The Beastliness of Beauty

The Beastliness of Beauty MOM S HAIL MARY PASSMy Mother Had Schizophrenia She S Dead Now And I Prefer To Believe That Ailment Was Left Behind Her When Her Spirit Moved On Her Pain And Her Hope, However, Remain Here In Me, Hovering Side By Side, An Uneasy Alliance, Or A Multiple Personality Disorder Or Bipolor Disorder, Which Is What I Am Told I HaveMy Relationship With God Began The Moment I Shot Forth From My Mother S Womb She Grabbed My Slippery Body In Her Leathered Hands And Punted Me Toward Heaven Where I Landed With A Cry At God S Feet That Is How My Relationship With God Began My Mother Threw Me At HimGod Looked Down Upon Me And Jerked His Head Toward His Brick Wall Defenders A Husky One Folded His Wings, Walked Over, Picked Me Up And Threw Me Back At My Mother Where I Landed With A Plop Upon Her Flaccid Belly Her Eyes Popped Open In Shock And A Look Of Indignation Swept Over Her Exhausted Face What Is This She Demanded, Her Eyes Angry Slits What Is The Meaning Of This His Voice Raised The Downy Hairs Of My Still Wet Body And An Awesome Chill Came Over Me Put Her Back, He Said This One S Not Done Despite This, I Felt His Presence My Whole Life, An Unseen Force Hanging Over Me, Observing Me And The Events That Made Up My Life His Presence Did Not Always Feel Peaceful He Sometimes Felt Angry, A Storm Of Rain And Hail And Lightening Flashing, Crashing, Lighting Fires I Could Not Put Out He Sometimes Felt Immensely Saddened, A Sorrow So Deep, My Own Heart Felt Broken Given The Powerful Nature Of These Emotions, I Did Not Always Appreciate His Presence In Truth, I Outright Resented It Sometimes After All, I Was A Returned Product The Hail Mary Pass My Mother Had Attempted Had Failed Miserably Of Course I Was ResentfulBut I Ignored This Resentment And Tried To Make My Peace With The Man Upstairs Over And Over AgainDY S LITTLE GIRL Back To The Beginning Three Years After My Mother S Hail Mary PassI Shivered As I Huddled On The Cold Tile Bathroom Floor Next To Where Daddy Had Fallen He Had Been Shaving, As He Did Every Morning, And I Had Been Watching, As I Did Every Morning But Our Ritual Had Ended There For Daddy Had Crumpled Forward Over The Sink And Then Slid Down To The Floor I Had Laughed And Giggled, At First, Tickled By His Antics, Delighted By Them Really, But Then I Had Climbed Down From My Spot On The Counter To Sit Beside Him Now I Sat Next To His Head, Gazing Into His Face, Gently Rubbing My Fingers Through His Hair, And Dipping Down Occasionally To Kiss Him While Carefully Avoiding The White Foam That Still Covered Half Of His Face From Time To Time, I Murmured, Shave Daddy, Get Up Shave, Daddy, But Rather Than Rise And Grab Me In His Arms Singing And Shouting All The Way, All The Time, Daddy S Little Girl, He Lay Hushed And UnmovingI Continued To Rub My Fingers Through His Hair It Was So Soft, So Shiny, And So Short And Dark, Unlike My Own Long Blonde Hair, But, Still, It Felt Good In My Three Year Old Fingers I Liked It, Daddy S HairI Moved One Hand To The Shaved Side Of His Face This, Too, Was Soft, Smooth, But The Opposing Side, The Side With The Foam, Disturbed Me I Gazed At Him, Touching His Straight, Proud Nose, His Closed Eyes With His Long Lashes, And His Wide Mouth Which Was Always Upturned In A Smile Me Except For Now Now His Mouth Was Slack, Still, And Although I Saw The Glint Of A Few Teeth, It Was Not The Same As His Smile The Foam Troubled Me A Great Deal And I Reached Down And Touched It, Feeling The Stubble Beneath It Even As Its Sharp Scent Wafted Up My Nose

Elizabeth Fry The observer in me has always been fascinated with the things I don t see with my eyes I decided to make a living from it I write fantasy fiction that allows others to see the great colorful movies that stream constantly across the eye of my mind I hope you enjoy them as much as I do Elizabeth Fry graduated college from University of Missouri in St Louis with a degree in Secondar

[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Beastliness of Beauty  Author E.A. Fry –
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  • The Beastliness of Beauty
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  • 11 May 2019

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