The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design (EDN Series for Design Engineers)

The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design (EDN Series for Design Engineers) In This Companion Text To Analog Circuit Design Art, Science, And Personalities, Seventeen Contributors Present Tutorial, Historical, And Editorial Viewpoints On Subjects Related To Analog Circuit Design By Presenting Divergent Methods And Views Of People Who Have Achieved Some Measure Of Success In Their Field, The Book Encourages Readers To Develop Their Own Approach To Design In Addition, The Essays And Anecdotes Give Some Constructive Guidance In Areas Not Usually Covered In Engineering Courses, Such As Marketing And Career Development Includes Visualizing Operation Of Analog Circuits Describes Troubleshooting For Optimum Circuit Performance Demonstrates How To Produce A Saleable Product It s a great book to learn about how is it to do Analog Circuit Design I think you should read these kind of books before embarking on a field in which you have no experience.The only problem these kind of books have and it s not an intrinsic problem of the book itself , is you should read opinions about the field from other sources than a book wich explicitly intend to make you fall in love with the particular field Since I read the book, for a time several months , I was totally sure I wanted to immerse my self into this field Fortunately, I read some recent opinions about the topic wich discern from this book perspective So let me take something into account Analog world is not over, but the quantity of expert people on the field makes it tremendously difficult for an individual today to step into the field Moreover There is so much people on the IC electronics field today both young and old gals , and the progress has been that much on the last 16 years since the book was writhed 1999 , that it s really hard and will be harder as time pass to step into the field and even take a job, or gain a decent salary To become expert on this stuff as with anything in this life , you have to expose yourself with years of real, relevant and specific experience Period The worst, at least for me, is that the jobs are mostly on the RF field, wich not necessarily prepare your for the most interesting foresable applications like analog computing, thanks to field programming analog arrays FPAA , wich base their architectures on brain machinery or the cytomorphic circuits you can use for making cell analog computers Then, the trouble is you have to limit yourself to years of pure academic research, wich depends on a numbers of factors harder to overcome, like the fact this kind of research is posible thanks to multibillion dollar companies like IBM It s practically impossible to prove hypotheses unless you work or research for this big guys The other option is not any nicer, wich implies years of working on something you didn t initially intended to, a very hard and low payed field like RF, or may be reverse engineering companies in Malaysia for half the payment This combination doing something you are not directly interested and a low payment is a great way to frustration, life is fucking short to lose it this way.My recommendation Step away from Analog electronics EvenStep away from electronics as a career Do electronics if you want, but just don t target it as a career for life Electronics field is just too mature right now.If you want to feel you are doing something for the progress of humanity in an engineering manner, study Machine learning, or Synthetic Biology These will be the next big thing in our lifetime.PD I may have made some writhing mistakes Thanks for reading Really enjoyed reading this book Absolutely worth reading for anyone dealing with electrical measurements and electronics.

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❰EPUB❯ ✵ The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design (EDN Series for Design Engineers) Author Jim Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design (EDN Series for Design Engineers)
  • Jim Williams
  • English
  • 13 November 2019
  • 9780750670623

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