The Canning Season

The Canning SeasonRefreshing, delightful, authentic Not every neglected child will see herself in either girls shoes, but most children, whether lucky enough to have aunts like these or not, will laugh at the funny bits, and feel the worries at the suspenseful bits.And, btw, I have no real idea why some reviewers think there s no plot Of course there is I won t spell it out, as that would be spoilery, but honestly, did those readers just skim the book or what Maybe they don t have hearts open to empathize with eccentrics like these two old ladies and two young girls. Well, the book has been out for eleven years already But I am a late comer to Polly Horvath so here I am This is hands down one of the best YA novels I ve ever read Polly Horvath pulls no punches when she decides to let her characters go down difficult paths There is a lot of Dickens and fairy tales in the background with themes of abandonment, rescue, and self reliance But it s the way Horvath does it all that makes the book shine Her prose and dialog are inviting and rhythmic Tilly and Pen Pen made me laugh out loud many times, and even the lines of the minor characters are human and funny One of the magical things is that the characters who don t do what we think they should do don t end up painted as villains Somehow she writes it so I see them as just people, who probably don t know any better, or can t be what we want them to be This is a tall order for youth fiction It has the same charms as The Trolls, but with a much intricate novel narrative where Trolls was episodic I ll have to amend my review of Trolls, now A Can of Humor and Warmth A Book Review of Polly Horvath s The Canning Season Thirteen year old Ratchet Clark is a girl living in a windowless and grimy sub basement apartment in Pensacola, Florida with her self centered mom Henriette who has an unreasonable longing to become a member of the classy Hunts Club Named after a tool by her mother to spite her no good father, forbidden to make friends, with Cheerios as her only source of sustenance and taught at an early age to be mortally ashamed of That Thing on her shoulder, indeed, Ratchet lives a miserable life As summer kicks in, Ratchet is unceremoniously dropped off by her mother to spend vacation with her great second cousins in Maine, relatives she hasn t even heard of.Once in Glen Rosa, an isolated house next to the ocean and a sprawling estate surrounded by woods infested with bears, Ratchet meets the nonagenarian twin sisters Penpen and Tilly who can surprisingly still drive despite their age, has a phone that only allows incoming calls, have made a pact with each other to die together whenever the time comes and delight in their reputation as the queer Menuto women In no time at all, the shy and timid Ratchet, with another young outcast named Harper, quickly becomes accustomed to the farm life of milking cows, taking care of the chickens, gardening and picking up blueberries in time for the caning season This odd cast of characters will form an unlikely family of sorts all the while learning from one another Both Ratchet and Harper s lives will be changed forever as they slowly discover about surprising things about love and belonging but importantly about themselves.Contrasting themes of age and youth, selfish and caring adults, isolation against how technology links the world, The Caning Season, 2003 winner of the National Book Award for Young People s Literature, by Polly Horvath takes us into some of the most outrageous situations of bizarre family stories, alongside comic and horrific incidents and characters facing rejection, loss and longing, that gives the book its humor and warmth with a few fits of giggles enough to keep the reader curious to find out what happens next It s a completely satisfying read and a story that seems to continue past its thoughtful sweet ending.Book Details Book 17 for 2011Published by FSG Trade Paperback, First Sunburst 2005 Edition 196 pagesStarted May 24, 2011Finished May 27, 2011My Rating See this review on my book blog Dark Chest of Wonders and for many others. This book, meant surprisingly for children, was consistently funny and dark and vivid and odd Nothing about the way the story unfolds is predictable, but at the same time, Horvath secures you so completely and convincingly with the characters and their setting a rambling old house on the coast of Maine that the twists and turns the story takes not only surprise you, they make you feel even included in the offbeat nature of these character s lives Ratchet, Tilly, Penpen and, eventually, Harper, along with the secondary characters, representing menace and comfort and absurdity, make this a deeply human, contemporary story, against the backdrop of a bleak and mysterious history The amazing part of this book, though, is that Horvath is laying out her story on her own terms not subscribing to any obvious or tired diagram of pacing or plot or outcome I read this book slowly so as to savor this aspect, and to relish in her choices and details I m still undecided about the ending, but I held off getting there for as long as I could even so, it was satisfying it made the book feel whole A rare, unsettling, inspiring read. I bought this book because it was on sale at the bookstore downstairs in my building, and was the winner of the 2003 National Book Award for Young People s Literature When I started it, I feared it was going to be one of those really odd children s books, the kind that wins awards, because grown ups like it, but is too unsettling for actual children such as, in my humble opinion, Tuck Everlasting, which I am sorry but is the creepiest damn book around and I like Natalie Babbit The book concerns Ratchett, whose mother clearly does not care for her, and who sends her to live with her ancient great aunts in the middle of nowhere, Maine The quirkiness seemed too forced the bears, and the phone that you can t call out on, and the no meals not to mention the fact that the great aunts mother had committed suicide by decapitating herself It felt bizarre and uncomfortable like Ellen Raskin s Figgs and Phantoms, another book about a truly weird family that I m not sure I quite got.And yet something changed halfway through, and by the end, I found the book to be funny, and heartwarming and the quirkiness to serve a greater message that we need love wherever it comes from and no matter how odd the source I don t know if it was the introduction of Harper another teenager dumped on the great aunts , who is angry but clever and winning where Ratchett is quiet and withdrawn , or the couple of good jokes that Hovath threw in, or what, but I am left recommending the book whole heartedly Just realize that you might need a couple of chapters to get into it don t give up before Harper. Ratchet named for the tool is sent to spend the summer with her great aunts 91 year old twins, Tilly and Penpen because her mother can t be bothered to look after her Her mother is a strange and carelessly cruel person who casually abandons her daughter into the care of these estranged relatives who Ratchet has never met They may be strange, but at least they are kind if somewhat distracted Ratchet is joined at the aunts by another young woman who is also abandoned by her caregiver who mistakes the aunts home as the orphanage This was truly a very odd book There seems to be a dark theme running through many of the recent releases for young adults and children I listened to it on audio and felt that many times it waspointlessly distressing I became frustrated because the story didn t seem to be going anywhere Yes, there were weird and wild happenings tales of the aunts mother committing suicide by chopping off her own head I kept wondering if these things would have been amusing and any less odd and off putting if I had read them in my mind s own voice and not heard them read by someone else Plenty of oddball characters and wild events, but I m not convinced that there was much here beyond a succession of strange vignettes haphazardly cobbled together. poco entusiasmante..una storia psichedelica per bambini Love Under Trying Circumstances One Night Out Of The Blue, Ratchet Clark S Ill Natured Mother Tells Her That Ratchet Will Be Leaving Their Pensacola Apartment Momentarily To Take The Train Up North There She Will Spend The Summer With Her Aged Relatives Penpen And Tilly, Inseparable Twins Who Couldn T Look Different From Each Other Staying At Their Secluded House, Ratchet Is Treated To A Passel Of Strange Family History And Local Lore, Along With Heaps Of Generosity And Care That She Has Never Experienced Before Also, Penpen Has Recently Espoused A New Philosophy Whatever Shows Up On Your Doorstep You Have To Let In Through Thick Wilderness, Down Forgotten, Bear Ridden Roads, Come A Variety Of Characters, Drawn To Penpen And Tilly S Open Door It Is With Vast Reservations That The Cautious Tilly Allows These Unwelcome Guests In But It Turns Out That Unwelcome Guests May Bring The Greatest Gifts By Turns Dark And Humorous, Polly Horvath Offers Adolescent Readers Enough Quirky Characters And Outrageous Situations To Leave Them Reeling The Canning Season Is The Winner Of The National Book Award For Young People S Literature Great, great, great And very funny. Meandering in Portland, Oregon, we discovered the LARGEST bookstore in the whole world It was a block long and wide, but inside were many different levels Each one had different kinds of books Only trouble was We had barely one hour to be in it I was so cranky about it, that when the kids came rushing over asking me to help them find their books i almost shouted at them Get lost , which would not have been too difficult I knew there was no way any of us would have time enough, even if we were left to our own devises, so I explained to them I was on a five minute mission to find a couple of books I wanted and then I would help them out with their missions Unfortunately, they only had Cutting for Stone, and not his other book, and well this is not a story of that day, so I will move on, but if you ever find yourself in Portland, stop by and be amazed and amused in this the Powell Bookstore Did I mention they sell new AND used books This book was my find We drove down to Elmira, Oregon to visit some good friends from our life in San Diego, and happily I learned how to do Freezer Jam with the bucket of strawberries we picked earlier on that morning Well, that was just a taste of what was to come Two days later we picked four buckets full and my friend Stephanie and I spent the whole day making strawberry Jam Luckily for me, I also had this book, which makes me wonder What came first the book title or the desire to make Jelly The book is a coming of age I LOVE THAT KIND OF BOOK of a young girl Ratchet whose mom does not love her as much as any girl needs to be loved, and so is sent to visit some two aunties, old as the hills, in a little forgotten backwater country home in Maine The Great Aunts do love her and lavish her with wacky stories and love, and though they forget to make and eat dinners with her, and have their own little upheavals, including a forest full of humongous and hungry bears, none the less, this little girl gets a bizarre and loving family Not much later into the story another girl also gets dumped there by mistake, thinking the place is an orphanage, and she, as well, becomes part of the family What they harvest is Blueberries with a shotgun to keep the bears away.The story is filled with drama and slapstick no nonsense humor, a story full of gruesome stories that are poignant yet hilarious at times I cried and laughed at the same time The only thing I wish was different, was that those two aunties were mine

Polly Horvath is the author of many books for young people, including Everything on a Waffle, The Pepins and Their Problems, The Canning Season and The Trolls Her numerous awards include the Newbery Honor, the National Book Award for Young People s Literature, the Boston Globe Horn Book Honor, the Vicky Metcalf Award for Children s Literature, the Mr Christie Award, the international White Raven

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