The Children of Gavrilek

The Children of Gavrilek Sailing Aboard A Storm Thrashed Vessel From America To Cuba, A Young Woman Audrianna And Her Mysterious Son Devon Are Shipwrecked And Left For Dead They Survive Thanks To The Mystical Efforts Of A Small Community Located On The Coast Of S Georgia While In The Care Of This Unique Group And Its Beautiful And Loving Leader, Kendis, Audrianna Comes To Discover The Secrets Of Her Son S Cognitive Powers, His And Kendis S Otherworldly Origins, And An Enthralling, Earth Changing Game That Threatens The Existences Of Both The Alien Descendants Of Gavrilek And The Unsuspecting Inhabitants Of Earth The Key To The Universe S Survival Lies In The Unraveling Of Audrianna S Conflicted Past And Desires, As Well As In The Seemingly Motley Collection Of Castoffs That Kendis Has Nurtured And Trained Invigorated By Mesmerizing Prose And Fervid Imagination, The Children Of Gavrilek Weaves Together World History, Science Fiction, And Romance To Unleash A Powerful Story Of Wrenching Emotion And Unexpected Relevancy For Today S Age Its Author Is At The Height Of Her Narrative Powers And Her Creation Will Keep You Captivated From The Opening Pages Until The Last Sentence

Julie Kirt n Chandler is a registered nurse, specializing in emergency and critical care She was formally trained in the military, first as an active duty combat medic and later as an Army Nurse Corps Officer Today, Julie and her domestic partner of 12 years, Charity, spend the majority of their time in the San Francisco Bay area where Julie works as a civilian nurse.

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Children of Gavrilek
  • Julie Kirton Chandler
  • English
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9780985017309

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    What a bizarre story I like scifi and paranormal books but this one had some weird stuff in it that gave me the occasional creeps And yet as soon as it ended, i bought and started listening to the next gavrilek book Well, the confusing cliff hanger helped push me along a bit tooIf you got this book when it was free, like i did, It s definitely worth the 1.99 to get and listen to the audio book.

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    This is a really engaging premise Basically the protagonist is a human woman living in the prohibition era who has a half human child We get the impression she knows little of the alien ancestry of her son, until she finds herself shipwrecked among people who are his relatives We learn new insights as she finds her way among her s son s distant relations about who he is, who they are, and who she is at heart This is a very interesting direction for sci fi, placing the story in a historical setting, and this offers a lushness to the story There are several rather blush inducing scenes, and they are well worth it to tell the story of Audrianna, and Tru s origins A unique and compelling read

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    I agree that the Children of Gavrilek is hard to get into at first but once the story line gets goingyou are hooked I am not typically a SCI FI kinda girl but I really enjoyed this story and the author s development of the characters You really get to know them and start to root for Audrianna and Kendis to be together and learn to trust one another There is just the right amount of love,history, action,and plenty of excitement I think that my only complaint would be the way the story ended You were definitely left hanging but I guess that adds to the anticipation for her second book I would definitely recommend this book and have already shared it with a friend

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    This could have easily been a three star book Audrianna s relationship with Kendis was the most interesting thing in this series by far I was actually engaged and enthralled and it was nice seeing her enlighten Audrianna about some of the things she d been miseducated about But in the second half of the book things took a definite nose dive.Why is the KKK member portrayed as a harmless bumbling idiot Why is Audrianna so consistently and easily fooled Why does she begin to trust Maria when Maria flat out admits that she lied to her Why are there so many literal Nazis in this book They re being set up as the long term villains rather than short term because I assume Audrianna doesn t realise what their deal is, but there is way too much ambiguity about it I feel like in this book the writing became even wooden and clinical there was so little of it that I enjoyed And the Gavrilek plot is officially too badly written and obscure for me to care about This whole Game thing is nonsensical I ve been listening to the audiobooks as performed by Teas Irondale, without whom I m sure I would have absconded She has a lovely voice in general, is great at differentiating characters and puts a lot of feeling into her narration, even when she s reading something that s frankly ridiculous I do feel some kinda way about the voices she did for some of the black characters though, lol.I m going to finish the series because I already wasted so much time on it But I m not happy about it.

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    WOMAN OF A DIFFERENT KINDFantasy novels require suspension of belief This fantasy revolves around a romance between two women Baroness Audrianna von Traugott and Kendis Lewis, a whiskey bootlegger with Gavrilekian emerald eyes Kendis is a naiad To humans she is cullid Hmm, an interracial love story set in the Sea Islands near Savannah, Georgia at the height of segregation and Prohibition plus mumbo jumbo about biverse energy, chasing mirrors and Gavrilekians, who are clowns who speak ancient Egyptian and who pose as Klansmen Yep, that s pretty fantastic By creating a tone, reminiscent of the film FRIED GREEN TOMATOES and the novel EARTHSEA by Ursula Le Guin, the author makes her fantasy work The graphic sex scenes make this book suitable for a mature audience.The Kabuki dance between the women drives the tension Like Audrianna, who is initially stranded, the Gavrilekians are stranded on earth forced to co opt human bodies To survive Gavrilekians use human soul energy, and if they are lucky, it can return them to Gavrilek While Gavrilekians can read minds, that proves useless in the face of human emotion, which Gavrilekians avoid assiduously Kendis copes by being unflappable For example when Kendis offers to be a stand in lover in response to reading Audrianna s thoughts about her ex Gavrilekian lover, Countess Lorna Mehlinger, Audrianna cannot hide her prejudice If my appearance bothers ya that much, Audrianna, just close your eyes, Kendis says You ll feel the pleasure all the same Ha When new Gavrilekian characters are introduced, including Audrianna s former lover who is now a Nazi, Audrianna and her Gavrilekian son, Tru, are forced to choose sides The seemingly random information presented earlier becomes important A high stakes cosmic game ensues How each woman interprets love versus attachment will determine the destiny of many.The end is a bit of a cliff hanger Perhaps the names of the main characters offer the best insight Audrianna s first name means grace and noble strength Her last name means God s trust Kendis first name means purity Her last name means famous warrior Kendis is the hero Audrianna is the agent of change Five stars.

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    The Children of Gavrilek is one of those sleeper books It starts off kind of slow with Audrianna , and her son Devon Tru on a ship that sinks and then they are magically saved The story instantly picks up and leaves you wanting to read the book until your eyes physically have to take a break I have to save I have never read a science fiction book but after reading this one I would venture to read I loved that the story took place on Tybee Island, being that I have actually been there and I thought it fit the scene for the book This book has it all sex, love, suspense, friendship, and betrayal Chandler has a wonderful way of drawing you into the book itself, where in certain situations you could swear you were right there with the characters At times I did find the slang a little hard to understand, and had to re read it a few times to get the gist of what was being said It also was a complex read, but the book was worth taking the extra time to understand what was going on The end of the book will leave you speechless and wanting .

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    This book is quite a good read The story is complex and interesting The plot is unpredictable and has clearly been crafted from the author s imagination rather than from a cookie cutter outline typical of this genre The author introduces us to an alien race of people The Children of Gavrilek who have been stranded on Earth and who have been forced to occupy or hide in the bodies of soulless creatures to survive Their two most endearing characteristics are their inability to tolerate emotion and their direct, often awkward use of language WARNING This is not a children s book There are several sexual situations in the book that are likely to make anyone blush That said, the author does an AMAZING job of keeping the novel out of the league of porn The passages are written with a soft, sultry touch, and although they tend to be on the graphic side, they do not deface the story I see this series as quite an intriguing beginning for this unknown author.

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    Fantastic, but it is definitely not for everyone If you don t enjoy science fiction and or fantasy, this book is not for you If you don t enjoy, or at least tolerate same sex romance, this book is not for you The story is very detailed and if you don t pay close attention to the plot, you will be lost So, if you are a skimmer, this book is not for you I really could not stop reading For me, it was the characters The different take on science fiction was also very intriguing There is a huge cliffhanger at the end, so I m going to ask the same question as the others when is the sequel coming out

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    I am not a reader of much science fiction This book was suggested by my roommate and since I had no book in hand, thought I would give it a try I was happy I did I do agree it is slow at first but once it got going, I found the characters to be well drawn and the subject matter interesting I like a book that makes me think and the concepts of the alien human relationship, the biverse and god vs.anti god did just that The underlying game being played also offered some additional food for thought I guess I am saying the book was multi dimensional which I enjoyed.I would read the next in the series to see where she takes it.

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    I wanted to love this book I really did But I had to stop halfway through because it s not well written and it s too jarring.The concept is wonderful, the characters are lovely, and the setting is interesting It s queer sci fi It s an interracial lesbian relationship in a time where that would be even of an issue It s got aliens and religion mish mashed together I wanted to love it.And yet.Characters actually say ha Sometimes they say ha laughingly With a good thorough editor it could be beautiful but it is not, and I gave up.

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