The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern This Book Has Alternate Cover Editions For This ISBN ACEACE ACE Jim Qwilleran Is Not Exactly Overwhelmed By His New Assignment For The Daily Fluxion Interior Design Has Never Been One Of His Specialties And Now He S Supposed To Turn Out An Entire Magazine On The Subject Every Week But The First Issue Of Gracious Abodes Is Barely Off The Presses When Qwilleran Finds Himself Back On Familiar Territory The Exclusive Residence Featured On The Cover Has Been Burglarized And The Lady Of The House Found Deadnow Qwilleran And Koko The Brilliant Siamese Have Their Respective Moustache And Whiskers Twitching, And When Koko Starts Pawing Clues In The Dictionary And Sniffing Designer Furniture, Qwilleran Finds Himself Doing A Feature On A Very Clever Murder

Lilian Jackson Braun was an American writer She is well known for her light hearted series of The Cat Who mystery novels The Cat Who books center around the life of former newspaper reporter James Qwilleran, and his two Siamese cats, KoKo and Yum Yum in the fictitious small town of Pickax located in Moose County, 400 miles north of everywhere Although never formally stated in the books,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 247 pages
  • The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern
  • Lilian Jackson Braun
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • 9780515087123

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    Background The summer after I graduated from college, I started missing regular reading during school, I had less personal choice and recreational reads, as all the college textbooks and novels were the priority I was an English major and rarely had time for adding in my own particular interests The last course I had taken was an independent study that one of my professors and I had built the curriculum on together Murder Mysteries I learned all about the genres and sub genres, authors and styles One in particular I grew fond of was the cozy mystery I also had a thing about wanting a Siamese cat And so my love affair with Lilian Jackson Braun began Finding myself without required reading, I selected a few books, including this cozy mystery series, and I read through a huge amount in the first few years Review People either love or dislike the cozy mystery book Sometimes it s too simple I get that But sometimes, it s exactly what you want to read before bed, when you need to relax, or because it s just fun and charming humor and easy story.Braun started writing in 1960s and published a few of these books, then stopped writing for 25 years before re igniting the series in the 1980s producing another 25 in the collection This is book number two, and it is where Qwill, the main character, adopts his second Siamese cat when its owner for reasons I cannot disclose can no longer care for YumYum And thus begins the life of these 3 primary characters in the entire series.Qwill is a really likable character He s about 60, a bit ornery, highly intelligent, very set in his ways, and the object of every woman over 60 in town There are less male protagonists in cozy novels than female leads, which make this a bit of a unique series It was one of the very first series that put the cozy sub genre on the market And the world that Braun creates in Moose County is just amazing.In this book, Qwill hasn t yet moved to Moose County, so you re still learning background about him and his prior life before becoming sober and everything changing post divorce And he s asked to write a story and column about home design, something he has very little knowledge of.It s a very cute story with a cast of strong characters, a few of which move with him to Moose County along the path This book establishes his relationship with the two cats, including their extra strong senses when it comes to helping him solve crimes.Yes, the cats come up a lot Always funny But the mystery is the focus, I promise It s worth a shot to see if you re hooked on the series, but if you do you have to read the first 3 or 4, so you can see his initial move to Moose Country where 90% of the books take place About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by polldaddy poll 9729544 polldaddy poll 9719251

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    So, the return of Koko and Jim, sees them embroiled in the interior decorating business, and learning never to say drapes Clues abound as Jim ably assisted by Koko set up a new magazine and surreptitiously investigate a theft and a murder Koko, is as ever on the ball and Jim s moustache quivers at red herrings and false leads All in all another enjoyable cozy cat detective novel.

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    This was a cute cozy mystery All I remembered from the previous book was quill and koko s twitching moustache whiskers Odd Bunsen s antics were hilarious, hope he continues to entertain just the same throughtout the series The mystery was quite intriguing, I tried very hard to pin the killer and motive but I failed And we re introduced to the second cat, yum yum, who becomes a part an integral part of the series in the upcoming books That said, this is definitely a series I m going to continue.

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    In this second book, Qwilleran is back, now the official owner of the amazing Siamese cat named Koko, whose owner was murdered This time Jim s beat isinterior design Tasked with producing a weekly insert for The Daily Fluxion called, obnoxiously, Gracious Abodes, Jim attacks the assignment with reluctance he knows nothing about interior design But he is soon immersed in design world intrigue that includes, of course, murder Again, the mystery here is almost beside the point.This book as funnier than the first I laughed out loud quite a few times There is a running gag that designers refer to all colors as foods a conceit which becomes and absurd Parsley, Mushroom, Caramel Custard, Avocado, Poppy Seed, Dried Fig, Cream of Carrot Suddenly, Qwilleran saw the color scheme of the office with new eyes It was Pea Soup Green, and the walls were painted Roquefort, and the vinyl floor was PumpernickelOdd Bunsen is back in this installment we learn that he has six children and a fondness for strong drink probably related concepts Also Qwill s age is pegged as over 45 which is a bit younger than I imagine him He acquires a pretty younger girlfriend named Alacoque Wright, or Cokey for short I don t trust her At one point, Koko bites her in the head, so the relationship is surely doomed Another important development is the appearance of Yum Yum At the very end of the book, she plays an important role, and becomes a permanent fixture in the Qwilleran household.First Published 1967Body Count 3 view spoiler David Lyke murder Mrs Tait heart attack Natalie Noyton suicide hide spoiler

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    Half way thru the book I realized there was only Koko, and then I realized after some googling that this was the second book of The Cat Who series Now I ll want to read the other two old ones too already on the queue, and will probably read next Three of the books were written in 1960s, could read backwards in 66, this one in 67, and..who turned on and off in 68 Then they resumed in 1980s with a lot of new ones Lilian Jackson Brown was apparently born in 1913, still lives and probably writes, and uses a typewriter for writing Qwill gets an assignment to do some interior architecture for Fluxion, which is something he isn t too interested in But then some strange things start to happen a house that was just published in the magazine gets burglarized from some expensive jade collection, and someone is found dead And for the next houses that are presented in the magazine, also then something goes wrong Qwill s moustache gets itches and Koko helps him get some clues, and after articles, meeting a lot of interesting people, they find out what happened That s too shortly put I love the mystery as it s so 1960s, and makes you realize how everything has changed green telephones. typewrites, color bw photos how important the magazines and newspapers were back then etc , and yet how similar the people still are Of all The Cat books I ve read so far, I liked the characters in this book the most The humor also seems a bit different compared to the later books A happy, light type of mystery, and perfect of that kind.http journal 7

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    This clever and amusing book features Jim Quilleran, journalist, amateur sleuth, and cat lover with his partner in solving crime, the brilliant Siamese, Koko Qwill gets a new assignment covering the Interior Decorating beat He s not thrilled but in the course of his work he stumbles across murder Interesting characters, spoofy d cor details make this a fun read.

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    The cat along with Qwillerans moustache,continue to solve crimes.Found the second book even better than the first.Listened with text to speech app.

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    I treasure books featuring cats I m thrilled Lilian Jackson Braun exceeds by far, novels that depict but barely mention them Better than that, her hero Jim Qwilleran s routine with them is presented the most realistically I ve ever seen You see the minute he arrives home, he checks for his young ones He may exclaim at evidence of what they ve done, which is truly the way it goes, sees to their needs, but a real animal person lives with them You don t drop off food and forget they communicate and interact I applaud Lilian for this accuracy alone.What I discovered about these works next, which languished in my home too long, is supremely well written mysteries Come book two, The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern , 1967, I noticed a different field being explored We stroll a step from art, to interior design As Jim amasses information about the trade, we do too Fiction is often a teacher like that I ponder the extent of research the author must have embarked upon, to present all of this flavour in her vast suite of books It is amusing to observe, in the first four Jim and the kitties have a different home every time On television, we are anchored by a setting Perhaps this is mute in literature Kitties are territorial in some ways but remaining with those they love, is all that matters Clever scenarios result in the availability of these homes Jim s boss proposes a colour spread on designer homes of the city Their rival newspaper is pleased the launch is bumpy because each house featured, fell victim to a crime Their reputation warrants private perusal of clues Danish modern refers to couches but this story is adventurous We meet Yum Yum and the special, melodic inspiration of this sweetheart being renamed.

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    Lilian Jackson Braun s Cat Who series is a perennial favorite of mine I read my first ones at about age twenty five or thirty years ago, and have been hooked on them since My Mom and I read them at the same time and thoroughly enjoyed them She s gone now, but she was an amazing reader and it was fun to share things we both liked together In fact, the day she died, she had been to the library that morning Came home and she was gone My poor dad They re all fairly quick reads, nicely paced whodunnits featuring a mustachioed former crime reporter and his genius cat Koko Clean enough that all but the most squeamish can handle the content Clever and fun with a few twists and turns along the way Great for summer reading.This book he is having the fun of getting his second cat YumYum a sweet and small Siamese Being only the second book of the series, I really have enjoyed reading them again The first time I read them, Qwill had not inherited his millions and was not rich yet He is starting at the beginning and building his career, friendships, etc I recommend this series if you haven t read them They stand alone, however there are characters you will get to know if read in order.

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    The second of the Cat Who books is as satisfying as the first and third, with a real plot, a real mystery, and real heroics Enjoy the first three books and then ask yourself what happened with the rest of the series

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