The Braddock Boys: Cody

The Braddock Boys: CodyBrilliant book started it this morning and just finished it love so on to the next Braddock brother yum hope it s as gud as the first Cody and Miranda grabbed me right from the start The two shared similar backgrounds which created a bond, a connection between them And when Cody bit Miranda He s a vampire , it only grew stronger Cody is on a quest to find and stake the vampire who brutally killed his family and turned him and his remaining two brothers into creatures of the night Along the way he meets Miranda who has her own demons to contend with As she sets out to have wild, passionate sex with a stranger before she settles down to the boring, uneventful life she thinks she wants, she crosses paths with Cody, the sexy, vampire What follows are hot, steamy love scenes culminating in a forever and after love affair This is a great read, a definite keeper. Champion Bull Rider Cody Braddock Has Always Loved The Ladies As A Vampire, Each Time He Brings A Woman Satisfaction, His Strength Grows But Right Now He S Thinking Only About Vengeance His Mission To Hunt Down And Destroy The One Who Murdered His Beloved FamilyRevenge, However, Takes A Detour When He Meets Sweet, Passionate Miranda Rivers She S Never Experienced The Big O, And She Wants To Badly How Could Any Man Vamp Or Not Resist Yet The Deeper Cody Drinks Of Miranda S Delicious Charms, The He Craves Only, Miranda Wants Than Just An Eternity Of Hot Sex She Wants Cody S Undead Heart To Beat Again, Just For Her This one had a vampire A cowboy vampire A professional bull riding, ex Civil War confederate cowboy vampire For all the vampire ness it had, he might as well not have been a vampire His vampireness didn t really play into the story, except that he could feed by sex as well as blood, so he NEEDED to have sex regularly The hero has a one night stand with the heroine, rescues her from a bad vampire, and has to feed her some of his blood, so there s a link between them Then, surprise He has to go to her hometown to get his revenge on the vampire who turned him and murdered his whole family, except for his brothers who got made vampires too So they re having a yen for each other hero heroine, I mean She s trying to live down a trampy family rep, but she s just as lusty as her mom and sister, she just wants to get it out of her system with the hero settle down This story was pretty much your basic Harlequin Blaze with a little vampireness slathered over the top I wasn t sure why she bothered, but it was a decent read I read all of it, after all. This is my first foray into romance with a paranormal edge and I have to admit I loved this book from beginning to end I couldnt put it down The pace is breath taking and Cody is so dark and sexy I m now a fan of Kimberly Raye and off to buyof her books. I got this book for free so was a little dubious to begin with I did really like the story but there wasn t reall much to it I then discovered that there are three books that come before this one And the three main characters from them books all made an appearance in this book So I d imagine that reading them as well will be a good idea This story finishes with Brent going off to find their brothers wife Rose who they believed to be dead, but have discovered that she also was turned into a vampire This is a good love story, not too long, some really great. should I say adult scenes lol Also considering it was free, can t really complian at all Give it a go Sexy vampire cowboy No other words needed. Haven t read a Blaze in a while and this was right up my alley hot vampires, hot sex and a fast read. Opening LineHe hadn t had sex in forty eight hours While two days of deprivation was nothing for most men, Cody Braddock wasn t the average guy I ve really been enjoying Kimberly Raye s sexy and hilarious Love At First Bite series Set in Skull Creek Texas where I m seriously considering moving These quickie romances follow the love connections of several of the towns eligible women as they get their groove on and find true love with gorgeous cowboys who oh yeah also just happen to be vampires Cowboy vampires who feed off sexual energy that is Hmmm, now there s an interesting concept Here we get Cody Braddock as our stud muffin He s a champion bull rider, so that piqued my interest even though he never actually rides a bull here Anyways sexy vamp is seeking the one who turned him and murdered his family back during the civil war Cody plans to kill his sire as an act of revenge but also to gain back his mortality To have the strength required to destroy his nemesis though, Jake is going to need his batteries fully charged and since he feeds off sexual energy that s where his little stop at a crowded bar in Austin Texas comes in.Miranda Rivers has done everything possible not to be like her wild and wanton mama and sisters, even going so far as to except an e mailed marriage proposal from her boring but dependable boyfriend who owns the town dry cleaners Nobody will ever gossip about her again But before she settles down that is, Miranda wants one night of no strings attached, pure orgasmic sex She s looking for the big O and she may have just found him.What our couple hadn t counted on from this one night stand was an instant connection Cody s body hasn t had that reaction to a woman in over 100 years and Miranda seems to be able to sense and feel his emotions When Cody s hunt for his maker takes him to Skull Creek choppers and back to Miranda and because one night wasn t enough for either of them they decide to put a dent in the Randy s hottest sex spots list They ll have one week to do it behind the bleachers at the football stadium, at the gazebo in the town square, the history section of the library etc Then Cody s either getting killed or leaving and Miranda s going to marry boring ole what s his name Right I should mention that while I loved the first two books Dead Sexy and Drop Dead Gorgeous theserecent instalments just seem toof the same, with slight tweaks to an almost identical story In fact in going over my old reviews I realized that if you ve read the first book then you ve already read this story Cheers people. This review is for the audio book version as sold by Audible Of course, I m listening to these out of order, but fortunately it doesn t make that much of a difference to when it comes to enjoyability Cody has been a vampire since the end of the Civil war In one night he lost his humanity, his mother, sister in law, and nephew or niece I admit I can t recall which one it was there But his chance to kill the vampire responsible, and regain his humanity, is waiting for him in Skull Creek, Texas All he has to do is kill the one who made him Kill him and it all ends But a chance meeting with Miranda Rivers, a woman who has done everything she can to be exactly the opposite of her sisters and mother, throws a spanner in the works Miranda wants one night of wildness, to put an end to her fantasy of cowboys before she settles down with the right man That calm, reliable, respectable man who has asked her to marry him Exactly the opposite of the men her mother picked, and the men her sisters still pick One night that Cody is happy to give her.One small problem Miranda isn t the type he can forget, especially when it turns out she lives in Skull Creek, and he s going to have to wait five days before his target turns up.I love the premise and the idea of these vampires who live off not just blood, but sexual energy The only thing that spoiled this for me was the narrator He was great at the male voices, but his attempts at female voices were to be honest painful

I ve always been an incurable romantic While I enjoy reading all types of fiction, my favorites, the books that touch my soul, are romance novels From sexy to thrilling, sweet to humorous, I like them all But what I really love is writing romance the hotter the better I started my first novel back in high school and have been writing ever since To date, I ve published over thirty novels, one

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