The Cat, The Quilt And The Corpse (A Cats In Trouble Mystery #1)

The Cat, The Quilt And The Corpse (A Cats In Trouble Mystery #1)I started this book and, after a couple of chapters, put it down again and decided it wasn t something I was at all interested in Then, due to internet issues and not being able to load anything else onto my Kindle, I ended up finishing it for lack of any other options After finishing it, my opinion got slightly better, although not much The mystery got slightlyinteresting midway through the book, but even as much of an animal person as I am, I got really tired of being bashed over the head with the message that animals are people too Asubtle approach would have been preferable instead, there were odd little speeches and soapboxes in the mouths of characters that were out of place and added nothing to the plot whatsoever It felt like, insert PSA here In the worldview of the book, people are divided into two camps those that love cats and get it, and those that don t, and are basically brutish plebes Such a narrow focus of character description got boring and predictable Doesn t like cats Must be a bad guy I did like a couple of the characters and, by the end of the book, was further along in liking the main character Jillian than I started But, still, not quite enough.It s the first book in a series so perhaps if I were to read , the character development and world development would help create aengaging storyline The problem is, the first book didn t grab me enough to make me want to read . Jill S Quiet Life Is Shattered When Her House Is Broken Into And Her Abyssinian, Syrah, Goes Missing Jill S Convinced Her Kitty S Been Catnapped But When Her Cat Crime Solving Leads Her To A Murdered Body, Suddenly All Paws Are Pointing To Jill Soon, Jill Discovers That Syrah Isn T The Only Purebred Who S Been Stolen Now She Has To Find These Furry Felines Before They All Become The Prey Of A Cold Blooded Killer And She Ends Up Nabbed For A Crime You love cats I mean, you really love cats I get that now Jill s home has been broken into and her cat stolen With fingers pointing in one direction she joins the owner of a local cat shelter to confront the guilty party, Flake Wilkinson After Flake s body turns up with a rather large knife in his chest suspicion immediately falls on Jill Jill is convinced that his murder must be related to the cats he has been stealing and with the police not interested in her theories she takes matters into her own hands The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse is a very good cozy murder mystery It has all the elements you wanta small Southern town, quirky characters, a likeable sleuth and a bunch of cats if you like cats The Cat Lady Rating 3 Cats out of a possible 5 1 Cat Pet Cat2 Cats Cat Lover3 Cats Cat Posters and Figurines.everywhere.4 Cats Cat Lady5 Cats Cat Porn laws have been broken This series isn t your typical cozy type, at least not to me The crime was a littlegrizzly and the circumstances and mystery seemed to delve a little deeper I liked all of the characters and can t wait to read the next one It also really helps if you like cats I loved the spunk of the main character, Jillian , and her kindness I loved what she did for a living and how she deals with loss She was kind of inspiring that way. At first I didn t think I would like this book It is written in the first person, and I ve had a lot of bad luck with books written like that and the drama it dumps on the reader But this book didn t do that Jillian Hart is a crafter and cat lover, two things that give her a plus in my book If fact, she caresfor the cats in trouble than the person murdered Another plus from me The characters around her good too, from her first friend Candace, the female police officer with a gung ho attitude toward evidence gathering, to Lydia, the former pageant queen who is also the cornerer s assistant who has eyes for Tom, the security expert, PI and former police officer who isinterested in Jillian It s set in another small Southern town, this time in South Carolina, but the town folk are quirky in an interesting way I really enjoyed this book, and can t wait to get my hands on the next one It s a new series, with only one other one out, and a third due in 2011 Get in on this series early, while you can The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse was a fast paced, stunning debut that I really enjoyed.I really like the MC Jillian she is different from many of the protagonists in other cozy series because of a few reasons first she is a widow, and second, she was a relative recluse until she stumbles across a murder victim It was a nice change, in most cozies the MC is well liked and well known, but to many of the townspeople of Mercy, South Carolina, Jillian was a recluse that they only heard of through the grapevine It was really nice seeing Jillian meet people and make friends during the course of her investigation.The mystery plot was nice, I don t think I ve read a mystery that took this angle before, but the killer really lacked the big reveal at the end and was kind of obvious I like to be surprised when the killer is revealed, but sadly I wasn t here.Overall a really good first in a series novel I ll be readingin this series Excellent first book in this new series about Jillian,a quilter and owner of cats that bear wine names really cool I love Leann s writing style and I will definitely keep reading Of course the fact that I m a cat aficionado is a plus You can expect to have a good time curled up with The Cat, the quilt and the Corpse and trying to find out who the killer is. I m a quilter and cat lover who enjoys a good mystery once in awhile, so what was not to love about this book It s a quick read, light as air whodunit set in a small town where the recently widowed, recently arrived main character Jillian manages to solve the mystery in one short week, with the help of the town grapevine and her new friends.I m not enamoured of people who give their pets group names such as Jill s choice of Merlot, Chablis and Syrah for her cats Why not give each pet a name that fits with their personality, rather than going for twee effect We re told the cats are post Katrina rescue adoptees, and yet there isn t a single tabby or alley cat in the bunch nope, they re all purebreds a Main Coon, an Abyssinian and a Himalayan Of course, as the widow of a financial adviser who left her well placed enough to run a quilting business from home and still pay the bills, I guess it all fits, in a nineties, Lifetime Channel sort of way A hundred bucks a pop for a cat quilt Which I suppose would be lap quilt size Poor little widow woman As my mother would have said, I can feel for her, but I can t reach her.From the beginning we are told that Jill has kept herself aloof from community life due to her recent bereavement When one of her cats is stolen, she has an epiphany hey, if you go out and meet people, you have a greater chance of making friends and getting help when you need it Magically, she doesn t seem to have any trouble making everybody like her, even the angry daughter of the murder victim Even the people whose lives are disrupted by her bumbling imitation of Miss Marple She doesn t seem to run into the small southern town suspicion of outsiders, but maybe her financial status helped her over the barriers, since even after becoming Suspect Number One she is immediately on huggin terms with the police officer who investigates her.A few of the details seem to get lost in the stormthe cat that is so terribly allergic to humans seems to get over the affliction in a hurry, and doesn t react to anyone it s seen above twice and some of Jill s deduces are pretty wild But if you just want to be entertained, and don t mind the catlover expert drone I guess selling quilts at cat shows automatically makes one a mine of information on breeds, their temperament and needs, and people , it s an OK read. Leann Sweeney is a pleasant surprise To benefit from bargains, I collect handfuls of books years before I peer into them I m aware there are several in this series and with cozy mysteries you just can t tell if you re going to get overly cute fluff, or excellent plots in high quality writing Needless to say these bright covers are picturesque but would the titular cats merely trot across the pages in name Would their roles be central and at all realistic It is a five star, resounding yes Our heroine is recently widowed in a new house and new town Her felines are now her sole family It s no small ordeal for Jill when one is missing, upon her return from an overnight quilt selling convention A sour, elderly policeman investigates with an energetic, young partner Without stolen objects, he is hasty to assume the cat wandered she doesn t see why they should waste her talent for crime scene investigation It takes most of the novel to convince their chief of what readers know the town s cats are the victims at risk The details and people behind it are complicated Manycharacters are introduced along the way and very well identified in their particular traits Adding interest throughout these goings on, is Jill making friends and getting to know her townspeople for the first time.The plotting really is well done in that it takes such widespread effort to siphon out each piece of information and suspicious personalities Jill s kindness and warmth despite some of their gruff exteriors, makes you rally for this new protagonist all the way Not least of all she, the lady officer, the shelter husband wife team, and an elderly man demonstrate a true love for cats that I enjoy reading with all of my own heart. Jillian Hart is a widow who lives with her three cats in the small town of Mercy, a town full of diverse and interesting people and pets She s new in town, has lost her husband recently and doesn t know anyone, but this is soon to change Coming home from a trip she finds a broken window and one of her cats missing.The cats Syrah sorrel Abyssinian , Chablis colorpoint Himalayan and Merlot red Maine Coon All Katrina rescuees and named after wines I d say it was a solid mystery after all, annoying how most of the police didn t seem to care about the cats dismissing concern for obsession but I understand it can happen I did guess that person was suspicious almost at first introduction, the attempts at steering my attention didn t really work Only in the end was revealed the full story behind the crime.I liked all the characters, even if only briefly introduced for the most part they still managed to receive a well rounded personality Even the victim, described by everyone as the worst person imaginable, revealed a vulnerable side.One thing I didn t like is that everyone in the town seem to have purebreed cats, there s little to no mention that some cats aren t even if most of them have been rescued or taken from an animal shelter All cats are beautiful but, especially in this kind of story that enphasize on the value of an animal friend, they probably shouldn t focus so much on breeds Maybe the author could have included a line or two about choosing adoption over purchase, the feel may be there but it s never stated clearly.Overall I loved this book and I ll surely be readingby this author.

Leann Sweeney was born and raised in Niagara Falls and educated at St Joseph s Hospital and Lemoyne College in Syracuse, NY She also has a degree from the University of Houston in behavioral science and worked for many years in psychiatry Her short fiction won many awards and several mysteries were published in small market mystery magazines Leann has written 13 cozy mysteries 5 in The Yellow

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