The Blizzard of '88

The Blizzard of '88 The Blizzard OfCaused Havoc Up And Down The Eastern Seaboard To A Degree That Has Never Been Equaled, Consequently Retaining A Romantic And Historical Significance Mary Cable Re Creates The Three Day Debacle In All Its Human And Natural DramaPages Of Black And White Photos

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Blizzard of '88 book, this is one of the most wanted Mary Cable author readers around the world.

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  • The Blizzard of '88
  • Mary Cable
  • English
  • 05 June 2019
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    I get it The Blizzard of 88 was a bad storm Unlike Isaac s Storm, which recounts the Great Storm of 1900 in Galveston, this book never connected with me The author tried to show the effect of the storm through stories of those caught in it, but there were too many and she skipped around too much Focusing on a few would have been powerful She even had the bones of those handful of stories but didn t develop them enough.

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    That s 1888.Actually, there were several that year in the Midwest, but the Blizzard of 88 was the one that walloped the East Coast Its center hit Connecticut, but it walloped everywhere from Boston to Philadelphia with the characteristics that mark out a true blizzard from a mere snowstorm heavy snow, high winds, steep temperature drop.It produced an enormous impact, partly because it smashed through all the technology and progress and made everything wretched.This book is structured about the four days, Sunday when it started to strike, to Wednesday where they started to clear up, and concentrates heavily on New York City but does cover other areas Such as at sea, where many sailors died One poor reporter, prone to sea sickness, had been sent out to report on New York s pilots when it hit Newport reported that there had never been such whitecaps One ship had all its hands abandon ship and floated about the sea for months, a menace to shipping, until it finally crashed in the Hebrides Others sank.But New York City has plenty of incidents The mayor had gotten Sunday licensing through the legislature by strictly enforcing the law against the saloons that had paid off the police, resulting in an uproar in the Irish and German wards, which meant that those returning home Sunday night were the first to learn of the storm Two Germans had to carry their lady friends, which rapidly ceased to be fun.The next day the trains were frequently frozen in place, trapping people for days One woman took up an offer of a climb down a ladder for fifteen cents, but most of the women on that train turned it down The trains were at that point on tracks raised above ground This blizzard inspired talk of putting them underground and did effect getting the utility lines there, after all the havoc they and their poles caused The authorities took care with their new bridge not to overload it, but the ferries kept running despite the white caps on the Hudson though ice floes managed to stop them when big enough An astounding number of people went to work Sometimes because they could be fined if late and fired if absent One shopboy showed up at a store and was sent home for once, his fellows got their full wages for the week, but he got a promotion.Theodore Roosevelt tromped blocks through the snow and was very annoyed that the man he made an appointment with did not show One boy who had learned about Eskimos in school managed to piece together snowshoes his intention was to get milk, but when he found he could deliver milk condensed and medicine, he stuck to such work and made a fair pile of money.Milk was a big problem Though it tended to be tainted and you had to boil it, you still needed it Of course, there were no deliveries Farms managed better, having food stored But they sometimes had an interesting time getting to the barn to tend the animals One farmer found his calves alive but up to their necks in snow Two small boys managed to get lost in the snow between their parents and their grandparents though in clear weather you could see one from the other They were found and marvelously enough revived, but many others were not so lucky.The storm proceeded to frisk across the Atlantic to hammer Great Britain and then Germany, both of which claimed to be the origin of the word blizzard to American annoyance.An interesting book, full of tales of the personal impact of the storm on many people.

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    Mary Cable s well researched account of The Blizzard of 88 1888 that struck the eastern seaboard of the United States, illuminated both a wide lens view of the overall picture, zooming in for closeup vignettes of individual lives, tales of survival or death , heroic kindness, and tragedy I found Cable s balance between the grand picture and the individual accounts letters, journals, newspaper reports and interviews, records left by Blizzard Men and Blizzard Women to make a satisfying and informative read.The bibliography is extensive, lighting the way for further, in depth research Many of the quotations within the text provide the source such as newspaper name and date , while others are not as clearly referenced This method of citing historical sources seems standard.As an amateur historian, I found this title to be so much than informative I gained insight to normal life in 1888 New York City and wider New England , numerous occupations, the status quo, and the overall Era of Confidence, reliance on Victorian era inventions, and exacting detail about the losses and immense suffering of those who lived through the Great Blizzard No wonder every storm thereafter was compared to The Blizzard of 88 I recommend this title to students of history, whether casual or serious.See about my review of this title on my website publishing 12 30 17 at 0002 hrs

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    While this is a well researched and documented book about the Northeastern Blizzard starting March 11, 1888 After the a while it became tedious and repetitive To many side stories Did learn much about NYC cities progress into the twentieth century the telegraph system, the elevated train, garbage collection, snow removal, and famous individuals who were in NYC during the monumental snow storm Teddy Roosevelt and Mark Twain Chapter Titles Introduction, Blizzard Monday, Getting There, Trying Circumstances, Commuters, Stranded Trains, The Land is an Ocean of Snow, On Foot, Helping, After Dark.

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    Extremely well researched and exhaustive in scope Helped me understand that this was a different storm than The Children s Blizzard of January of that year Though this book covers the beginnings of the storm, it does concentrate on the storm s effect mainly on the east coast, and particularly New York City and its environs, though it does mention other areas such as Philly and New England There are other books that cover its effects on other regions of the country.

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    Mary writes in an easy, yet very descriptive narration I learned so much that was in addition to the blizzard itself, there are lots of side stores and the minutea of everyday life woven in, I learned so much than facts about the storm, I learned a lot of how life was in general, human nature, the cultural norms of the time and the roles within society at the time I grew up in the Berkshires on the MA NY line and live in the Greater Springfield Holyoke, MA area now and it was so interesting having these very places talked about in the book, I recognize what are in the pictures too One of the Pittsfield, MA ones was only about three blocks up from the apartment building I just moved from that would have been built about 33 years later, I recognized many of the other buildings I made it much cooler I love her writing and plan to read her other books now

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    The story of a blizzard that caused me to compareWhen I first saw this book mentioned, I mistook it as the story of the Blizzard of 78 , the storm that I most remember from 1978, now nearly 41 years ago, that affected the Northeast Despite the fact that I chose to read about the storm of 1888, was interesting was how the blizzard that I recall had the same paralyzing affect as the storm from 90 years previous despite much better ability to predict weather patterns The Blizzard of 1888 is a worthwhile read as it demonstrates the heroism and humanity that is within us when truly needed.

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    The Blizzard of 18 88 is filled with interesting stories and facts that came out of surviving this unusual storm That being said, if you lived in the country and were use to using your survival skills and not relying on other people, departments and utilities, then it was merely another winter That being said, for the City People this was bad news However, it is amazing to see the sheer determination of these people to try to find a way into the job sites in such bad conditions Many walked for miles in freezing conditions, risking their lives just to be at work And yes, some later considered this storm to be a Good Ole Days story.

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    Very interesting readHere in Iowa, we are familiar with blizzards It was very interesting to read how one was dealt with in 1888, as well as in the east I found it amusing about the Blizzard Society, as during the 2019 polar vortex here, there was a lot of reminiscing myself included about this area s Great Blizzard of 1973 I did find this book entertaining and informative.

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    Blizzard StoryI learned of the blizzard of 88 in the southwest which led to the deaths of so many and to the reorganization of the beef business, and about the blizzard 88 in the Dakotas but I had never heard of the blizzard in the east The stories are awful and sometimes difficult to believe The book is interesting and entertaining.

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