The Art of Rowena

The Art of Rowena Always Feminine, Often Erotic, And Usually Tinged With Irony Fantasy Artist Rowena Takes Modern Dilemmas And Presents Them In A Fanciful And Powerful Fairytale World Above All, She Paints Extraordinary Images Of Women Over Artworks And Insightful Commentary Show The Influences Behind This Artist Who Has Done Covers For Among Others Anne McCaffrey, Issac Asimov, Piers Anthony, Madeleine L Engle, Samuel, R Delaney, And Even National Lampoon

Morrill received a BA from the University of Delaware in 1971 and then studied at the Tyler School of Arts 1 in Philadelphia After dropping out of the Tyler program, she worked for an advertising agency in New York City After showing her portfolio to Charles Volpe at Ace Books, she was commissioned by Vlope to illustrate a romance cover 1 Morrill s first design for a horror novel was Jane Pa

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  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • The Art of Rowena
  • Rowena Morrill
  • English
  • 01 November 2018
  • 9781855857780

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    A snow day, so a good day to get back to the art books This is definitely I d not looked at in quite some time Given the age, there could have been a lot TA but in that case I probably wouldn t have bought it The art is beautiful And it was interesting to read about at least some of the process Rowena made it clear in this book how much of her works are based on models, something I never really thought about The Theodore Sturgeon portraits were a surprise standout The text itself was a bit inconsistent, with the longer pieces the weaker.

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    Such vivid images Most, though not all, of her characters have a very distinctive look about them Dragon s nest and Shadows out of Hell have two of her best female and male characters, though there are many other images that work great as a whole Plenty of elaboration from Rowena on the images, though very few feature early sketches or work A lot of book covers, but also portraits and non commissions.

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    4 1 4 stars

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    If you like fantasy art books, The Art of Rowena will be a keeper Rowena Morrill s paintings have appeared on calendars and the covers of speculative fiction books such as The Dolphins of Pern, and I bought it because I d seen two of those paintings before.One was of two people kissing through a great iron gate, their limbs twining around the bars The ironic thing was, there was nothing connected to the gate no walls whatsoever They could simply have walked around it and there would have been nothing separating them The other painting was a portrait of my favorite SF author, Isaac Asimov, seated on a throne carved with symbols and depictions of his work.These and many others make for a wonderful visual experience Another favorite of mine shows a little boy walking home in the dark, hands in pockets, clearly trying to whistle a tune Following him is a bizarre dragonlike creature, claws extended, jaws agape but its pink and green coloration saves the scene from being completely horrific.Several paintings feature people in the skimpiest of clothing, just in case this isn t your kind of thing, though Rowena has an amazing touch when it comes to small details Jewelry, weapons and flowers all look vivid and realistic The settings range from Ancient Egypt to an Aztec altar to medieval lands and outer space Plus, there are notes on each painting what inspired Rowena, what it was like working with the models and so on.Her style tends to be lush and colorful, the paintings are delightful to browse through, and this book would be a good addition to any fantasy collection.

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    Here is another fantastic fantasy artist Her artwork is so realistic, you cannot believe that her characters and creatures are not real, they seem so lifelike I enjoyed reading her explanations behind each of her art pieces Some of her stories were quite humorous on how she got her models to assist her to make her designs Her work is a joy to see.

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