The Braque Connection

The Braque Connection Forged Masterpieces Hidden Messages A Desperate Swan SongWhen World Renowned Nonverbal Communication Expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard Wakes Up In An Unknown Location, Drugged And Kidnapped, It Pushes The Limits Of Her Autism Coping SkillsFor The Last Year, Russian Philanthropist And Psychopath Tomasz Kubanov Has Been Studying Genevieve Just As She And Her Team Have Been Studying Him Now Forged Paintings And Mysterious Murders Are Surfacing Around Her Team, With Evidence Pointing To One Of Them As The KillerGenevieve Knows Kubanov Is Behind These Senseless Acts Of Violence What She Doesn T Understand Are The Inconsistencies Between His Actions And The Cryptic Messages He Sends Something Has Triggered His Unpredictable Behaviour, Something That Might Result In Many Deaths, Including Those She Cares For Because This Time, Kubanov Has Nothing To Lose

Estelle Ryan was born in South Africa and spent her childhood being surrounded by African beauty, nature and diversity of cultures Her first trip to Europe at the tender age of 16 transformed her world into a much larger place, endless in its possibilities and places to explore For most of her adulthood she s travelled all over the world, lived on a few continents, explored numerous cultures and

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  • 06 December 2019
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    Well written mystery with romantic elements I m still enjoying the adventures of Genevieve and her friends I like that she is a high functioning autistic and we get to see how she reacts to situations and people I also like how her boyfriend and other friends cherish her and her idiosyncrasies As at least one other reviewer commented, I don t remember there being F bombs in the previous books, and that is a big detraction for me in this one And, while not graphically described, readers be aware that the relationship between Colin and Jenny has progressed to the physical Though perhaps this began in the last book.

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    I thought this book was just okay Maybe I would have liked this better if I had read the first two book The mystery was so so for me The main character is an autistic brainiac who could read the subtle facial and body cues to determine what people were thinking I felt the author just threw in Latin medical terms for facial expressions to make the MC sound smart By the end, I was just glad it was done This was for my LRC2017 prompt 19 indie publisher.

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    This series gets better and better with each book.The characters are so well developed, they seem like old friends by now.I was lucky enough to get the fisrt three books in the series for free for my Kindle.Now I ve got 9 to go, so i ll be buying these as soon as I can.

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    While I still enjoy to come along on Genevieve s adventure, this volume was a little stale The mystery was pretty see through, the lack of development between the cop and the criminals pretty annoying and the dialogues wooden I still think I will read the next one in hopes of improvement.

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    As good as the 2 other books, even if I think that the author insists a bit too much on the personal aspect of genevieve lenard I have the feeling that estelle ryan is very much taken by the form of autism, non neuotypical nevertheless, the thriller is excellent, no doubt here I have however noticed one VERY BIG MISTAKE at the beginning of the book when talking about Braque s painting, they speak of Jacques Braque what a blunder Braque s first name was and always has been Georges, and luckyly that mistake was only printed once, but it makes me think of the poor way proof reading is done

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    FREE on today 9 16 2017

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    5 stars without a doubt Excellent 3rd volume with quite a lot going on Loved the fact that the story picks up where volume 1 2 left off Genevieve and the team are all as awesome as before, and characters development is done well A couple of twists added to the interest in this story I actually was able to easily guess two of the main turning points during their investigation but it didn t lower the interest in any kind of way I m definitely hooked to the series

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    Free on 31st May 2019

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    Dr Genevieve Lenard has reached her mid thirties with perilously few friends or social connections in her life That is, until she was brought in by her boss to evaluate art insurance cases, which led to her becoming a member of a five person team who kind of adopt her as their own They no doubt agree with one character s comment in this book that Genevieve is weird but in a cool way She is a non neurotypical her description savant on a team with a crusty Interpol officer, a brawny cursing chef with criminal connections, a former art thief and forger, and a comely flirtatious computer hacker Needless to say, the characters are enjoyably different from each other and have natural antagonisms sometimes The five are tasked with apprehending the brilliant Russian who is plotting against the five, himself A gun seller takes a role and the adversary creates a scenario he hopes will engage and snare Genevieve and her group The roles of art, obviously including the titular Braque, and music in the form of the Mozart that Genevieve s mind uses to compose itself, computers and 3D printing, as well as Genevieve s autistic meltdowns, shut downs, and quirks, all add depth This is the series third book, and it seems to include enough background to stand alone, although I have read the first two I will surely continue This is most thoroughly enjoyable entertainment with a good core group of characters and compelling pacing.

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    When I started reading Ryan s books, I was intrigued by her heroine, who is unique and interesting Unfortunately the plots have got and unbelievable until they are frankly stupid, and the quirks of the characters so repetitive they have become tedious At one stage these supposedly intelligent people get a coded message from the Moriarty style villain, so they all rush off to the location without one of them stopping to think that this might be a poor move Even annoying is Ryan s inability to write Genevieve with any consistency or even skill She corrects the grammar of other characters while making elementary errors herself using aggravate when she means annoy using like as a conjunction when anyone as intelligent as she is supposed to be knows it is an adverb never using the subjunctive or gerunds properly And if you are going to write about art and artists, you should make sure you are accurate Braque did not start as an Impressionist his early works were Fauvist He did not start working with Picasso in 1910 but in 1908 And Klee is not a Cubist his work does not fit a specific style but was influenced by Cubism, Dada, Surrealism and Expressionism I won t be reading any of this series.

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