The Big Kitty (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #1)

The Big Kitty (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #1) Did Curiosity Kill The Cat Lady Sunny Coolidge Left Her New York City Newspaper Job To Go Back To Maine And Take Care Of Her Ailing Father But There S Not Much Excitement Or Interesting Work In Kittery Harbor So When Ada Spruance, The Town S Elderly Cat Lady, Asks For Help Finding Her Supposedly Winning Lottery Ticket, Sunny Agrees But When She Arrives At Ada S, With A Stray Tomcat Named Shadow Tagging Along, They Discover The Poor Woman Dead At The Bottom Of Her Stairs Was It An Accident Or Did Ada S Death Have To Do With That Missing Lottery Ticket, Which Turns Out To Be Worth Six Million Dollars Town Constable Will Price Suspects The Worst And Sunny S Reporter Instincts Soon Drive Her To Do Some Investigating Of Her Own Even Shadow Seems To Have A Nose For Detective Work Following The Trail Of The Purrloined Ticket, Sunny And Shadow Try To Shed Some Light On A Killer S Dark Motives Before Their Own Numbers Are Up

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❴Reading❵ ➷ The Big Kitty (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #1)  Author Claire Donally –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Big Kitty (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #1)
  • Claire Donally
  • English
  • 01 June 2018
  • 9780425248027

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    After taking a leave of absence to care for her ill father, Sunny Coolidge loses her well paying newspaper job in New York City and returns to her home town of Kittery Harbor, Maine She moves in with her father and is stuck in a low paying job which doesn t even cover her expenses not to mention her unreasonable and demanding boss.When Ada Spruance, also known as the Cat Lady , asks Sunny to help locate a missing winning lottery ticket, Sunny agrees to help When Sunny pays Ada a visit, she finds the woman dead at the bottom of her stairs Originally called an accident, Sunny realizes it has to be murder.One of Ada s cats takes a liking to Sunny and decides to live with her and her father Sunny s father isn t happy with the new living arrangements, but tolerates it Shadow manages to work his way into Sunny s heart.With the help of a local detective, Will Price, Sunny does some investigating and gets a bit too close to the truth She realizes Shadow may have witnessed the murder and now her own life is in jeopardy.This is a fun story and the beginning of a brand new cozy mysteries series starring a cat You know a cozy mystery with a cat in the lead role is going to be a favorite of mine Parts of the book are told from the cat s point of view no, he doesn t speak to the humans, but we do get an insight as to what he s thinking The cat s viewpoint sounds exactly the way I would expect a cat to think The author obviously knows cats.The story moved along at a quick pace and the ending was a big surprise to me I loved the characters and really enjoyed the side romance of Sunny and Will I can t wait to read the second book of this series which is out in May.FTC Disclosure The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way All opinions expressed are my own.

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    The Big Kitty is the first book in the A Sunny and Shadow Mystery series.Sunny Coolidge has returned to Kittery Harbor, the town where she grew up, to take care of her father Ada Spruance, the elderly cat lady of Kittery, asks Sunny if she could help her look for the winning lottery ticket that she has lost The deadline for turning in the winning tickets coming up very soon As Sunny is getting ready to head home after this meeting, Sunny finds a large grey cat on sitting on her car Shadow, as the cat is known, pretty much forces Sunny to take him home with her On Saturday, Sunny and Shadow head over to Ada s house to help look for the ticket, only to find Ada has apparently fallen down the basement stairs and has died from the fall The town constable tends to agree with Sunny that Ada must have been pushed The sheriff is saying it is an accident With the help of Shadow and the constable Sunny is able to piece together who the killer was I, for one, think that our animals are a lot smarter than some people think It was fun watching Shadow help Sunny with the investigation.A very enjoyable story.

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    Ohhh I just love this sweet cat There were times when I was ready to cry over what he d experienced in his life I wanted to cuddle him and tell him he d be ok That was one of the cool parts of this third person mystery I liked how the author got inside the various characters and gave their viewpoints, including Shadow the cat Once he spotted Sunny who had moved back home to take care of her dad who was a post heart attack patient, Shadow knew he d found his forever human The mystery was a good one with plenty of great suspects, action and threats Sunny worked part time as a news reporter for the local paper and started working on a story about the local cat lady s suspicious death This apparently riled enough people to want to go after her with various types of threats, one of which Sunny and her dad were saved by Shadow s actions I only had a slight suspicion about the killer and loved the little twist that came at the end The whole showdown was really exciting and Shadow finally got to have his revenge on someone he knew as a bad person It s a shame that this was a short lived series, but I plan to read and savor all of the rest of the books in it.

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    I did like this one, although I felt like the premise was a little far fetched to begin with Ada just picking a random person to help I think this could have been thought out a bit better But still, I liked the mystery and the eventual reveal, and I felt like this was a pretty strong start to the series.This has been on my to read list for ages, and I was lucky enough to get this for Christmas I always enjoy a new mystery series, and one based on cats is even better Four stars.

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    Meet Sunny Coolidge, a New York journalist who has returned home to Kittery Harbor, Maine, to take care of her father after his heart attack She finds work at the local travel agency for Ollie Barnstable a.k.a Ollie the Barnacle but she hopes it is temporary and that she will be able to land a job at a local newspaper.She is surprised one day when Ada Spuance, the eldery woman everyone calls the cat lady comes into the office and asks Sunny to help her find a winning lottery ticket Sunny is not sure the winning ticket even exists but agrees to help Ada search her cat filled home She thinks there may be a story she can write for the paper to impress the editor enough to hire her.Sunny arrives to begin her search and she has a Shadow , a stray tomcat has followed her right up to the house When there is no answer at the front door they stroll around to the back of the house and find an open entrance to the basement Her investigative nature pushes her forward and she discovers poor Ada Spuance dead at the bottom of the stairs.Did her fall have something to do with the lottery ticket Was it an accident or MURDER With her tomcat sidekick Sunny is going to find out Following the trail of the purrloined ticket Sunny and her feline friend better be careful or the made find their very own tickets punched.Dollycas s ThoughtsSunny made some interesting decisions which made this a very interesting mystery I may not have agreed with her actions but they set in action quite a chain of events Shadow s inquisitive nature also drove this story They are purr fect partners.It had several humorous moments, but the ladies of the neighborhood, especially one special lady, sneaking rich, sweet and unhealthy food to Sunny s dad really made me giggle.This is a light hearted romp with plenty of suspects in a quirky little town It is a great start to a series that shows much promise.

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    I am an avid cozy fan and usually love most cat themed mysteries but this turned my stomach Not only was it offensive to cat lovers by having the one woman in the entire town who was kind to animals and rescued them be a ditzy, hoarder type, cat lady but it promoted animal abuse I was frankly shocked when the main character s father started not only to make obnoxious comments towards his daughter about Shadow the cat but towards the cat as well When the verbal abuse progressed towards actual physical abuse towards the cat and the daughter and Shadow s supposed caretaker not only allowed but condoned it I almost threw up.I have no idea why an author who clearly hates animals enough to not only make derogatory comments about animal rescuers but condones animal abuse and actually promotes it in her books would write about cats.I cannot recommend this at all and my copy is going into the recycling bin rather than passing this filth on I certainly will never purchase another of this author s books.

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    Yawn This book was kind of boring Would have been interesting if we got to see the murder case thru Shadows perspective.

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    This is the first in the series I had already read the second one, so at least I knew which suspects were ruled out in the first to be able to appear in the second It s a very cute, relaxing cozy series with Shadow the cat just a regular cat.well, maybe a special regular cat In other words, no super powers, no supernatural abilities, or anything like that It s entertaining the way she writes the cat s thoughts, and the cat assists Sunny in her adventures without even being aware of it The characters are thoroughly enjoyable as well, and the humor keeps things light even when dealing with shifty strangers and nasty murders.

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    Best parts were hearing the cat s thoughts as he did various things if you are owned by a cat, or like cats at all, you ll find getting a glimpse of those thoughts to be quite humorous.

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    A fast fun read with a nice smart cat.

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