose a tremendous amount of weight like she was Reading this book compelled me to try reading similar memoirs but unfortunately the others haven t held up yet It s hard to top this book Totally recommended, even and maybe ESPECIALLY to folks like me who wouldn t normally pick up this type of book. It is difficult reviewing this book because it is a memoir However, that does not negate the fact that I hated it I bought it thinking I would be inspired but it had the opposite effect Plus, I think it sends the wrong message to women Just because you are heavy does not mean you have to sit at home like a hermit binging on food all day I am overweight but I have friends, I travel, I swim, I go out and have fun In fact, there are very few things I cannot do It s like Reid is saying the only way to be happy and fulfilled is being skinny That is bologna Do I want to get into shape of course Am I going to sit around like some lump feeling sorry for myself until I do Absolutely not. I finished this book in one day, but was entertained the whole time The author writes well, and you feel like you re reading the private thoughts of a very articulate, very personable best friend, with all the anxieties and doubts and ups and downs those of us who have tried to lose weight have felt at one time or another No Earth shattering weight loss tips, just the steady day in, day out tried and true strategies of eating better, and moving While it took over four years for her to lose 175 pounds, the loss happened in fits and spurts, as it usually does, with setbacks and triumphs that are encouraging in their inevitability And, the bottom line being, if she can do it, for that amount of weight, well, we sure as heck can do it too I found her postings honest and warm and motivating highly recommended for seeing what it takes to really get the weight off, slowly and, hopefully, permanently. I read this because it was recommended to by a friend It s one of the better books of this type that I ve read, and occasionally it does feel like she was in my head At other times I felt very disappointed that she seemed to be drinking the koolaid just a bit too much Good, not great, but certainly not bad, Shauna Reid writes an engaging book about weight, family and serendipity. I read this book 7 years ago and remember I couldn t put it down The allure of a very fat woman losing weight was so compelling to me However, in 2017, I have to say that I am appalled the the whole focus of the book is Reid trying to be thin She didn t want to be healthy, from what I remember she wanted to be thin And that s a problem I m not going to rate this book because it spoke to me when I was a different age, but I feel differently now. While I certainly acknowledge what others have said, as far as Shauna only recognizing her potential and finding self acceptance once she favoured the number on the scale, I still hold this as one of my favourite fat girl loses a bunch of weight and gets happy books Her sense of humour is really quite comedic, and I particularly LOLed so hard at the part where she catches Gareth with his bum out the window, tooting due to the curried lentils she d made for dinner earlier that evening I m not one for crude humour, but the description of that scene was too adorable not to bring a smile to my face I appreciate how far Shauna has come and how she took her diet as a serious life journey, one that took seven years to accomplish, rather than wham, bam, thank you, ma am like some diet books, where the chick loses 100 lbs in a year and we never hear the epilogue of whether she truly kept it off At least with Shauna, there is to show that she s still holding up as beautiful, inward and out. Like many readers, I picked this book up in the hopes of getting some inspiration from Shauna s story It s hard not to be inspired by someone who lost so much weight the hard, old fashioned way through diet and exercise Shauna spent years and years, not weeks and months, to lose her weight, which feels real than what we so often see in the media In this blog turned book, Shauna chronicles about the head space she was in over the course of five or six years Yes, she learned to eat healthy Yes, she started to learn to exercise and love it However, the biggest factor always seems to be how she handled it when things went wrong.This journey was not a fast one for Shauna, which I could appreciate It seems like too many people yo yo up and down with their weight at insane speeds Realistically, it was nice to see what one person did, in a reasonable fashion, to lose a large amount of weight In fact, I mostly appreciated that her life went on and she lived it It can seem too unreasonable to expect someone to just stop their life to focus solely on weight I guess that is unless you re on a TV show or something , so I thought the directions her life took moving to the UK was an interesting reality to her story On the whole, this is an inspiring book if you want a realistic look at the ups and downs of one person s weight loss journey There isn t necessarily a lot about how she did it, outside of the common sense eat less and exercise mantra, but it does give you a lot about her mindset and how it changed over time Overall, this was a much entertaining read than a mere self help book This is one of those books that anyone could read to appreciate.

Shauna Reid grew up in Australia and now lives in Scotland Her latest book

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