The Billion Dollar Bachelor (The Billionaires Club, #1)

The Billion Dollar Bachelor (The Billionaires Club, #1) The Billionaire S Club New York By Jackie Ashenden A Fabulously Sexy Contemporary Series About Some Of The World S Wealthiest, Most Powerful Men And The Women They Claimand Keep Jax Morrow Is A Dangerously Handsome, Spectacularly Wealthy Entrepreneur Whose World Is Turned Upside Down When Pandora Garret Walks Into A Dark, Smoky Bar One Night A Stunning Combination Of Sex And Innocence He Knows She S Trouble At First Sight, But Jax Can T Let Her Leaveunless She S Leaving With HimPandora Has Had Enough Kept Under Lock And Key By Her Powerful, Controlling Father, She Aches For Freedom When She Briefly Escapes And Meets Jax She Knows He Is Just What She Has Been Looking For Forbidden, Unforgettable Passion After One Night In Jax S Arms, Pandora Knows She Can Never Go Back To Living Under One Man S Domination Determined To Control Her Own Life She Tries To Resist Jax, But A Dangerous Desire Rises Between Them One That Threatens To Destroy Them But Both Pandora And Jax Discover That They Just Can T Be Pulled Away In The Billion Dollar BachelorDont Miss Donovans Story In The Billion Dollar Bad Boy Coming In MarchAnd Seans Story In The Billionaire Biker Coming In April

Jackie has been writing fiction since she was eleven years old Mild mannered fantasy SF pseudo literary writer by day, obsessive romance writer by night, she used to balance her writing with the serious job of librarianship until a chance meeting with another romance writer prompted her to throw off the shackles of her day job and devote herself to the true love of her heart writing romanc

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    Surprise, surprise This was a random pick from my stack of books on my tabletand boy, did i get smth in returnha this heroine is called SNOW, again is that a sign or what from now on, I m gonna pick the books that have my name in itLMAO i wonder how many books like that are there, hmmm anyway, this is light, sexy read with stemy hot alpha billioniare and sassy, young woman with awaken sexual apetiteyou can make it from there on your own, right

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    ARC provided by St Martins Press, through NetGalley for an honest review. 3.5 FAIRY TALE STARSStarted off a bit slow, and I was anxious for the author to get to the point But once it did, it took of and was emotional and really HOT Though Pandora Garret is a beautiful woman, she s sheltered by her mob boss father Not because he loves her, but because he thinks of her as a commodity A bargaining tool When Pandora realizes that her father is about the give her to someone who can make his position stronger, she uses an opportunity of lapse in security to sneak away With no money and no friends who aren t loyal to her father, she walks into a bar where she has an immediate chemistry with mogul, Jax Marrow Neither knowing who the other is, they begin an affair that sets off an series of events where Jax feels the need to protect Pandora and get her away from her father s machinations.The Good The moment they connected, the chemistry was HOT and Pandora liked it rough The story was short and sweet I wanted her safe and I knew he needed something in his life other than work.The Bad Because this was a short novel, the rough and view spoiler why Jax was really uncomfortable hide spoiler

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    Two strangers meet on a beautiful night.One is escaping her father s clutches Other is trying to escape his company s public humiliation.They bang hard her mob boss dad intrudes the post coital bliss and she realizes her hero is connected to the same world she wanted to escape.She is into him.He pushes her away.He Is finally into her.She pushes him away.and abrupt end.Uh. big empty. pfftSafe2 5

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    In the beginning when we meet poor Pandora, we immediately get a sense of who she is and how she was raised She has bodyguards that seem a bit overbearing, she has a father who uses her to his advantage and it appears she is to be married off to someone that in the long run would help out her father s business When she gets away from them and makes a run for it, I just knew she was going to make an incredible getaway that I would be proud of.not so muchshe only went into a bar. Yes, this is me confusedpersonally if I were trying to make a miraculous getaway I would go far, far away not down the way and into a bar Anyway, here is where we meet the incredibly gorgeous Jax.just his name makes you want to lick him up and down I swear I had to wipe my chin to clean off the drool These authors sure do have some amazing imaginations and their characters can make you sweat lol As I was saying, in the bar is where we meet Jax, he seems to be the ultra alpha male and I could understand Pandora s instant attraction to him I would have run off with him too Sensing he is just what she needs to get away for awhile she chooses to leave with him and go back to his place I m skipping ahead here because sigh you are going to want to read this yourselves After a night of pleasure, our characters awaken to find something horrible has happened Again, I m not blowing what is going on by telling youbut I will say that I started rubbing my hands together with glee..Skipping ahead again, here is where our main character Pandora gets on my nervesshe knows she has feelings for Jax, we know he has feelings for her, he or less shouted in her face after she goes through the trouble of breaking through his barriers.only to decide herself it is too risky and too constricting for her newly freed self I was about ready to smack the bitch and it was then I would have thrown a paperback book against the wallhowever since I was on my tablet that wasn t an option lol Continuing to read the book, she does earn her way back into my good graces and I really would have to say I did enjoy the ending but I feel there should have been a bit I am rating this book in at 3 1 2 stars, but since there isn t a half option, I m rounding up to 4 stars

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    ARC received on behalf of St Martin s Press from NetGalley.Pandora Garret has been a prisoner her whole life Daughter to a crime lord, she s never anything beyond the world her father controls But she s had enough Escaping into the night, grasping her first taste of freedom Jax Morrow is the CEO of one of New York s most successful companies His life is all about control and ensuring that he never loses it But when Pandora walks into that bar, that night His grip begins to slip One night was all it was supposed to beI enjoy these little novellas that get right to the point and the quick of the story There was a few times when things felt a little repetitive, which with a novella can often times just seem to take up space, especially since the timeline to create a full story is so limited.I liked the concept of this story Mob daughter meets powerful CEO that tries to harness his wild side The one thing that I enjoyed I think the most, which is normally not the case with other books was the inner thoughts Both Pandora and Jax had an inner struggle with how they felt and what they were too afraid to admit There was a lot of these little one line arguments and aha moments that took place within the character s head It was a quick little guilty pleasure read that was enjoyed I ve never read anything by this particular author before and have a few of her other books on standby I am interested to see what she can do with a full length story.

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    Pandora didn t have a box She was living inside one.Her father, the terrible Nick Garrett, was the modern and most famous gangster in town There were no politician or police officer who has not been bought by him His business, always vested, were kept out of the spotlight Just like his daughter.However, now he intends to use her as a weapon to gain new allies Pandora would birthday the next day Twenty five years within a very well staffed and armed to the teeth box And on the day of her birthday he would announce her engagement to Sergei A purely political move.But that was not what Pandora wanted to her life Leave the hands of a master and go to others She wanted to meet people beyond the virtual.When her bodyguard she calls Thing One out of the car, on account of some event of fire in the surroundings, to check for delays in traffic, she finds herself alone for the first time in years The Thing Two was not working that day and the driver was interested in going to text his girlfriend than her She grabbed the opportunity and fled.With nowhere to go, and with some heels that were already killing her feet, she decided to enter a bar A chic place, a noir atmosphere, when she came across the most enigmatic pair of blue eyes she had ever seen Jax Morrow was drowning his sorrows in glass of anything that had enough alcohol to let him KO Full of problems in the family business I would say in the billion dollar conglomerate that now he was responsible since his father fell ill In addition , he needed to improve the relationship he had with his brother Donovan, the PR company, and try to find Sean, who had fled five years ago with a biker gang and never been seen.He thought he was almost getting his intent in relation to drink when he saw her She was standing there at the entrance of the bar, looking happy to see something for the first time An awesome view, with her black hair and her short red dress shaping the body, leaving little to the imagination of anyone there.Their eyes met and she walked to sit beside him.Her voice was pure velvet and he decided he could take advantage of He was not a man one night only, but could have risk this time For her, he would be willing to do so A night of wild sex in anonymity..The night was perfect and everything could remain if he would not find out in the next morning whose she was the daughter A little drama, please Nick Garret uses his daughter as a commodity, and as he felt injured he offered to Jax the perfect solution a wedding The Morrow name would give credibility to the shady dealings of Garret, and in return, he would not let go the secrets that Morrow would like to keep under the rug Pure and simple blackmail Or of course, there was still the option to bring Pandora home and keep the plan to make her marry Sergei.Someone heard the bell of possessiveness ringing The proposal was accepted but Jax would not let Pandora out of his sight At least while they would pretend to be engaged He did not trust her father Moreover, she had no friends, family, even own money to maintain herself Everything was regulated by her father And the fake engagement began The time they spend together, Jax tried to stay away from Pandora Everything was just fake act to journalists But Pandora did not want commitment She wanted sex She wanted freedom, and on this kid way of being she got entangled Jax a situation a thousand times worse than just being the daughter of his family s archenemy A short story only 100 pages that keeps you stuck from start to finish.The pace is great, the characters engage the reader and you wonder what will happen to each of them, in particular with each Morrow brother still have Donovan and Sean s stories.Another good thing No cliffhanger Each story has its end.5 STARS Bilingual Review Portuguese English on my blog

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    The Billion Dollar Bachelor is the first book in author Jackie Ashenden s The Billionaire s Club This is a novella length story 100 pages told from alternating POV s of the two main characters, Jax and Pandora Pandora s father is a powerful and dangerous criminal and has kept her on a tight rope, a virtual prisoner, with no friends and no family One night she seizes on the opportunity to just walk away, at least for the night and she happens to walk into the bar where billionaire Jax is working on drinking his bad mood away the moment his gaze locked with hers, all his cool, calm logic vanished The company ceased to exist The scandal currently rocking it utterly forgotten, his family gone along with it The only thing he was aware of was the fact that for the first time in his life, he wanted.And what he wanted was her After the intial meeting and some sexy time together, Jax and Pandora are discovered by her father and are forced into a pretend public relationship Their strong chemistry poses an issue as they try to work together to prevent her father from blackmailing them into getting married.This was a short, sexy read There wasn t much room for development because of the shorter length but the writing was okay and it seemed to flow pretty well The steam level was medium I was rolling my eyes on a few different occasions This book rates high on the unbelieveable scale, everything from Pandora s computer skills to Jax and Pandora s first sexual encounter were just hard to believe The characters also ran hot then cold, especially towards the end Either you re in or you re out The back and forth and then extreme changes took away from my overall enjoyment In the end, this was a three star read for me I d recommend for fans that enjoy novella length contemporary romances, billionaire hero s, or coerced relationships marriages I don t think this is book is a great fit for me and most likely won t continue on with the series Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review

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    Also wrote a review about this book on my new fb page is the first book of the author that I ve read and I have to say, I m fairly impressed Her writing style has that easy flow that makes the general readers really comfortable and in zone with the story I was no different I finished it in one go DPlot The story starts with Pandora Garret ditching her bodyguards to enter a bar where she meets her handsome, dark Prince Charming with blue eyes, Jax Morrow At this point, the usual happened, like we read in common romance books, lust at first sight, and then sex and then in the morning the heroine tries to flee And this is where the actual story starts cause this where they find out some shocking truths about each other And suspense begins Don t worry my fellow bookworms, that s as far as I go Not gonna spoil the story for you.So yes, enjoyed it immensely 10 10 for sizzling hot chemistry between the characters Though still felt that the book ended abruptly no cliffhanger though , only for that reason I give it 4 5 stars.As I like the author s style, I think I m gonna give the rest of the books in the series a go too.

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    It must have been Fate She walked in that bar, he looked at her, and the rest was history Jax had never felt this kind of attraction and need to protect a woman before No matter what she had to be his.And so begins the story of Jax and Pandora Their pasts have dove tailed and they never realized their future would be a done deal.I have read other books by Jackie Ahsenden This one in particular was memorable The love scenes between these two characters are unforgettable I love Pandora and her newly found freedom Her need to decide her future has been kept contained for 25 years and she will not stand by any.I wish there would have been of this story after Pandora decided I was left wanting Perhaps our dear author will gift us with about Pandora and Jax I think they can be an explosive duo worth reading about.

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    Can I just tell you how much I love Jackie Ashenden s books A LOTand then some This was quite a quick read but it still felt whole and satisfying, the love scenes were super sexy and the characters really leap off the page The heroine was basically a prisoner of mob boss father I felt like this was a modern twist on a fairytale.I loved that Pandora was a strong character despite her upbringing and family situation She took charge all through the story and I was definitely cheering her and Jax on at the end.

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