The Bum's Rush

The Bum's Rush Packed With All The Outrageous Shenanigans That Quickly Marked Who In Hell Is Wanda Fuca And Cast In Stone As Two Of The Most Original Mysteries In Years, GM Ford Crafts A Devilishly Funny And Bat Out Of Hell Paced Novel Featuring His Smart Aleck Yet Irrepressible Seattle Based Pi Leo WatermanNobody Loves You When You Re Down And Out Except Maybe Leo Waterman As A Man Who Has Transformed A Gaggle Of Residentially Challenged Devotees Of Cheap Alcohol Into A Crack Surveillance Team, Leo Has A Soft Spot For Society S Downtrodden When A Homeless Woman Says She S The Mother Of A Deceased Rock Idol, Leo Takes It Upon Himself To Investigate The Lady S Claim, Thereby Embroiling The Boys, His Dissolute Deputies, And His Own Already Bruised Body In A High Speed, Life Threatening Pursuit Of The Truth

Gerald M Ford is the author of the widely praised Frank Corso novels, Fury, Black River, A Blind Eye, Red Tide, No Man s Land, and Blown Away six highly acclaimed mysteries, featuring Seattle private investigator Leo Waterman and the stand alone thriller Nameless Night A former creative writing teacher in western Washington, Ford lives in San Diego and is currently working on his next novel.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Bum's Rush
  • G.M. Ford
  • English
  • 12 March 2019
  • 9780380727636

10 thoughts on “The Bum's Rush

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    A good entry into the Leo Waterman series This series is written with tongue firmly in cheek Leo must track down an embezzling and disappeared librarian At the same time he helps a homeless mother find out what happened to her rock n roll son who supposedly died of an overdose She does not welcome his help The whole homeless junior detectives thing must be taken with a large grain of salt as it has been my experience that a group of alcoholics couldn t organize a one man rock fight, even given good directions Recommended.

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    I have read every speck of fiction written by the man who calls himself GM Ford Part of it is that he sets a good deal of his work in Seattle, and I was stunned to find him in one or another of the Leo Waterman books chasing a villain into my neighborhood, down my street, and when he turned and I read the description of the house in which the body was found, I thoughtMY STARS I KNOW WHICH HOUSE HE MEANS Okay That won t happen for most of you But if you can track down the old Leo Waterman books Ford s earliest series , they are both riveting in their own right, and absolutely hysterical in places I have always liked books that feature working class heroes Some of Waterman s friends are homeless men, and when he gets money, he takes them things It s sort of sweet, at the same time that the mystery is compelling, at the same time that it is, in a wry, clever way, very VERY funny I was heartbroken when he ended this series Consider this a generic endorsement of all of the Waterman books His next series, with Frank Corso as protagonist, is well written, but not meant to be funny It was good too, but now it s over Imagine my joy in seeing Leo return this very year If you love this series the way I do, get a copy of Chump Change It s better than ever

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    Great readSame as the first 2 in this series, great cast of characters and all of them are funny as hell

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    You will be laughing and smiling all the way to the end.This was the first book I read written by G.M Ford, loved it Interesting plot, humour Also learned couple new words, Patrick Lawlor s reading made it enjoyable It s a free book with audio Leo s boy are residentialy challenged and over served at the bars, but they are there to help him 90 s dial up networks and you got mail brought me back 20 years.

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    Another in the Leo Waterman private detective, based in Seattle series They re all here his girlfriend, Duval the lawyer, Jed and of course his residentially challenged bunch of hobo sidekicks.As usual two or three semi plots weave around each other, and there is a bit of Keystone Cops style slapstick Pacy, entertaining and a jolly good fun read, with some lovely descriptive language too What could a reader want Not much , that s for sure.

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    Leo Waterman is the name of the new hero His daddy was a big politician but he will inherit the money only in a couple of years In the meantime he solves crimes How can I not love a man who says I make it a point not to like anything recorded after 1979 We are in Seattle There are two mysteries to be solved The death of the Corbain like genius musician and the case of the missing librarian And the two are not connected Thank God Very good stuff.

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    The bum s rushMuch better story than any others I ve read of Ford This one was as wacky with the cast of characters but was much smoothly written and had enough detail to make sense Interesting use of 2 stories to tie the whole thing at the end Made me want to read another to be sure it wasn t a fluke.

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    Another Leo Waterman story set in Seattle with the usual motley crew of down and out assistants Bit of Seattle Chinatown featured in an early chapter, along with a local Chinese figure setting, character and this bit of story line is true Volunteer Park also plays a role, as does Harborview Character in the main storyline is reminscent of Kurt Cobain.

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    This was a great book to read For sure kept pace with the previous books Two cases at once is something I thoroughly enjoy, and keeps me constantly guessing and wondering The comedy parts are also fun Leo is a tool sometimes, but in a smart ass kind of way I already have the actor in my head picked out for the movie s.

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    Funny, funny, improbable and lovable characters Set in Seattle where the lone P.I solves cases with the help of his version of the Baker Street regulars, a bunch of winos from downtown s Pioneer Square Well written, political humor and atypical shamus investigations form the basis of these novels.

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