The Art of Being Normal

The Art of Being Normal Two Boys Two SecretsDavid Piper Has Always Been An Outsider His Parents Think He S Gay The School Bully Thinks He S A Freak Only His Two Best Friends Know The Real Truth David Wants To Be A Girl On The First Day At His New School Leo Denton Has One Goal To Be Invisible Attracting The Attention Of The Most Beautiful Girl In Year Eleven Is Definitely Not Part Of That Plan When Leo Stands Up For David In A Fight, An Unlikely Friendship Forms But Things Are About To Get Messy Because At Eden Park School Secrets Have A Funny Habit Of Not Staying Secret For Long

Lisa was born in Nottingham in 1980 She spent most of her childhood drawing, daydreaming and making up stories in her head but never getting round to writing them down As a teenager she was bitten by the acting bug and at 19 moved to London to study drama at university Following graduation, Lisa adopted the stage name of Lisa Cassidy and spent several happy and chaotic years occasionally gett

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  • The Art of Being Normal
  • Lisa Williamson
  • English
  • 08 April 2017
  • 9781910200322

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    I m a trans person and when I saw this book I was super excited It had a cool cover and a premise I was personally interested in.However, once I started reading I was honestly very disappointed.I know that trans people have different experiences and points of view on their gender, but so many things about this book seemed off to me The book isn t written by a trans person, and that was my first clue In the blurb Two boys and David wants to be a girl Being trans isn t about wanting to be another gender We actually are that gender, but have been seen as our birth gender And that wanting to be a girl shtick continues through the whole story.Understandably, David has some internalized transphobia and says some pretty transphobic things to Leo I can t remember any specifics because I have lent the book to a friend, but I remember this And Leo also says some transphobic things to David, which was odd, as he s trans too Also, David uses he him pronouns throughout the whole book which I guess goes with the whole wants to be a girl thing I can t really put it into words because my brain is silly, but as a trans person, I felt uncomfortable reading this, especially as it was written by a cis author and it was specifically taking about someone being trans To me, it wasn t an accurate representation of what it was like to be trans, and this goes on the list of disappointing trans books along with What We Left Behind by Robin Talley.

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    I spontaneously decided to pick this up today, and I absolutely FLEW through it I had a couple of minor problems with it, but overall I found it to be very enjoyable.

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    UNA NOVELA REAL, CERCANA Y QUE ABORDA EL TEMA DE LA TRANSEXUALIDAD DE MANERA SUBLIME IMPRESCINDIBLE.El arte de ser normal es una novela juvenil que trata el tema de la transexualidad y que cuenta con una historia con giros muy buenos Es una novela muy bien escrita, con una prosa bonita y unos personajes muy bien cosntruidos Si bien ya la portada da a entender de qu trata la novela, no solo se centra en el tema de la transexualidad sino que toca otros como la violencia de g nero, el alcoholismo, los problemas de cualquier adolescente y el bullying En s es una novela cargada de valores y que hace reflexionar.Como digo si por algo se caracteriza esta novela es porque trata diversos temas que me parecen muy importantes y que hacen reflexionar La pobreza y el abandono, por ejemplo, es uno de los temas que tienen m s peso en la novela por uno de los dos protagonistas Y adem s nos hace ver c mo la situaci n personal y el contexto en el que vivimos influyen en todas nuestras acciones diarias El hecho de ser pobre y estar abandonado hace que Leo sea un ni o conflictivo y que tenga salidas de tono que no son normales, por ejemplo.La historia de El arte de ser normal se construye alrededor de dos protagonistas Ambxs nos cuentan su historia como narradores homodieg ticos ya que son actantes directos en la obra en primera persona Lo que hace que nos transmitan much simo m s todo el c mulo de emociones que sienten d a a d a por su condici n de g nero Se va alternando la narraci n de uno y otro y suelen narrar varios cap tulos seguidos Me gust mucho el tipo de narrador elegido para la novela porque nos acerca m s a la situaci n de los protagonistas.Tenemos dos protagonistas que parecen muy diferentes y que al final resultan no serlo tanto Ambos son personjes redondos, que nos sorprenden, nos emocionan y tienen muy buenos giros David es el personaje m s predecible, mientras que Leo guarda toda una sorpresa muy inesperada.En s la novela no es para nada predecible Me gust much simo que no se centrara en una historia de amor sino que se centre en la evoluci n de una joven transexual y en c mo afronta el serlo d a a d a Y no solo su evoluci n, sino el de todos los personajes que lo rodean y tienen que hacerse a la idea Adem s me gust que los personajes fueran tan reales y que ambos protagonistas no sean para nada predecibles.La novela se lee muy r pido, no tiene una lectura muy f cil porque es densa y la autora nos contextualiza mucho para entender bien qu es la transexualidad Pero lo hace a la perfecci n, dej ndonos ver c mo evoluciona una persona transexualidad que es consciente de su g nero.Me ha gustado much simo poder leer al fin una novela que trate el tema de la transexualidad Si bien es cierto que ltimamente algunas editoriales apuestan por los conflictos de la orientaci n sexual, esta es la primera novela que puedo leer con un protagonista transexualidad La comunidad LGTBI no est para nada asumida en la literatura, y si bien la comunidad gay es la m s normalizada en la misma la transexualidad sigue siendo un tema marginal Evidentemente, no ya en la literatua, sino en la sociedad actual.Es una novela muy buena, muy bien escrita, que normaliza la transexualidad, nos muestra c mo la afronta una joven de quince a os y est cargada de valores Una lectura imprescindible.

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    It s been a while since I read this but I feel there s two things I should point out that really bothered me about the book 1 Leo is a trans guy but him being trans is treated as a plot twist, and is found out when a girl he likes sees his genitalia Not a fan of that 2 Kate called by her birth name for most of the book is referred to by he him pronouns by Leo in his internal monologue after he finds out she s a trans girl but only refers to her as she when she s wearing feminine clothing That s something that really irked me.Update Since reading this I ve become a lot educated on transphobic tropes The above are all very transphobic tropes When Leo found out Kate was trans he should ve only used she her pronouns, and when he found out she wants to be called Kate he should ve switched to Kate, not only when she worse a dress It s clearly a book by a cis person who did minimal research This book is just a transphobic mess.

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    Normal kids don t see therapists Normal kids don t have mothers like mine, who tell you life isn t fair with messed up glee, like the unfairness of life is pretty much the only thing they know for sure I ve spent my whole life being told I m the complete opposite of normal I m sorry, but I loved this I don t know why I m apologizing, since I m on this website to either hate or love a book no matter what others thought about it, but I feel like this is another one of those books that are underrated and many people don t know about It s another underrated book like We Are the Ants that I wish had a little hype to it where people knew about it This wasn t heartbreaking, but it was another one of those books that make you realize how hard it is for different people to live their life because they feel like they won t be accepted The Art of Being Normal follows David Piper who knows he isn t who he wants to be When his teacher once asked the whole class what they want to be when they grow up, everyone wrote normal things like wanting to be a doctor, or a famous soccer player, or a computer genius, but David wrote that he wants to be a girl He was 8 when he wrote this, and now that he s 15, there s nothing that has changed It s been hard for him because no one knows about this, not even his parents, which he is afraid to tell, and he doesn t want anyone at school to know because he s afraid of what they will think Although David isn t known for who he wants to be, he is known for the different person that he is at school, so he gets teased and bullied a lot that he ends up being called freak show and weirdo especially by Harry, a popular boy at his school that makes other students lives miserable and tortures them because he can and wants to When Harry makes fun of David and finds his scrapbook, filled with pictures that make David happy and his inspections, including height size, hip size, foot size, and even penis size, he starts making fun of David, which makes David elbow Harry for doing so When Harry tries to get back at him, Leo Leo Denton , a new student that was expelled from his previous school, stands up for David and punches him Because of this save, Leo and David end up in detention and begin forming a small friendship that ends up in a trustworthy status, where both end up telling the other something they ve never told anyone else It s either for the best, or for the worst, but both don t expect what they find out.I don t know man, but I ended up loving this I thought I was gonna cry because I felt bad for both characters, but I didn t shed a tear I wouldn t say this has a plot twist because, in reality, one can see it coming but I really didn t expect anything from this I expected Leo and David to fall in love with each other and form a friendship since that s what the synopsis of this book kind of hints, but it really wasn t this This was about acceptance, coming out, confidence, and friendship If it wasn t for my friend, I wouldn t have known about this book She s the one who got me into reading LGBT books and I couldn t be happier I m not part of the community, but I m a supporter, and reading these books make me realize how important it is to realize how difficult it is for these different people around us to live their life because they re afraid They make me realize how important it is to accept these people because they re different David Piper was different, so was Leo Denton, and I loved them both for that.I m pretty sure the message this book was supposed to deliver was about acceptance and confidence David was struggling to accept who he wanted to be and he was afraid to show it to the world, even to his best friends and parents, because he was afraid of what they would think I loved how supportive they both were, how his parents were happy for him and wanted the best for him and how his friends would tease him for it and don t really care because they were happy being with him as well They wouldn t tease him in the you re disgusting because you re different way but instead in the he s in love with him and it s cute way I loved how David grew out of his stranger zone and came out, not caring what others thought He and Leo would make memories together and be who they really were inside, not outside I m not sure if the author herself is in the community, but she really managed to pull off this one, being her first novel especially with 2 characters that are transgender I actually thought about marking this as another DNF but I really didn t want to, so I kept reading and boy am I glad The reason for that was because the writing was dull and not that good I m not saying I m better than her in any way but it was lacking in many ways and the story itself was pretty boring, but when Leo punched Harry, I was completely interested in finding out what would happen next and how exactly Leo and David were gonna start their friendship This wasn t my first LGBT book, but it was the first book I ve ever read that deals with a trans character There are important issues in this book that are dealt with in real life and that we see in society that many people don t stand up for including bullying, abandonment, poverty, and family issues and Lisa Williamson managed to handle them well enough in this The book isn t about being transgender or being normal after all, but it s about David learning to find his normality It s a respectful story that can capture a readers attention from the very beginning because you can get so intrigued by David s journey and just want to follow him as he goes Both characters deal with family and school issues, but especially Leo You just feel bad for him when it comes to his chapters He has a mother that just doesn t love him because she s so addicted to alcohol that she comes home late at night and stumbles and falls on the ground because she can t control herself she calls her son miserable and tells him to go away because she can t stand the sight of him her teeth are so yellow because of how many cigarettes she has smoked and doesn t pay attention to the fact that she s very dirty and doesn t clean up after herself she acts like a little girl with her new boyfriend, Spike, because she s so drunk or is just acting stupid and like a fool she isn t the mother her son and small daughter, Tia, Leo s small 7 year old sister, should have and doesn t care she doesn t try at all to make their children s lives a better one and doesn t bother paying attention to it Leo doesn t even have a dad and when he meets his dad, he doesn t even believe him It was just really sad seeing Leo having to deal with this abandonment and not having a mother that loves him properly because his dad left her when he was a baby.David, on the other hand, had a supportive and wealthier family I loved how his parents accepted who he was and just wanted him to take as much time as he needed His mom even applied makeup for him and that just made me a little too happy I loved how they understood where he was coming from and even decided to play along, saying it was great to not be normal and how it s better to be different because you re just, different. I did hate David s sister, Liv, and found her to be a little bitch I guess it s because she didn t know about it until after, but she was also like the bullies David had at school, which made it worse because it was at his house and from his little sister She d call him weird and would say he looked like shit when he didn t sleep well and I don t know but she just got on my nerves a lot Overall, The Art of Being Normal talks about issues going around nowadays, especially right now, that are solved bit by bit, and I loved how Lisa wrote this I did say the writing was a bit lacking in the beginning, but the story made progress as David and Leo follow each other s journey together and manage to get through it all It s got an emotional ride to it, depending on the reader, and it s got the small humor bits that add laughter to it, but it s also got the respectful diversity a book should have.

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    David longs to be a girl David is a girl who longs for acceptance. The Art of Being Normal was not what I had expected I would say that this is a good introduction for someone who wants to know about life as a transgender kid and adolescent It is a heartfelt novel, for sure, but not a perfect one.I had difficulties connecting with the characters, especially with David She is 15 years old if I am not mistaken, but she acts like a 12 year old In most situations, David and her friends seemed way too young and immature to, for example, go on a weekend trip on their own or have relationships and sex Their behaviour was not according to their age Their lack of depth and complexity added to my inability to connect with these characters and made them seem even childish David is way too pushy If she were real I probably would have hit her for being so obnoxiously curious I get that she is supposed to get Leo to loosen up and slowly stop hiding behind his walls But the level of pushiness that a word that David shows is maddening.I also have some issues with the way transsexuality was represented at times First of all, for 98% of the novel, David, who is, in fact, a trans girl is addressed with male pronouns And secondly, Leo s gender is used as a plot twist, which is not what someone s sexual orientation or gender identity should ever be used for And no, this was not a spoiler, for the exact reason that I just mentioned.The I think about it, the less I like this book However, there were a few moments when I got quite emotional I hope this book paves the way for transexual YA main characters Their voices are shamefully underrepresented in literature.Find of my books on Instagram

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    Fantastic Highly recommended The Art of Being Normal is the story of a transgender character named David, and his journey to finally telling his family and the rest of the world that he wishes to be referred to as Kate, and would like to begin transitioning.I have to be honest and say that I don t believe I ve read a book about a transgender character before, certainly not as the main focus of the story I know they exist, so it s either down to my own lack of diverse reading or a distinct lack of books covering this topic I suspect it s a bit of both.I enjoyed this immensely, it s very easy to read and I liked both of the dual POVs I also appreciated the use of different fonts for both just to keep me on track It features some serious and important themes, all of which were handled well, including of course sexuality and gender but also bullying, family relationships, poverty and abandonment probably a few too But beyond the struggles of David and Leo it never felt heavy , if that s the right word I certainly felt sad and angry, as well as happy and warm, but I enjoyed the whole journey.As others have said, a must read if you enjoy the work of David Levithan and Maureen Johnson.

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    I couldn t finish this,it deals with an incredibly important issue and relevant topic in today s society but the book just felt like a generic ya book.I wanted to read this book for the trans character and to see how well the story would deal with the issue but after 110 pages I couldn t even really get to the core issue because the writing,dialogue and story were so painfully cliche.The story screams American cliche high school trash that we see in so many media outlets and the book isn t even set in America,it s set in England so why are they acting so American The story was so painfully boring with the typical high school bullies who felt so unrealistic because they used pathetic insults like freak show.The dialogue was depressingly boring and failed in giving the characters any depth or personality,I think the worst thing I read was when one character uses the word Amazeballs.Cringe.No one ever says that,it felt like the author was desperately trying to make the story appeal to a younger audience.I looked up what happens in the story and it s incredibly predictable so I m glad I stopped reading.It s such a shame I couldn t carry on reading this book when I was so looking forward to it especially due to the trans characters but then the characters have literal no development,the story is depressingly generic and the dialogue is painful.

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    You must have heard about The Art of Being Normal by now and, if not, I m not sure how you have managed to miss it Published on 1st January, it s one of the most talked about UKYA novels published this year so far, and has certainly set a high standard.Fourteen year old David Piper has only told two people his two best friends, Essie and Fox, who have both been incredibly supportive that he has wanted, needed, to be a girl ever since he was a small child David has written a letter to his parents explaining how he feels but cannot bring himself to give it to them He already suspects that they think he s gay, but he s not ready tell them the whole story just yet And he s certainly not going to tell anyone else at school he s already being called a freak show David meets newcomer Leo Denton on his first day at Eden Park School He walks over to him even though Leo doesn t seem to want to talk to anyone at all, let alone make friends When the school bully just won t leave David alone, Leo steps in, and now David just has to get to know him But Leo s had to move schools for a reason and David s about to be the first one to discover why.I ve been reading a lot of American young adult contemporary novels lately and so it was a bit of a shock to step into such an obviously English voice, even though I knew The Art of Being Normal was UKYA It made me realise how much I miss it I don t know why are we really that different , but even though the world of school and the struggles of growing up are essentially the same across the pond, UKYA just makes teenage life feel that little vivid and relatable But what is normal, huh I have yet to meet someone who didn t enjoy The Art of Being Normal It has a brilliant as well as important title because it s not an issues book It s not really about being transgender, but is a story that just happens to have a transgender character David doesn t feel like he s not normal, he s just trying to find a way to communicate that to everyone else It s about what it s like to grow up, make friends and deal with family It s about class and identity, and how people are perceived by others It s all heightened when you are a teenager because it s difficult not to care less you can t live on your own and you can t do what you want It can be quite suffocating, so it s helpful to hear stories about teenagers going through the same experiences as you.The Art of Being Normal is one of the first books I ve read that talks about transgender lives Lisa Williamson not only writes an incredible contemporary novel, full of laughs and emotion, but also a responsible and respectful one If you ve never read a book that talks about being transgender, if you want to read diversely, or if you just want a realistic, empathetic coming of age story, pick up The Art of Being Normal and start to dismantle the definition of normal bit by bit I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books.

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    CONTENT WARNING TRANSPHOBIA I m not transgender, but even I can see how terrible the author dealt with the characters transness The story is about the transgender girl Kate who is closeted and goes by David for most of the book and the transgender boy Leo who is not out at his new school The two of them form an unlikely friendship and that s basically what the story is about I thought the story itself was except for some problematic things I ll remark on later on really fun and just nice to read I love reading about queer kids and friendships This book hits a lot of basic trans tropes that are problematic and could have been handled so much better I honestly wonder if the author who isn t trans herself as far as I know has even asked a single trans person for feedback because I can t believe that nobody realized how this book was basically a cis person wanting to prove how good of an ally they are by writing a book about trans issues without knowing anything about trans issues Guess what She s a terrible ally If you can even call her an ally at all.The book has a whole lot of misgendering, deadnaming and usage of the wrong pronouns and on top of that, there s bullying, transphobia and name calling and if that s not bad enough, here s some From here on, there will be some spoilers, but honestly, you probably don t want to read this book after you ve read my review so does it really matter You decide I honestly thought I had somehow misremembered Leo being trans until, GUESS WHAT, the author uses it as a huge plot twist and a bad one with that He s basically forced to reveil his transness to someone he cares about after which that person completely drops him Which is very shitty.When Leo voluntarily comes out to Kate, he does this by partly undressing and showing her his binder As if there is no other way you can let another person know you are trans, except for showing your body I cannot believe for a second a trans person would rather show fairly intimate parts of their body, than just saying hey I m also trans.Both Leo and Kate are outed without their permission whatsoever and even though Kate being outed was done with good intentions I guess , it is still a terrible thing to do Near the end of the book, Kate s friends out her to almost the entire school without asking her anything, and instead host her a suprise party, dress her up, and not tell her anything until it s too late to do anything about it This is the end of the spoiler section What comes next are very minor spoilers that have nothing to do with the plot I wanted to go a little in depth on the use of pronouns and names in this book Though Kate is a trans girl A GIRL for most of the book she still goes by her birth name and he him pronouns Both in narration and dialogue David and he him are used, which I didn t have much of a problem with until she was out Even after Kate is out to Leo, he still continues to call her David and uses he him pronouns You d think a trans person would understand the importance of names and pronouns HE KNOWS how much it hurts to be called by his birth name and yet he still goes out and calls Kate by hers That s just plain bad and if the author did any research on this, she d know.At the point they do start using she her and Kate, it s treated as something the character needs to be congratulated on instead of, you know, it being a f cking decent thing to not misgender people.The thing about this and of the often badly phrased laguage of the author is that the author makes it seem as if Kate is not a girl, but instead is a boy wanting to be a girl In the narration there are several mentions or sentences that not just imply this but even state this literally Just a paraphrased example Kate says near the end about her parents how freaky it must be to see their son being dressed up as a girl If I know anything about gender identity and the same goes for sexual romantic orientation , I know that it s not a choice You don t pick and choose to what gender s you re attracted if you re even attracted to any gender at all and you also don t choose being trans A trans girl is a girl and a trans boy is a boy and using language like wanting to be a certain gender is very problematic and promotes the idea that transness is a choice which it isn t.As I said before, I m not trans and though I try my best to educate myself on trans issues but if you found anything I said in this review to be wrong or problematic or anything, please tell me and I ll try to do even better in the future.Here are some ownvoices reviews written by trans people by Neo on GR and by James on Tumblr On a side note, PLEASE for the sake of my sanity, like some ownvoices reviews and or reviews about how problematic it is on goodreads and make them the top reviews so people see what a shitstorm of a book this is I can t stand the fact that it has over 4 stars and everyone praises how amazing it is.

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