The Captive Prince (Three Thieves, #3)

The Captive Prince (Three Thieves, #3) Book Three Of The Acclaimed Three Thieves Graphic Novel Series Begins With Dessa, Topper And Fisk, Still On The Run From The Queen S Dragons, Stopping To Make Camp For The Night While Collecting Firewood, Dessa Happens Upon A Kidnapping And Manages To Boldly Rescue The Captive Boy And Bring Him To Safety Once Out Of Harm S Way, The Boy Reveals That He Is Paladin, The Crown Prince Of Medoria Upon Paladin S Safe Return To His Kingdom, His Father, King Victor The Fourth, Decrees Three Days Of Celebration In Tribute To The Three Heroes Who Have Saved His Precious Only Son Dessa, Topper And Fisk Know They Are Taking A Risk By Remaining In The Castle For All That Time, But How Can They Refuse The King And To Make Things Trickier Still, Is The Charming Prince Falling For Dessa The Cinematic Artwork In This Series Offers A Fully Visual Experience For Young Readers Looking For An Exciting Tale Of Adventure, Told In Episodes Dessa S Derring Do Is On Display Once Again As She S Seen Swinging Into Action To Save The Prince S Life Twice , Among Other Exploits The Fast Pace Alone Is Enough To Keep Young Readers Turning The Pages Creator Scott Chantler Has Also Crafted A Tremendously Intriguing Fantasy World In These Books, Fleshing Out The Intricacies A Bit With Every Installment The Layers And Connections Between Characters Promote Critical Thinking, While The Masterful Storytelling Provides Terrific Opportunities For Studying Story Components And Literature

Scott Chantler is the acclaimed cartoonist of the graphic novels TWO GENERALS which was long listed for CBC s CANADA READS TRUE STORIES, named one of Chapters Indigo s Best Books of 2010, and selected for BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2012 , NORTHWEST PASSAGE which was nominated for Eisner, Harvey, Shuster, and Doug Wright Awards , and the THREE THIEVES series the first book of which, TOWER OF TREASURE

[Reading] ➶ The Captive Prince (Three Thieves, #3)  ➽ Scott Chantler –
  • Paperback
  • 116 pages
  • The Captive Prince (Three Thieves, #3)
  • Scott Chantler
  • English
  • 15 April 2019
  • 9781554537778

10 thoughts on “The Captive Prince (Three Thieves, #3)

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    It okay, because it talk about King and Queen in castle and lose their son of Prince then young girl did save him and she just enjoy herself.

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    This is the third book in the Three Thieves series So far I liked this book even less than the previous two There just isn t a lot that happens here In this book Dessa and crew happen upon a kidnapping and Dessa stops it only to find that the young man she rescues is a Prince The King wants to hold a celebration to honor the Prince s rescuers but our three thieves are worried about staying in one place the whole time and getting caught by the Queen s Dragons.I found the whole storyline to be a bit boring and kind of pointless Again we make a tiny bit of progress in the whole story about Dessa finding her brother Most of the time is spent traveling and then watching Dessa and crew at the celebration.The illustration continues to be well done but pretty typical comic like artwork It s okay but not spectacular.Overall this wasn t my favorite graphic novel I just thought it was a bit boring and that the story doesn t make much progress It s a very simple storyline and I think younger kids will enjoy than adults My son is 10 years old and has read all the books in the series When I asked him what he thought he shrugged and said It s okay, I didn t love it That sums up pretty well how I am feeling about this series so far Right now I am unsure whether or not I will continue with it.

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    This was a riot The Prince and Dessa fall slowly in love this time after she unwittingly rescues him from his kidnappers While at first he is kind of a pushover and well a wimp, he does grow into a loveable character who I appreciate Sadly Captain Drake is nowhere to be found this time.

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    The entire plot ground to a halt for a boring romance, the character development stagnated, and I have no idea what happened to the costume design in this book This was an awful lot grimmer than the previous two books, as well, completely abandoning the light and funny tone I enjoyed so much.

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    Another standalone adventure and quick read if you don t have much time but want a great story , in which the thieves do a good deed and discover they ve rescued the crown prince of a nearby country Some progress is made on the greater quest, but I also enjoyed the new cast of characters The story relies a lot on established tropes marrying a commoner Arranged Marriage Veto jealous female rival , but the rest accomplishes so much that I forgive it Also, I haven t mentioned the humor yet These books are consistently funny but resist the easy jokes for creative visual humor The way Chantler draws the frames and uses timing reminds me of a high quality children s television show But c mon, where was Captain Drake A cameo in the epilogue does not suffice.

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    The plot was really good, and I loved the artwork

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    This was a very good book and loved the way that it introduced new characters in suspense I really recommend this book for anyplace to be honest it explains a lot of things about team work and trying new things.

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    I like the modern trend toward male damsels in distress, I must admit They don t need to be dumb or clumsy, just somehow held back.

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    The plot thickens, as our intrepid trio help rescue a prince There is luuuuuuv, and jealous suitors, along with prejudiced dads And a bit of a twist at the end More

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    Oh, the love interest, the gymnastics, the cliffhangers

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