The Clue in the Jewel Box (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #20)

The Clue in the Jewel Box (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #20) An Antique Dealer S Revelation About A Former Queen S Priceless Heirloom Starts Nancy On A Trail Of Exciting AdventuresMadame Alexandra, Now Living Incognito In River Heights, Asks Nancy To Find Her Missing Grandson With Only One Clue To Go On A Faded Photograph Of The Prince At The Age Of Four The Young Detective Begins Her Search, Which Rapidly Involves Her In A Series Of Dangerous And Harrowing Adventures When Nancy Needs Help, She Calls On Bess, George, Burt, Dave, And Her Special Friend, Ned How Nancy S Discovery Of The Heirloom S Secret Unmasks A Slick Imposter And Reunites The Long Separated Family Climaxes This Suspense Filled Mystery Story

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[Ebook] ➨ The Clue in the Jewel Box (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #20) By Carolyn Keene –
  • Hardcover
  • 216 pages
  • The Clue in the Jewel Box (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #20)
  • Carolyn Keene
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9781557092779

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    Before we get to the review portion, I would like to take a moment to gripe about the Goodreads provided cover image for this book stop making Nancy a blonde She is described in every single damn book as being titian haired the original series, anyway I don t even know what they ve done with the modern revamps probably made Nancy an official blonde and turned Ned into a sensitive indie rocker type Titian means red hair, people RED Ahem Alright, so in this installment of the plucky teen sleuth s adventures, Nancy finds out that her elderly neighbor is actually a deposed queen from an tactfully unnamed country, and not two seconds after Nancy meets her the old lady is inviting her over to tea and letting her mess with all the priceless antiques Turns out the queen had a grandson who was smuggled out of the country to live in hiding inwait for itAmerica The only thing the queen has to remember her grandson is an old picture of him at age four, and she wants Nancy to track the guy down Because this is a Nancy Drew novel, this takes about ten pages, but luckily further drama ensues to stretch out the story a bit This one wasn t my favorite For starters, it was blatantly obvious who the bad guy was from like, page thirty And Carolyn Keene works really hard to keep the Very Important Clues from being revealed to the reader so the ending doesn t get spoiled, so she has Nancy discover said clues and then never mention them to anyone until the appropriate time, forty pages later Also, there s something that I noticed when I read these books as a 7th grader but wasn t as bothered by then do we really need to be constantly reminded how fucking perfect Nancy is When she s not being lovingly described as slim and attractive , we get even random compliments thrown in that have nothing to do with anything Example there s a subplot involving Nancy modeling a friend s dress at a fashion show, and we get told over and over how Nancy is keeping perfect time to the music and has perfect composure and the grace of a professional model WE GET IT NO REALLY, WE DO Nancy is pretty insufferable in this one, to be honest Usually her moments of look at me with my spiffy little roadster and perfect figure and perfect hair being perfect are overshadowed by her moments of look at me being awesome and escaping from an abandoned cabin where I ve been tied up and left for dead in the middle of the winter But there aren t any in this book Nancy gets trapped in a phone booth once, and doesn t even have to escape a policeman comes along and helps her COME ON Speaking of insufferable, can we talk about Ned, Nancy s special friend Good lord, what a schmuck There s a scene where they re on a Ferris wheel enjoying some forbidden hand holding, I m sure and it breaks down, causing them to be trapped at the top Nancy, being perfect, stays positive and says, They ll fix it soon In the meantime, let s enjoy the view Ned responds, The sun s hot and I m thirsty Hey Ned, what s it like dating a girl who s got bigger balls than you Bet that s awkward.

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    My mom saved all her Nancy Drew books for a future daughter, but I was never interested in reading them I just found them in the attic Perfect escapism

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    What can I say People just don t write books quite like this any This series is unique

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    The Good Like the other books in this series, this is a thrilling mystery with a convoluted plot Nancy and her friends end up in one predicament after another, but, thanks to her smarts and skills, they escape and she ends up saving the day Everything I like about this series was present in this volume.The Bad I have no complaints it just wasn t spectacular.Conclusion Unless you re completely unfamiliar with this series, you probably know what to expect sleuthing, peril, action, etc This book delivers on those fronts and then some If you re not a fan of the famed teenage detective, though, nothing in this will change your mind.

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    3.5 star rating in my opinion I really loved some aspects of this book and didn t like others What I loved this is one of the only Nancy Drew s that is actually hard to solve yourself I didn t know who to suspect What I didn t like Although I like how a long lost grandson is looking for his grandma, it got too complex some times and didn t add on to the story in a good way Other than that, everything else worked perfectly and I recommend this book to any mystery lovers

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    Another wonderful addition to the Nancy Drew mystery book series.

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    The Clue in the Jewel Box is about eighteen year old Nancy Drew This book takes place in Nancy s home town of River Heights In this book there are two mysteries The first mystery is about a pickpocket who is going around and pickpocketing everyone, including her own father, Carson Drew Not only is this pickpocket very trained but, there is someone who looks exactly like him It turns out in the end these two people are working together They also are working with someone posing as an old woman s long lost grandson That is the other mystery There is an old woman who used to be a queen in Europe She came to America during the war She only had a few of her most valuable things All of her relatives were dead except her grandson She didn t know where he was All she knew is that he came to America During the course of all of this one of Nancy s greatest friends comes back to America from Paris Her friends name is Helen Helen brought a friend she had meet in Paris Helen s friend was a little older than Nancy Her name was Katherine She was fashion designer Katherine and Nancy decided to enter the fashion show Katherine made the dresses and Nancy modeled them They won the contest.At the end of this book they celebrate Carson Drew s birthday They figure who the real grandsonof the old lady is During this time the three men who worked together are in jail I like this book because was wrote very well I loved trying to figure out two mysteries at once I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery.

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    Another mystery solved by Miss Goodie Two Shoes er, Nancy Drew Honestly I know these books are geared toward a juvenile audience but they still come across as heavy handed in the do good department.Anyway, this mystery was pretty good and I enjoyed reading it Nothing too outrageous happened and the cast of characters were interesting Although I enjoyed this I m not sure my much younger self would have, though.

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    Nancy Battles the False Prince of River Heights So this guy with a troublesome dog takes the train in River Heights one day and finds himself an exiled prince That foreign royalty takes refuge in Nancy s home town seems a little far fetched but it could happen Nancy goes about disproving the interloper Michael s claim as the long, lost prince with her standard stop and start sleuthing As with other books, she spends time with the local antiques dealer,acts as an agent for the local constabulary despite being an 18 year girl and has Ned kidnap and rough up people, particularly Michael, despite that being somewhat illegal As the odd aside, and there always is on, she takes up modelling clothing It doesn t really advance the plot but obviously it is necessary to fill out these books This installment has at least one false ending and tends to overstay its welcome as it meanders towards The Big Reveal Did anyone notice that her French friend and clothing designer has accepted the proposal of the true prince before finding out who he really was and was kind of put off by it Seems like you would be In short, a decent story in the Nancy Drew pantheon although it goes on a little long.

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    Highlights include abnoxious, crass villian with bad manners that refuses to go away, sleuthing process interesting For some reason I was very into picturing the jewel box just as it was one the still intrigues me It must have had some underlying metaphorical, archetypal meaning.

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