The Blind Date

The Blind Date One Night Changes Everything Again Years Ago, When Ryan Stewart Saw Shawna Ferguson, It Was Love At First Sight Unfortunately, He Wasn T A Free Man, And His Deception Caused Him To Lose Her After A Weekend That Changed His LifeWhen Shawna S Sister And Brother In Law Set Her Up On A Blind Date, She Has No Idea It S With Ryan, With Whom She D Spent A Weekend She Wishes She Could Forget She Reluctantly Agrees To Finish The Date With Him, But Doing So Leaves Her Vulnerable To His Charms And The Heat He Ignited In Her That Very First Night

Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels She s also the owner of Garden Avenue Press, a digital first press where she publishes other authors Born and raised in the U.S Virgin Islands, Atlanta, Georgia is now her home She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction When she s not busy reading or writing, s

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  • 05 March 2018

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    2.5 starsShort, but sweet TBD is technically well written and fast paced The male lead is a bit one note, but charming The plot was trite, but fairly entertaining That s the goodThe bad This is my third Delaney Diamond book and in every one of them she s used sex to paper over her couples complete lack of depth Add to that, her female leads seem to have the will and emotional maturity of potted plants And it s never about emotion, it s always a woman who cannot resist the sexual pull of her love interest Still, this was so much better than Second Chances that I gave it an extra half star From my account

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    Short and sweet A bit boring at times but the sex scenes made up for it, although I did find them a bit abbreviated at times I prefer longer sex scenes, none of that they made love the whole night crap and then skipping over to the next day That just makes me angry It was good could have been better.

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    I really enjoyed this one This was a very well written short book that felt longer than it actually was Mainly because the author did a great job of making the reader feel the two protagonists fall in love There was a depth to the relationship that you don t often get in books of this length.I liked the convention of the flashbacks They were well incorporated with the present day and did a good job of explaining the genesis of the relationship and where each of the two characters were coming from I also liked that they were both appealing and realistically flawed You liked them, and yet they both make mistakes Also, he isn t some super alpha you see ad nauseum and she isn t an irritating which also sadly seems to be a staple in some IR romances.The love scenes were sensual without being explicit Highly recommended.

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    Nah, definitely couldn t finish.Imagine being bored enough to watch a D film on Netflix with a cast that isn t engaging, a story that is loose and flimsy, and a super boring script That essentially is this book I was really excited to read it as I thought it would be really steamy with a good plot but it was super predictable and just dragged ON.

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    I was a given a copy of this book in exchange for a review This is Ryan and Shawna s story When I first started to read the book, I was like, oh no, young people and their woes I paused there for a moment, then thought, let me keep going to see where this is leading The book actually flips back and forth between present day and the past Ryan and Shawna are older and wiser than their first meeting 6 years ago Ryan was not decisive or self assured when he met Shawna the first time He was still coming into his own He saw Shawna in the store and decided he had to make his move because it was a now or never moment Ryan convinced Shawna to go out with him and they ended up spending a glorious weekend together until she found out that Ryan had a girlfriend I thought it was going to be a wife the way Shawna reacted I was actually a little relieved because a wife would have been a point of no redemption in my eyes Anyway, Shawna disappeared from Ryan s life Six years later, he s talking to a friend of his and finds out that his sister in law and Shawna is one in the same woman He begs his friend to set up a date, but he never divulged their history Shawna agrees to a blind date because her sister won t leave her alone otherwise She sees Ryan and wants to tuck her tail and run Ryan convinces her to stay and they discussed what happened all those years ago and try to recreate those same feelings in present time I liked how Ms Delaney wove the past with the present without confusion That s not an easy task I liked how she told us of their relationship in how they got started while not neglecting the the present The only thing I didn t like is that I didn t feel there was enough interaction outside of sex that helps me remember why these two are so good for one another now What are their commonalities They had a good start on their first weekend together, but their present was filled with a lot of mistrust and talking about getting back on track to recapture the magic Shawna was angry which she had every right to be and a typical fickle woman, who said one thing but meant another It could have been great had it been of the getting to know you aspect in their present relationship I still enjoyed the story and read it in one sitting, so it s a solid 3.5 stars for me.

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    I love Delaney Diamond Have I said this before Certain writers have a way of expressing themselves that just speaks to something in you that you can t identify, and for me, she is one of them Her stories always have just that perfect balance of sweet and sour love and loss, pain and euphoria, that I love in romance Not cloyingly sweet or overly sentimental, but also not in your face gritty realism either Just right.In The Blind Date, she gives us characters that are somewhat unlike her usual fare They are younger than her usual H and h, and are building something rather than at the pinnacle of a hard fought career or the beneficiaries of family wealth, and when we first meet them Ryan and Shawna are meeting again after a six year separation To help us understand Shawna s rather explosive reaction when Shawna and Ryan meet on a blind date, the writer goes back in time so we can get the history The old flashback routine can be tedious sometimes, but not here In fact, the love story of their past is as engaging as the one in the present, which might explain why you feel like you get twice as much story in one fairly short read.Ryan is a bad ass who wants to claim his woman right away, and Shawna is the perfect reticent heroine who wants to keep her head about her while her heart has other ideas The conflicts Ryan s past deception and Shawna s current would be suitor are just enough to keep you turning the page Well, that and the super sexy love scenes, of course I ve read some reviews where readers wish there was of this, that or the other, but y know, I didn t experience that and never do with this writer Her work is like a perfect amuse bouche Just enough to make you want , never so much that you wish you hadn t eaten the meal This book left me entirely satisfied.

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    This story is about Ryan and Shawna, two people who cross paths after six years Just like someone else reviewed, I was afraid of reading a book in which went back and forth between the past and the present I don t mind those stories, but I m afraid that once the past is explained the present becomes rushed to end and you don t see why they are at the point in which the story originated Thank goodness, this story was not that case Ryan and Shawna meet and there is instant chemistry They re funny, they re sexy, and you can t help but relate to them immediately Ryan is a an everyday man, hard worker,portrayed as an alpha male, in which I love Shawna is no push over and I appreciate stories in which women are independent, successful and are not afraid to speak their minds The story itself is about second chances Can you trust someone who broke your heart Will you find someone who will make you feel what you felt for that person Their story has a bit of everything romance, humor, angst, and best of all a conclusion that does not leave you guessing This is a definite must read.

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    Really good read Expect the unexpected and don t fight it.

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    Blind date was a cute love story between shawna and Ryan who had a fling six years ago but things didn t go as plan Six years later they reunited in a blind date set up by shawna brother in law and sister because Ryan wants to rekindle that spark from six years ago They chemistry was strong it didn t seem like they have spent six years apart The story was short but sweet.

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    This is one of my favourite books from this author I love that her characters are sophisticated, their chemistry sizzles and the love scenes are sensual A classy contemporary romance.

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