The Cat Who Turned On and Off

The Cat Who Turned On and OffSo this episode sees Jim assigned to write a piece on Junktown where all the antique dealers are based Now temporarily homeless and with yum yum in tow as well as Koko, Jim eventually finds a place to rent in Junktown Needless to say he and the cats soon get embroiled in another murder investigation just before Christmas This involves horse brasses, chandeliers, roll top desks, abandoned cinemas, a whole raft of interest but suspicious people and of course Jim s bristling moustache Once again it s Koko and Yum Yum helpfully adding their catly insight to solve the murders Another great cozy cat mystery You would think it would be getting a little formulaic, but each mystery has been so different and well written, it hasn t at all A strong 4 cozy stars from me. Cute book This is my first Cat Who book, though it is the third in the series Didn t have the first one on hand, so went with the closest to the first that I had.This book was originally published in 1968 My edition is from 1986 It s slightly dated, the MC wears a pork pie hat and he uses a typewriter, but I didn t really notice much that stood out as being antiquated The cats were definitely true to life, which I appreciated I don t know Siamese cats, but I know cats and they were true to form The mystery was layered and deep enough that the answers didn t jump out at me immediately I think the MC is older, maybe in his 40s, it wasn t quite clear His hair is starting to grey and he is divorced and trying to piece his life together after that, financial ruin and alcoholism Yet ALL of the young, beautiful women are MAD for him The nympho, goes without saying I guess, and the 30 year old who just lost her lover to murder I don t think women were portrayed overly well Mostly physical descriptors, not really focusing on their abilities beyond culinary Not horrifically sexist, but not great.The author has a great turn of phrase In December the weather declared war That sentence says it all, doesn t it The following descriptions are great, but I won t quote the entire book to you Not a bad book, I liked it enough to read it through and will probably read in the series 3.5 stars, rounded to four because it wasn t a four It was missing something to push it to four for me I would recommend this as a cute cozy series if you like cats. I ve run across these cat books over and over through the years and always thought something like How lame Cat mysteries. I adore cats, just not cat detectives, or cats in books that aren t for children But Lilian Braun s cats are charming, with personalities, and are not the main characters, really, and don t show up on every page And they don t talk Important This book reminded me of an Agatha Christie high praise from me where you suspect and dislike almost every character at some point or other I d give this a tentative five stars, I think, except the ending came all in a rush and disappointed me quite badly I mean, if you use up all your alloted word count before the last chapter, cut down on some other chapter, not the all important reveal at the end Please.But I m not going to look down my nose at cat books any At least not Lilian Braun s. People who passed on these books because they look too cute for good mysteries, must try them Elements of an excellent novel are numerous techniques, the story s quality, connectivity I swept aside the funny titles and made one attribute my gauge enjoyment This is the third Lilian Jackson Braun novel that held my interest from stem to stern and that says something It isn t about attaining classic status Academy Award films are seldom anything I watch why hesitate to rate mainstream literature higher If you re enthralled and pages fly, it s a five star book Another disparity argues heedlessness of chronology Other than those who don t absorb details, I couldn t disagree I glean a lot from introducing myself in steps and with these volumes, it s a must Jim s second Siamese is introduced in the former novel This is our first view of them as a family They moved house in every book and previous novels explain those circumstances He occasionally contacts characters he knew We understand how a non cat person developed an essential bond with his brood The Cat Who Turned On And Off presents the most fascinating setting a way of life, rather than denizens of a trade Junk Town is ignored by officials but revered by antiquing aficionados Shop after shop proclaims a specialty Jim s modern apartment was borrowed, so he rents a room atop a heritage mansion Membership in his environment allows him to investigate two deaths easily This is a pivotal marker in the series life Lilian initially concluded here in 1968, feeling that harsh crime owned the market Whatever drove her to revitalize her characters in 1986, thank you Jim s job has appeal and so do his feline family dynamics The sequel eighteen years in coming, strikes up flawlessly as if there were no break. This book is signed and has Koko s paw print 3.5 StarsI love these cozy mysteries Today was a perfect day to finish the bumblings and insights of old Qwill and his intelligent, but finicky cat Koko Story takes place in Junktown, when an antiques dealer has an accident that is not so accidental With a lot of legwork and a mustache that won t quit Qwill saves the day again or is that Koko I think if I read this one first, I probably wouldn t have wanted to read any others in the series This time, Qwill s beat was antiques In his quest to win a much needed monetary prize for writing, he decides on a series of articles about Junktown, a decrepit area of the city famous for it s moldering buildings and many antique stores with silly names I loved the way characters were constantly questioning how people who own these shops can possibly make a living I ask myself this every single time I enter one There were a few other amusing scenes, but overall there were too many characters and none of them were very memorable coupled with a less than compelling mystery this one fell flat for me A few tidbits about Qwill s life were revealed It s confirmed that he was once a well known and much lauded crime writer in New York city that alcoholism played a role in his fall from grace, and that his ex wife lives in Connecticut and he still sends her money Also, as I predicted, his girlfriend Cokey from the previous book wasn t in it for the long haul, but the breakup was barely mentioned and apparently untraumatic to both parties Qwill quickly moves on to another much too young for him woman not my favorite part of his character at this point, but men will be men So I guess they can t all be home runs, and I m optimistic about the next adventure with Qwill, Koko and Yum Yum Originally published 1968Body Count 3 view spoiler Andy the Antique Dealer Bum who claimed Andy was murdered Mr Cobb, the other Antique Dealer and Qwill s temporary landlord hide spoiler The third Cat Who series introduces Iris Cobb and the story is still great 45 years later Can you imagine a taxi ride for two people for 1 Braun introduces new characters and blends in the already familiar ones A pleasant read. The Team Of Koko, The Brilliant Siamese Cat, And Qwilleran, The Reporter With The Perceptive Moustache, Is Back In Action With An Adorable Female Siamese, Yum Yum, Added To The HouseholdWhen Qwilleran Decides To Do A Feature Story On Junktown, He Gets Than He Bargained For Not The Dope Den He Anticipated, Junktown Is A Haven For Antique Dealers And Collectors As Strange A Lot As The Crafty Reporter Has Ever Encountered When A Mysterious Fall Ends The Career And The Life Of One Of Junktown S Leading Citizens, Qwilleran Is Convinced It Was No Accident But, As Usual, It Takes Koko To Prove He S Right . I was skeptical of this book at first Wasn t sure if I d like a book where the cat helps solve the mystery It was nothing like I thought it would be, I actually really enjoyed it Yes the cat helps but it s very minimal and not unbelievable The main character, Jim Quilleran, a reporter investigator is very much like an American version of Agatha Christie s Hercule Poirot He s very proper and fussy but also flawed I enjoyed the other characters in this book as well as the story itself It was a fun easy read and I will read of these books.

Lilian Jackson Braun was an American writer She is well known for her light hearted series of The Cat Who mystery novels The Cat Who books center around the life of former newspaper reporter James Qwilleran, and his two Siamese cats, KoKo and Yum Yum in the fictitious small town of Pickax located in Moose County, 400 miles north of everywhere Although never formally stated in the books, th

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