The Boot Camp

The Boot Camp Seven days, Six nights, Three woman with extra heavy baggage and two ex military men and one big, old, manor house that is everything except for what was advertised Steph is a curvy, beautiful woman with very low self esteem, vicky is a round mum of three that wona ticket to the boot camp and Darcy is a news presenter whose career may as well soon be over.As these women build on their physique all for their own reasons, they find themselves and ultimately the answers they were looking for.I cannot really tell youabout this book since I might give awaythan I want And I hate spoilers.I LOVED reading this book Yes, I love chicklit So and I loved reading this book on the tube and it has to be said that after being a few pages you just get sucked into the story.These three women are also very different, with very distinct and very well laid out voices It is often quite hard to write characters this different and let them come together in a way that does not take away the spotlight of their problems and their personality I think almost every women will find snippets of herself in this story which makes the whole experience so muchpersonal.I myself very much saw myself in Steph who was constantly brought down by her ex I had somewhat the same experience thinking it was all your fault, acting weird and losing control of your life, losing direction and forgetting what you really like and want I was rooting for her and I loved reading every twist and turn that made her plot and story thicken.On the other hand I also loved the story of Darcy, who, might not be as shallow as she seems at first The war journalist, the woman with the balls of steel.The one I liked least was the story of Vicky It might be a story that fits most woman reading these kinds of books raising kids and being happy just being a good mom, but it does not seem to grab me as much as the other two do.The style of writing and the hilarious quotes made me laugh out loud on the Jubilee line to Bond street and the story itself was fast paced and not self absorbed happens a lot in chicklit at all Going to the library next week to look forbooks by this author 4.5 5 I loved this book, am looking forward to readingfrom Kate Harrison The characters were like friends by the end of the book, funny, romantic and a whole lot of determination. SIXdays Of Dawn Runs, Blistered Feet And Non Stop Sit UpsFIVEmeals A Day If Half An Apple Or An Oatcake Counts As A MealFOURposter Beds Not Included But Sleep Won T Be A Problem After A Ten Hour WorkoutTHREEwomen With A Battalion S Worth Of Baggage Between ThemTWOhardcore Ex Forces Trainers With Testosterone To SpareONE GOAL To Feel Like A Million Dollars, For The First Time In Your Life Leave Your Mars Bars And Marlboros At The Doorthis Is Boot Camp Brilliant, fun read Although I wouldn t go to a boot camp myself Loved all the characters, the story behind each boot camper was sensitively written. Ok read Pretty predictable and not very funny But I wanted to finish it regardless, just to pass the time. Very enjoyable read Ever since I first picked up that very first title in the Secret Shopper series by Kate Harrison The Secret Shopper affair , I was hooked and I went back through her list of titles and read all the ones that the library had When I saw that we were getting The Boot Camp in , I was excited The Boot Camp follows a group of women through a week of hardcore training and sparrow meals destined to help them lose weight and for each of them to find themselves as we learn that for three women in particular , attending the Boot Camp will help them re discover themselves as a person and find deep down the soul they used to be On the camp we have mother and daughter Liz and Natalia each doing the Bootcamp to make themselves look not only great for their husbands but also to outdo each other , when the going gets tough though for Liz , will she be the first to quit The Boot Camp Other campers include the two Boot Camp Groupies , who say that Once you ve been through one boot camp, you will be hooked for life this quote got me thinking as I think if you enjoy it the first time, then it could be quite addicting in the end if you go with the right attitude and as Kate replied in my FB message If you love getting bossed around and yelled at by military type men Then , there is Agatha who is the oldest boot camper around who has been everywhere and lived a very adventurous life She reminded me of a lady I work with , whose husband s a tour guide and they go all over the place on treks etc including Nepal Then of course we meet Darcy, a TV presenter who has been sent to the Boot Camp for some tough love by the station s producer Marion , Vicki who was entered into a competition by her sister Christie and Steph who joined The Boot Camp to prove that she wasn t just a fat , lazy so and so Pair this lot with two bootcamp drill Staff Pepper and Staff Ryan and you are in for a fun but scary and hardworking week who will make their goals , will anyone take the easy road out and quit and most importantly who will be The Boot Camp s Biggest Loser A fun read , that call me crazy but it does make the thought of joining a Boot Camp seem like a good idea to lose weight or in my case, lose a little bit of weight but mainly tone myself and get fitter in the process. Got this book from the library since it seemed interesting and I wanted a good and easy read And I have to admit, this book was really good It is full of humor, some pages arethan a great laugh, it s also an easy and enjoyable read with a good insight into people s characters What got me confused at the beginning was the fact that it is written from different characters points of view different characters are the narrators Stupid of me not to notice that at the very beginning, especially that each chapter is entitled with the name of the character who is the narrator this time, but still, I did not like it at first But I quickly got used to it and reading the plot through different people s eyes gives you a quite wide perspective on different things Overall, what I liked the most was the humor The book was just really funny. This was a great, fun read.As a bootcamping bookworm I was really interested in reading this one, to see how it compared with my own experiences The bootcamp I attend isn t a week long retreat like in this book, it s a four evening a week kind of thing which fits in around my work.I loved some of the quotes in this book The evils of burpees were exalted at every turn, and I speak from experience when I say that yes, they re evil.I only wish the characters had feltof that unbearable pain that comes the first day after the most extensive workout of your life It was like they were a little bit sore and that was it After my first 45 minute session at my bootcamp, I was taking painkillers and bracing myself for cold showers to dampen the pain for the whole of the next day.I particularly liked the way the results were shown The characters didn t realise it, but they had changed Whether they d taken control of their own lives or lost some weight or toned up or found love, they weren t the same person they were when they started the week. This was a wonderful read It s about a group of women who meet at a very tough boot camp in Wales They are all there for different reasons Two of the women are boot camp groupies there to meet the fitness instructors The main three characters have to share a room, as the hotel is not the luxurious building that they were expecting One is a new presenter who has been told she needs to compete with the younger girls who want her job, one has won a luxury competition and has to blog her experiences and one wants to win back her old boyfriend They all have a dark part of their past that they ve tried to block out Will they confront those issues whilst they are going through the tough boot camp

Kate was born in Wigan, and lived in than a dozen places when she was growing up, including England, Scotland, and the Netherlands She trained as a print journalist and then worked for the BBC as a reporter and Education Correspondent, before switching to behind the scenes producing on programmes including Newsround and Panorama Her final proper job involved coming up with TV programme id

[Epub] ❧ The Boot Camp  ➛ Kate Harrison –
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • The Boot Camp
  • Kate Harrison
  • English
  • 11 October 2018
  • 9781409115519

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