The Charlemagne Pursuit

The Charlemagne Pursuit As A Child, Former Justice Department Agent Cotton Malone Was Told That His Father Died In A Submarine Disaster In The North Atlantic But What He Now Learns Stuns Him His Father S Sub Was A Secret Nuclear Vessel Lost On A Highly Classified Mission Beneath The Ice Shelves Of Antarctica Twin Sisters Dorothea Lindauer And Christl Falk Are Also Determined To Find Out What Became Of Their Father, Who Died On The Same Submarine And They Know Something Malone Doesn T Inspired By Strange Clues Discovered In Charlemagne S Tomb, The Nazis Explored Antarctica Before The Americans Now Malone Discovers That Cryptic Journals Penned In The Language Of Heaven, Conundrums Posed By An Ancient Historian, And His Father S Ill Fated Voyage Are All Tied To A Revelation Of Immense Consequence For Humankind As Malone Embarks On A Dangerous Quest With The Sisters, He Will Finally Confront The Shocking Truth Of His Father S Death And The Distinct Possibility Of His Own

The Warsaw Protocol ,

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  • Paperback
  • 546 pages
  • The Charlemagne Pursuit
  • Steve Berry
  • English
  • 28 December 2018
  • 9780345485809

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    Rating a breathless 4 of fiveSteve Berry does it all right in The Charlemagne Pursuit He starts right, in the pulse pounding submarine accident that triggers the action in the book he ends right, with late night antics about to begin he keeps his story moving at a fast clip in between, with love, murder, betrayal, revenge, betrayal, hate, then love again.It s a pleasure to give yourself over to a plot drive thrill ride of a book at least four or five times a year I couldn t make a diet of them myself, because they take so much out of me At least the good ones do, and this is very much a good one Cotton Malone, our main character, is a man with a bitter past A lost father, a failed marriage, a career he sacrificed what he now knows is too much to keep His emotional landscape is a frozen tundra, or so he wants to believe, and he works hard to sustain that fantasy for than half this book Why, then, is it such a pleasure to read his adventures Because Cotton Malone s chill is real, ladies and gents because we re clued in to his brokenness and not required to experience it with him as it happens, but asked to believe it happened as it s told, most current readers and reviewers seem to be dismissive of the character s reality.This is puzzling Cotton Malone develops as a rounded and complex character during the course of this novel The knock on thrillers is that the characters are simply cut outs that move through the paces the author has designed for your entertainment, and I have certainly read my share of thrillers that fit this description The Charlemagne Pursuit is not one of them, and neither was The Venetian Betrayal Steve Berry writes a whacking good story, and he tells it through the actions of well drawn characters His villains are motivated by things that make sense in their world, his heroes are likewise people whose reasons to do what they re doing are consistent with the story we re told about them if readers are not satisfied by the author s technique, I suggest that the fault could easily be said to reside in them, not in Mr Berry s writing.This is a very satisfying read, and Cotton Malone makes my list of people I m glad I met in 2008.

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    Ugh, this was a total drag Normally I really like the Cotton Malone books, but this one did not work for me There were too many characters flitting all around the world and it took over 250 pages for any of them to end up in the same place I felt like I was reading three different novels and all I wanted to do was read one that involved Cotton Total disappointment

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    Of the 4 books I ve read in the Cotton Malone series by Steve Berry, this has been the most disappointing The style was choppy, the storyline was jumbled, a majority of the characters were unlikable or just blah and Cotton, himself, seemed to be a side story You know it s bad when the best characters in the book are the bad guys who are on a continent half a world away from your actual hero.Cotton has always wondered about his father who died in a submarine accident when Cotton was 10 There has never been a satisfactory answer let alone an actual body to bury Cotton wants closure and uses his connection to the Magellan Billet to get access to the classified reports of the subs demise However, the file is completely different from the fiction that Cotton has believed most of this life and he begins searching for answers.Unfortunately Cotton isn t the only one searching for answers and he has to team up with Dorothea and Christl Oberhauser two women also seeking the truth behind their father s death aboard that ill fated submarine The search will take you from Denmark to Germany to France and Antarctica Meanwhile, another drama is playing out in Washington DC involving Stephanie Nelle.Rating 3.25 stars

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    What seems at first to be an outrageous, impossible plot Charlemagne, US Navy, Aryan Race Hitler, a technologically highly advanced First Civilization of Antarctica living Sea Kings, political intrigue murders, and historically documented submarine trips to the South Pole as elements , turns out to be a very intriguing and on the edge of your seat read All elements are skillfully and believably woven together into a non stop action thriller Characters range widely in nature, motives, and profession including the president of the United States making the reader always unsure exactly who the bad guys are and how it s all going to work out I was completely thrown off by one of the dramatic scenes near the end and was left with no idea of who was in league with who and what in the heck was going on LOL Plenty of deaths, but no real gore that i recall Some romantic, marital, sexual aspects but not a single explicit scene that i remember I learned a lot about certain aspects of history while on this wild pursuit with the protagonist the author has kindly written an afterword that makes clear for those of us less informed which elements in the book are actually documented and considered factual, which ones are were theories, and which ones are total fiction from his fertile imagination , and i thoroughly enjoyed the book.My kudos to Mr Berry

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    Over zijn vaders dood weet Cotton Malone alleen dat hij omgekomen is bij een ramp met een onderzee r Het blijkt een nucleair schip te zijn geweest Het schip is dan ook vermist tijdens een geheime missie Hij is niet de enige die de waarheid wil achterhalen De vader van de tweeling Dorothea en Christl voer aan boord van dezelfde onderzee r De zussen weten echter iets wat Malone niet weet in 1938 verkenden de nazi s Antarctica nadat zij zich voor deze ontdekkingstocht hadden laten inspireren door aanwijzingen in de tombe van Karel de Grote In dit verhaal speelt ook nog een dagboek een rol met cryptisch geschreven taal Houd dit verband met de noodlottige laatste reis van zijn vader De boeken over Cotton Malone weten mij altijd te pakken Het boek neerleggen is heel moeilijk voor mij Ik lees ze dan ook alleen als ik echt de tijd heb om te lezen En stoor mij aub dan ook niet..

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    Decent action adventure book Berry knows his niche and follows everything well Nothing earth shattering but entertaining all the same.

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    The Charlemagne Pursuit is my 4th Steve Berry novel and my favorite so far It follows the typical Steve Berry adventure formula, which is tried and true I would like to see Berry go off road and surprise us sometime Although a little longwinded in parts, forcing the reader to wait, a strong ending made it a worthwhile experience Some may find the conclusion far fetched, but there are real historical examples, including one in Turkey, discovered not so long ago I know Steve Berry does extensive research, weaving both historical facts and plausible theories into his tales.

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    I didn t feel that this book was 500 pages, full of suspense and adventure I have to give it to my dad, he will love it and have to convince him to give me money to buy the other Steve Berry s book

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    Fascinating theories posited here Once again, enjoyed the mysteries, action, and history lessons And even a little politics On to the next one

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