The Breaking Dawn (Kingdom of Mercia #1)

The Breaking Dawn (Kingdom of Mercia #1) He Is A Welsh Battle Lord, And She Is A Saxon Village Girl They Come From Different Worlds But Together They Will Make HistoryWhen Merwenna Of Weyham S Betrothed Does Not Return From War, She Goes In Search Of Him Only To Discover The Bitter Truth He Is Dead Instead She Meets Cynddylan, A Welsh Prince Who Has Just Returned From A Campaign To The North And Has Made An Uneasy Pact With The Mercian KingArrogant And Ambitious, Dylan Is Determined To Take Back Lands For His People Yet King Penda Of Mercia Is Not A Man To TrustAs The Shadow Of Conflict Between Mercia And Wales Deepens, Merwenna And Dylan S Fates Are Entwined From The Green Heart Of Mercia, To The Woods And Mountains Of Wales, Merwenna Sets Off On A Life Changing Journey On The Way She Struggles Between Grief For The Man She Has Lost, And Her Powerful Attraction To This Battle Lord Who Appears To Love Only Power And Glory The Exciting First Instalment Of THE KINGDOM OF MERCIA Series Is For Fans Of Historical Fiction, Historical Romance And Adventure Readers Who Enjoy Diana Gabaldon, Bernard Cornwell And Elizabeth Chadwick Should Enjoy This Epic Romance Adventure Set In Dark Ages Britain Although Each Novel Follows On Historically, This Series Can Be Read As Separate, Standalone, RomancesE BREAKING DAWN Was A Semi Finalist In The Chatelaine Award For Romance Novels Chanticleer International Awards

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  • Paperback
  • 282 pages
  • The Breaking Dawn (Kingdom of Mercia #1)
  • Jayne Castel
  • English
  • 11 January 2018
  • 9781511533881

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    Very solid medieval Welsh historical romance, with fictional characters surrounding true historical people The historical details felt solid and the characters were well drawn I liked that Prince Cynddylan yes, that is really his historical name approached his initial attraction and relationship with Merwenna with such arrogance, and then he held that lordly arrogance for quite a while His attitude helped the plot and added tension to the romance with the low born Mercian girl I will look for books by Jayne Castel Sensual scenes included.

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    Yeah, no No, no, no and no.

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    None of us know what lies ahead A blessing can end up a curse, and a tragedy can open doors you never knew existed There s something about reading a historical fiction book that just makes you feel so homey and cozy while reading it Especially when it s a good book Like this one.The Breaking Dawn is set in the 7th century during the Anglo Saxon period It s about a young woman living in a small village who is in her prime But when her betrothed goes to war and does not return, she takes it upon herself to search for him Unfortunately the news isn t good but when her path intertwines with the Prince of Powys, maybe things are not as bad as they seem.The story was pretty straightforward and with its very short chapters, you can pile through this book very quickly The romance kept me interested and the world kept me intrigued especially learning that this book is based on actual historical figures and events I loved Cynddylans character and learning about the time when he ruled.The only thing that bothered me was how flip floppy the characters could be One moment Merwenna is stubborn, and Dylan is kind, wants to be around her and protect her Then the next moment, Merwenna is wanting to be around Dylan and Dylan wants nothing to do with her and is none of his business sighs

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    Historical fiction of Wales has always been my favorite and this book rates among the best It is a tale of warring kingdoms, tenuous bonds of peace, betrayal, and love While mostly historically accurate, I found it very effective for the author to have granted Cynddylan ap Cyndrwyn a love interest in the form of a Mercian peasant girl Could that really be why he never married We will never know but it makes this a great and unexpected story Low angst a plus for me , enough violence to be realistic, good character definition I highly recommend this well written book.

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    Romance in Anglo Saxon England of the 7th century First in the Kingdom of Mercia series, set in England in 641 A.D, this is the story of Merwenna, a village girl in Mercia whose love goes off to war with King Penda Not knowing of his fate, she and her brother follow him to the King s tower where she meets the Welsh Prince Cynddylan Dylan who leads his warriors in battle with Mercia to fight Northumbria Dylan forms an alliance with the ruthless King Penda of Mercia but Penda would have Dylan dead After Merwenna learns her love was killed, she leaves for her home in Mercia and Dylan graciously offers his escort since her brother left earlier Dylan is attracted to the village girl and she to him, and when events bring her to his court in Wales, it seems their destiny to be together.A well written story that will hold your interest and take you to Anglo Saxon England and Wales Castel has obviously done significant research to place her story in real history of the time I really enjoyed being immersed in the 7th century But I had to wonder about Merwenna s judgment at becoming the mistress of Dylan, knowing he would have to marry a woman of the nobility, but she seemed unconcerned Likewise, Dylan meant to have her no matter the shame he brought her and, given the ending, apparently cared little for his royal obligations Ah, but it s romance.

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    Dylan and MerwennaWhat a story of heartache and love Merwenna takes a journey to find her betrothed who has gone off to war with the ruthless King Penda There, she finds that he has died The Queen of King Penda is kind to her after meeting her in the market She shelters her in the king s hall There she meets Prince Cynddylan of Powys He fought along King Penda also Dylan and Merwenna are drawn to each other But there is heartache for her as she goes to live in the Prince s kingdom Her father sends her there She is not accepted there Oh so many surprises Another great book by Jayne Castel.

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    Buying bk 2I enjoyed the storyline and the interaction between the hero and heroine I liked both of their characters and the author s writing.

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    Something about Dylan in this series made me reread it three times.

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    2.5 starsI mean, who doesn t love a HR where the farmer s daughter marries into royalty Exactly For me, that story line was really the saving grace here Overall, I enjoyed myself reading this BUT, it took me a while to take to it at first There were a lot of names and places that we hard to pronounce getting thrown at you at once And although not a short book, I think it felt a bit rushed and unresolved at the end I also think the relationship between the MCs was both a slow burn, yet rushed if that makes sense It took a while for them to admit things, but then suddenly they re both confessing love and you didn t get to feel the vibe of them falling for each other So at the end of the day, this was okay, but not great But I didn t feel like I wasted my time at the end of it or anything I also wish she was a touch better at epilogues I ll definitely try a few by this author This is my second read and Blood Feud was a 4 star for me I also appreciate she doesn t use typical HR time settings for her story i.e not 1800s England or Scottish Highlanders, etc It s unique to me and is keeping me interested.

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    Goodreads WinCan two people of different status find love in 7th Century Anglo Saxon England It is the summer of 641 when the Kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria are at war A young Merwenna of Weyham is betrothed to a warrior but he goes missing She seeks answers as she looks for him.Prince Cynddylan, a Welch lord leads a host of warriors to help Mercia fight Northumbria forming an alliance with Britannia s most ruthless King Penda of Mercia.When the paths of these two meet in the mist of war, the attraction is mutual Merwenna grieves for her betrothed and the attraction of the battle warrior while he is conflicted with his place in the world Will these two people be able to find a common ground and love each other or will their status tear them apart It was an interesting read.

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