The Chronicle of Sapta Sindhu

The Chronicle of Sapta Sindhu The Book Is Perhaps, India S First Proto Historical Novel And Tells Us The Tale Of The People Of Indus Valley And Its Adjoining Cities It Tells Us A Story Of How The People Of Sapta Sindhu, Untie To Face The Challenges Of Natural Disasters And The Greek Invasion, In The Year BC A Wonderful Tale Of Valor, Adventure, Faith, Love, Romance, Wars, Peace, Rudreeshwar, The Discovery Of Sanjivini,Wars At Zahaden, Zarang And Zabol All In AfghanistanIt Also Helps Us Understand The Political Development Of Our Nation Also, The Rig Veda And Avesta Zoroastrian Holy Book Find A Prominent Place In This Book In Times Like These, The Book Talks Of The Places Like Iraq Mesopotamia , Iran Arianna , Plains Of River Helmand Afghanistan Syria, Jordan, Which Were, Once He Cradle Of Civilization And Are Now Termed As A Rogue Nations In Today S Times Of Wars And Strifes The Book Talks Of Peace And Culture

I observe, explore, evolve, therefore I author My first book Life..Love..Kumbh. is about the miasma called life with all its little foibles and joys My second book, ALCHEMIST OF THE EAST , released in December 2015 is an inspirational fable with a historical setting One can read it for wisdom, adventure and love The Chronicle of Sapata Sindhu is my first historical, mythological novel

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  • The Chronicle of Sapta Sindhu
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  • 06 August 2019

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    A must read after the misinformation and childish story telling of the trilogy of certain writers will give my detail review after i write down one One thing is certain though, i learnt how nations are formed and develop, after reading this book Having finished reading the book on kindle, i can now write my views The book has authentic base to it and isn t the mythological mumbo jumbo of the interpretation of Indian history I found the book political in nature as well, as it defines how states were formed, how religion was used to gain control over people, how feudalism took its roots, how knowledge was undermined, how the position of women was lowered by giving gods a masochistic aura Shiva in some of the books and above all how early capitalism took shape through the development of trade and commerce Above all it is a thrilling account of the wars and efforts of peace One of the brother s of the queen Kassanddra, the Greek aggressor is Gandhymedes Gandhy with his trusted aide Neero and Zor Aster The author has imagined a vivid picture of the life style of the people of Sapta Sindhu obviously using the research work of his grandfather Dr S.C.Kala, the famed Archaeologist The notes on the book at the beginning of the book clarifies the source of the writer s research IT IS A MUST READ AS IT TALKS OF PEACE, AND ABOUT NATIONS WHICH ARE NOW DEFINED AS ROGUE NATIONS BY THE WEST.BROTHERHOOD IS ABOVE GODS AND RELIGION KALA FOLLOWS HIS BOOK LIFE..LOVE..KUMBH WITH A THROUGH PROTO HISTORICAL WORK..KUDOS

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    amazing.thrilling.adventure.political and religious novel

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    A wonderful historical novel which seems so tuned to the present day affairs of the world Mr Kala does it again after his immensely readable beats the trilogy of Amish in terms of the vast canvass, depth of ideas, authentic historical research, language, and ignores the mumbo jumbo of religion The book also tells us that Proto Shiva was indeed Lord Pashupati, the god of animals, who, during the Rig Vedic period also became the good of war thunder and was known as Rudra So there is no question of him being a human Of course during latter vedic period Siva gained prominence as a god who would save as well as could destroy humanity The book also portrays Shakti, as the source of power and a goddess of fertility.A must read after the false propoganda about our historicity..

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    Coming after the different books trying to interpret the history of India Pakistan Iraq Iran..this book is a whiff of fresh air I loved the way the author weaves a fiction on the backdrop of the authentic history of Asiaeven the names of the villages are true and one of the families mentioned in the book, who is known for its expertise of Terracotta art still lives in a village in Pakistan The author creates a magic of peace and brotherhood, tying in thread the hindoos, Arabs , Muslims and Greeks.His invocation of a war much greater than the Mahabharata, before the epic war has to be taken note of.The Chronicle of Sapta Sindhu provides a guideline for present day leaders to come together and talk peace, for they owe it to history kudos to kala

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    The HT Hindustan Times city calls it a book to look forward to follow the link..

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    a good historical thriller which is ancient as much as modern The challenges, problems ad issues that the author examines are relevant even today, as they were thousands of years ago A must read for the historical political development of South Asia India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq

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    amazing historical thriller by kala.MUST READ..

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    A fictionalized account of the proto history of Indian sub continent It foresees a Greek attack before The attack by Alaxander. Kala writes with aplomb, giving us a pee kinto the lives, customs and the wars of the people of Sapta Sindhu and their relations with the people of Arianna A must read to know how we have evolved as a nationHIGHLY RECOMMENDED..

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    wonderful historical fiction, highly recommended Kala s writing style is smooth and idea have depth Tells us the proto history of the south asian nations Must read go for it.

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    excellently writtenhats off to Aporva Kala..well woven plotintriguesspy networkGhandymedesNerooKusturbooo..hmmm.remind us of something great going Aporva Kala.i loved the book

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