Deadly Deceit

Deadly DeceitThis is one of the cat mysteries by Ms Babson that does not involve Trixie and Evangeline Margot has returned to England because one cousin is on trial for the murder of her twin sister The entire book takes place at the family home with a few courtroom scenes The daughter of the victim is an invalid due to the trauma and stays in her bed with a bell to ring constantly Milly who is the mother of the twins has disappeared into romance novels The cat has moved next door. Marian Babson is one of those authors that I tend to forget how much I enjoy her books until I read them They are not usually very long, but there is a great deal of plot in the slim volumes.This one was no different The Cat Next Door was a really minor, but important character, and I think it would have been better had the title not been changed for the US market The original title was Deadly Deceit, which was a descriptive title I think the US market needs a catch to hang the series on and in Marian Babson s case, it was cats.It was a very good mystery, and I was on the wrong track for the whole book I like it when I have trouble figuring out the mystery Some readers may find the long lead up to the murder annoying, but I kind of like having the exposition and then a relatively quick resolution.If you haven t tried out a Marian Babson book, give one a go it s a quick fun read, great for planes, trains, or waiting rooms. Margot Returns To Her Well To Do Family In England On The Eve Of Her Aunt Chloe S Murder Trial She Is Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Her Twin Sister With A Kitchen Knife In The Garden Nothing Has Been The Same Since Claudia S Body Was Found Her Year Old Daughter Lynette Refuses To Leave Her Bedroom, The Paparazzi Are Relentless, And Tikki, The Family S Beloved Abyssinian, Goes To Stay With The Neighbors When Another Body, Whom No One Recognizes, Shows Up Facedown In The Pond While The Family Is In The Midst Of Chloe S Trial, Doubt And Suspicion Intensify And No One Can Be Trusted These Scandalous Deaths Can T Be Related, Can They If Chloe Is Locked Up, Another Murderer Must Be Lurking About Since No One Is Trying To Solve The Puzzle In The Garden, Margot Decides It S Up To Her To Investigate She Soon Finds Herself Getting In Too Deep And Running From A Killer Who S Bent On Staying One Step Ahead Of Her At All Costs I really wasn t thrilled with this book I bought it because I read another one of Babson s books, In the Company of Cats, and I loved it This one, however, was very much lackluster in comparison It just seemed to drag on forever, especially with needless details Do you really need to know what the coffee tastes like, down to the very last milliliter Or what color every flower in the garden is Are these clues supposed to help the reader solve the crime It just felt like the story was trudging forward with few real plot twists It wasn t exciting and definitely wasn t a couldn t put it down sort of book At only 192 pages, it took me forever to read Also, one of the reasons I wanted to read this book is because I love cats, and the cat in the book had no real role The story wouldn t have lost anything without him He was just awkwardly shoved into the story but had nothing to do with it All in all, disappointed with this book. This is probably closer to a three star but I am feeling generous so what the hell Apparently the author has done a whole series of feline mysteries, a new one for me, and the reason I picked it up off the library shelf is because it has a cat on the cover At first I did not like the story, too many characters and an ill defined mystery, and I thought the author was trying too hard to channel her inner Agatha Christie However, by the second or third chapter I was engrossed, and it was, even though lightweight, a good little mystery And actually, comparing Babson to Agatha Christie is not all that off the wall there are a lot of similarities between the two If you are looking for a fun mystery, and especially if you like cats, give this one a try. Fun book, quick read The lead character Margot is by far the most interesting character The description of the book says Margot decides it s up to her to investigate But this overstates the situation Really the characters are mostly drifting.Very hard to keep up with all the aunts and uncles and cousins Watching the reactions of various family members to the events is very interesting and a little sad Because Margot s illness was never explained and because there was some question about the murder s next move, the ending wasn t totally satisfying I wondered if there was a sequel, but the comments posted here indicate not Not much about the cat, so I can t tag it cats and mysteries. I m currently in the middle of the book and seriously, it s gotten nowhere The only reason I m finishing it is because I need something to read right now Other than that, the book is a complete disappointment, as is every other book by this author She gives too much detail in the pointless beginnings and not enough detail in the conclusions Plus her characters are obnoxious and annoying She almost makes Stephanie Meyer look like a real author Almost. Lackluster This was my first Babson book, and it may be my last The narrative focused mostly on the emotional effects of tragedy on the family, which is a point well taken but it isn t until the last chapter or two that it becomes at all a mystery Even when a confession of sorts comes, there address plenty of questions left unanswered Babson tries to portray a once happy family brought down by unspeakable events, but none of it is particularly believable Pass. It was not what I thought it was going to be like Not enough cat interaction with the story line Still it was an easy and entertaining read. This was a nice little story But I felt like they didn t get fully into the details Like, there were details but they weren t explained.

Marian Babson, a pseudonym for Ruth Stenstreem, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but lived in London for the greater part of her life She worked as a librarian managed a campaign headquarters was a receptionist, secretary, and den mother to a firm of commercial artists and was co editor of a machine knitting magazine, despite the fact that she can t knit, even with two needles A long sojourn

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