The Cold Kiss of Death (, #2)

The Cold Kiss of Death (, #2) Genny Taylor Works For Spellcrackers Making Magic Safe But Her Own Life Is Anything But Safe The Ghost Grasped Her Shift And Ripped It Open The Three Interlacing Crescents Carved Red Raw And Bleeding Into Her Thin Chest Didn T Look Any Better Than The Last Dozen Times I D Seen Them The Wounds Weren T Lethal They Weren T Even Recent She D Been Dead For At Least A Hundred And Fifty Years But My Gut Still Twisted With Anger That Someone Would Do That To A Child Being Haunted By A Ghost Is The Least Of Genny S Problems She S Also Trying To Deal With The Witch Neighbour Who Wants Her Evicted Finn, Her Sort Of Ex And Now Her New Boss Can T Quite Decide Whether He Wants Their Relationship To Be Business Or Pleasure And Then There S The Queue Of Vamps Inviting Her To Paint The Town Red How Long Before They Stop Taking No For An Answer Just When It Seems Things Can T Get Any Worse A Human Friend Is Murdered Using Sidhe Magic Determined To Hunt Down The Killer And Needing Help, She Turns To One Of London S Most Capricious Wylde Fae And The Seductive Vampire Malik Al KhanBut All Too Soon She Realises She Doesn T Know Who She Can Trust And Now Genny S The One Being Hunted, Not Just By The Police, But By Some Of London S Most Powerful And Dangerous Supernaturals

Welcome to my Goodreads page I write the urban fantasy series about magic, mayhem and murder liberally spiced with hot guys, kick ass chicks and super cool supes I live on the sunny sometimes South Coast of England with my wonderful husband and our two much loved boisterous HellHounds

❮BOOKS❯ ⚣ The Cold Kiss of Death (, #2) Author Suzanne McLeod –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Cold Kiss of Death (, #2)
  • Suzanne McLeod
  • English
  • 01 August 2019
  • 9780575084292

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    3.5 stars, rounded up to 4I m enjoying this urban fantasy set in London, and McLeod s mix of fae vampires witches I ll be very interested to see how this series intersects with Ben Aaronovitch s magical London when the time comes I m guessing that it ll be their river goddesses river fae that interact and it should be most entertaining Or perhaps via the ghosts I m intrigued and must continue both series Genny ends up fleeing everyone in this book the ghosts, the vampires, other Fae, the police, the witches a pretty standard set up in urban fiction Every heroine seems to do it in one book or another, particularly before she gets settled in with a romantic partner We live in suspicious times and being wary of everyone has become a fairly believable set up Getting away from everyone is next to impossible and it builds a certain amount of tension into the plot by default.This installment cleared up some things and muddied others as a good series book should do Genny has been given a year and a day to make some decisions about her life, so she has a bit of breathing room Or so she thinks, for it seems to me that breathing room doesn t make for compelling narrative If I were her, I wouldn t dilly dally, I would get investigating immediately And all of the Fae who are angling for her could be in for a surprise if she chooses the enticing Malik al Khan, her vampiric shadow instead of them

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    My thoughts The series continues being good, and in this I finally have answers Anyway Genny still has a lot of problems, witches, a cop who doesn t like her, all the vampires in London that wants to suck her yummy fairy blood, Finn, her boss who wants to be than friends and then something is going on with the Fae cos they want her now too As you can see, problems Not to mention being hunted for murder What a juicy tale it is.I like Genny, she is a bit messed up cos of her past where she was meant to be married to an evil vampire at 14 and then fled, but first after being infected by the vampire virus Then there is the fact that she is actually half vampire half sidhe I do wonder when the vampire that was meant to have her will show up Exciting stuff ahead.Her love life is kind of non existent There is Finn, yes I like him horns and hairy legs and all But then there is the vampire Malik, he is just so so, oh I am weak and I like him the best But in this one Tavish, a kelpie got introduced, and I hope to see of him too What is going to happen is anyone s guess.There is action and drama Finding the real killer, staying out of everyone s way, evil witches, ghosts, her borrowed self Rosa, oh you never have a dull moment reading this book It kept me guessing until the end Who is really after her Conclusion Great urban fantasy that I do recommend Great world building, lots of Fae, trolls and A bit of sexual tension, and questions to be answered Nice London setting and when I finished I wanted book 3..which I will read later this week Reason for reading I needed Rating Refreshing UF

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    Every once in a while you read a debut novel, get all excited about it, want to read the sequel, but the sequel doesn t compare with the original I m happy to say that this sequel to The Sweet Scent of Blood was just as fun to read as the first book in the series Suzanne McLeod s characters are an interesting mix of good and evil Not one of her characters are completely good, though a few of her characters are simply evil It makes for a great read You are not sticking your finger down your throat thinking, Ugh , how corny The mix of vampire lore and fae is good one.The main character, Genny Genevieve Taylor is suspected of murder, only the murder is not as simple as you would think No, there are many twists and turns in this book, and once again I was surprised at the actions of a few of the characters Malik, her vampire.not yet boyfriend, interest remains mysterious, though we learn no, not the royal we, we as in readers a little bit about the relationship between Malik and Genny, even something that Genny wasn t aware of herself I am usually able to read vampire books without feeling all gooey about the vampires come onthey re dead and usually cold, and the diet kind of icky but I kind of like Malik, and Darius, as well as the fae Finn, and Tavish.and few others Besides being in hiding while trying to find out the true killer, Genny has the added complications of the vampires all trying to own her, and the fae of the city deciding that they must all claim her also Ghosts make appearances, and are interesting minor characters that play an important part in this story.Wonderfully done I m hoping Ms McLeod feels like writing about Genny and her crew I m hoping Ms Mcleod feels like writing anything in the urban fantasy genre She writes well, and most important of all THE DIALOGUE IS NEVER LAME, NEVER DUMB There is no stupid dialogue between characters, and the main character only asks herself a few questions She doesn t go on and on and on with the questions ad nauseum This book just flows, from beginning to end I look forward to books by Suzanne McLeod, who has now joined my mental list of auto buy writers By the way, if you go to her website, she has chapters up of BOTH her published books I appreciate when writers put up excerpts I wish writers would do that That s why I became interested in this series Stumbled onto her website, saw the book covers, clicked on the excerpt, and WOW Instant fan Good excerpt first chapter You can t go by the first page any for some books the first page can be great, but then it might go downhill from then Ms McLeod s books are interesting from the first page to the last.

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    A very complicated story, full of action and twists.Genny is in a lot of trouble and running for her life from many different sides, as almost everybody seems to want a piece of her Human police, fae curses, vampire politics, magical repercussions, ambitious witches and ghosts are some of the items in Genny s list of problems to be solved, and she doesn t know who to trust, as everyone has their own agenda.Interesting story that continues in the next book in the series, The Bitter Seed of Magic.

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    I really wanted to love this book, I thought the first one had a lot of potential so I was looking forward to this one The book started out good but then around halfway I got confused I just could not recall a lot of the references or they didn t make sense to me Also around this point the plot started getting overly complicated, with a lot of unnecessary conflicts Then the very end felt very rushed In the end I guess spellcrackers is not a series for me.

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    This is the second book in Suzanne McLeod s series.There is a lot going on in this book One of Genny s friends is murdered, and she is set up to take the fall Malik Al Khan steps back into Genny s life, and with him, problems regarding Rosa a vampire disguise Genny borrows for her feedings resurface Finn is complicating her love life or lack of We are introduced to an ex flame of Genny s, a kelpie called Tavish A ghost girl is following Gennry around The London fae have the crazy idea that Genny has been single for so long because she is ready to start procreating Her future child is thought to be the key to an ancient fae curse Certain parties are interested in a mysterious Faberge egg gifted to her by the Earl And the witch s in her building want her evicted Phew It feels like there s plots for at least 3 different books all crammed into one novel, and it is a little bit hard to follow and remain invested in all the different happenings.Further, because there are so many and varied plots, quite a few fall by the wayside to be hastily and unsatisfactorily wrapped up in the final few chapters And some of the interesting plots are unfortunately the ones not given enough exploration by McLeod Finn s character is off to a good start in this second book, especially after he came across as a vapid love interest for Genny in the first book In Cold Kiss of Death Finn and Genny s relationship is complicated, because he knows her familial secrets But after appearing in the beginning, Finn disappears for the better half of the book, only to reappear toward the end BUT the set up for the third book looks to centre quite a bit on Finn and his place in Genny s life.The thickened plot also lead to an increase in characters, which was also a little confusing Even so when the characters you actually want to read about Finn, D.I Helen Crane don t get as much screen time as new secondary characters.One complaint I had was the many editing errors I am no grammar genius, so the fact that I noticed the many mistakes is saying quite a lot They ranged from missing quotation marks, to no spaces between words and glaringly obvious spelling errors It s such a shame because so much effort has been put into the cover artwork Both The Sweet Scent of Blood and Cold Kiss of Death have stunning covers, and you d expect the same sort of care to be taken with the text itself I wonder if the somewhat sloppy editing job is also to blame for the abundance of plot perhaps the original manuscript was in need of culling One thing I love about the spellcrackers books is the setting McLeod has made London a character in itself from the ghosts haunting the London Bridge to the kelpie s fae gate at Whitehall McLeod has really immersed her novels in London and made the city as intricate to the story as Genny herself Further, McLeod writes beautifully about the London landscape even Genny s morning runs around St Pauls evoke precise city imagery, making it pretty clear that McLeod knows London like the back of her hand.I really like Genny She has a lot going against her she s been accused of murder, she gets bruised up in an explosion and is constantly fighting her junkie blood craving But, she never gets knocked down She has a few woe is me moments, but she soldiers on She is a very cool female protagonist and it s interesting to read about her rolling with the punches.This probably isn t the best follow up to McLeod s debut The plot is a tangled web and because of the messiness it s hard to sink your teeth into the book as a whole But McLeod is a beautiful writer, Genny is a fabulous female protagonist and it s refreshing to read an Urban Fantasy that s set in London and takes advantage of the city s history and icons I am a big advocate of spellcrackers McLeod definitely has fresh take on the Urban Fantasy genre and the series has a lot of potential to be long running.I may not have been overly thrilled with this second spellcrackers installment, but McLeod definitely whet my appetite for the third book to be released next year by beautifully setting up the potential plot or one of them at least.

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    This was originally posted on Book Lovers Inc Warning This is a spoiler free review but I make references to things from the first book which can be considered a bit spoilery.The Cold Kiss of Death is the 2nd book in the series This series is so great it gave me back my UF reading mojo Read too much of a genre and you start getting bored , it s what happened to me with the UF genre I kept wanting to go back to read Historicals my safe genre Well, The Spellcrackers series cured me at least for now When I finished The Cold Kiss of Death I was CRAVING to read It s such a good UF book, so original and complex happy sigh Genny is the only sidhe fae in London, something she can t hide since her eyes are slitted like those of a cat She s been working at where she cracks magic In this book, we get to see again all the characters we loved in the previous book I would advise you read book 1 to understand all the back story of this book.Genny s father was a vampire and she was betrothed to a vampire when she was 14 She escaped and has been in London ever since I love the world Suzanne McLeod created In her London, Vampire, faes, Witches etc. are part of the normal everyday life Genny has been infected by 3V, a vampire virus which is incurable She craves the venom vampires produce when biting a victim In the first book, we learned that she found a way to deal with it by using a spell transforming her in a vampire for 1 night Genny uses her vampire body to satisfy her needs from time to time Sadly what she thought a glamour spell turns out to be much complicated The vampire she turns into, Rosa, was a real vampire with very real enemies Genny has a lot of interesting men in her life, there is Finn, the Satyr, who s also her very hot boss I LOVE Finn Tavish the wylde fae who s a real mystery to me And there is Malik, the sexy vampire Malik is linked to Genny in some way He also knew Rosa the vampire You know it s weird because usually, there s 1 guy I like 2 at the most But in this series I don t know who to root for, they all have their appeal lol If she didn t have so many problems I would envy Genny for all the cute men she has in her life wink Vampire politics force Genny to use Rosa again but it turns out to be a very dangerous thing I can t say much about the story without walking on a spoiler Let s just say that we got a lot of Malik time not enough Finn sob This is a very sensual book, Suzanne has been teasing us since book 1 Yes Suzanne you are evil The story is very complicated and original, lots of twists I wouldn t have imagined I was on the edge of my seat the whole time It was a bit slow to start but once the story really started there wasn t a dull moment, I really loved the whole story.I did feel a bit queasy a few times Yes I feel faint in the presence of blood, and some scenes were so bloody I could nearly feel it on my skin lol Gory and bloody but oh so gooood Genny s past is still a mystery but we get to learn quite a few things about her I was close to tears when I finished the book I just couldn t wait to start the 3rd book This is one of my favorite UF series, one of the most original too I just finished reading the next book, The Bitter Seed of Magic and it s a fantastic read my favorite in the series I will post my review later today I recommend the Spellcrackers to every UF lover If like me you thought you couldn t be surprised any, here s your chance to see how wrong you were I give The Cold Kiss of Death 4 and 1 2 Bookies

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE COLD KISS OF DEATH by Suzanne McLeod is the second book in the Spellcrackers series featuring Genny Taylor, the only leanan sidhe in London, who works for Spellcrackers, a company that fixes magical problems The first half of this book was an urban fantasy lovers dream A version of London overrun with supernatural creatures, a world that has fully integrated both the mundane and magical with deep prejudices on all sides, and a smart protagonist who navigates the line between both Unfortunately, the second half wasn t nearly as good.Given the title of this series, I expected there to be a decent amount a spellcracking work going on Not so much In fact apart from one small scene early on, Genny doesn t work at all in this book Maybe there was of that in the first book I haven t read it yet but it felt like an oversight here and I was left feeling kind of disappointing My biggest problem, however, was the plot Halfway through it started to get overly convoluted and complicated, with most of the conflicts being increasingly unnecessary There were usually obvious solutions that would not only have solved Genny s problems, but avoided them in the first place Genny was such a smart character that it felt really inconsistent for her to always chose the most ridiculously difficult options On the upside, I was pleasantly surprised by how much romance was actually in this book Genny has three different suitors after her a satyr, a kelpie, and a vampire All three of these guys had serious leading man potential and brought out very different sides of Genny It will be interesting to see who she ends up with because she is frustratingly wishy washy when it comes to choosing in this book In my opinion, she only really had feelings for one of the guys since her response to the other two was primarily sexual Overall, the first half of this book would have easily earned a 4bat rating, but the second half would have only gotten a 2bat That averages out to a 3bat rating since this very cool character, in her even cooler magical London, was larger squandered by a plot that grew overly ambitious and messy THE BITTER SEED OF MAGIC, the third book in the Spellcrackers series, is available now in the UK, and will be released in the US on December 27, 2011Sexual Content Scenes of graphic sensuality References to rape Attempted rape References to homosexuality.

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    3.5 stars Sidhe fae Genevieve Taylor is in trouble again Hannah Ashby, whom Genny met in the last book, has shown up again this time wielding powerful magic and demanding the priceless Faberg egg Genny received from the Earl Genny s also being haunted by the ghost of a young girl Worst of all, she finds a friend murdered and is framed for the crime Now she needs the help of the manipulative vampire Malik al Khan, which never comes for free.Much like the first Spellcrackers book, The Sweet Scent of Blood, the plot of The Cold Kiss of Death is intensely convoluted Plot points that seem at first to be central turn out to be peripheral and vice versa, as Genny discovers a complex web of schemes underlying what she thought was going on Events that seem unconnected aren t People turn out to be double crossing each other People turn out to be secretly related.Suzanne McLeod does a better job this time of pulling it all together, though While The Cold Kiss of Death is sometimes confusing while you re in the middle of it, it s all pulled together really well in the end and makes sense when it does come together There s one thread that looms huge at first and then is given a disappointingly simple resolution, but I wonder if that s a situation whose real import will become clear in a later book.In addition, we get answers to many of the questions raised in the first book We learn about Genny s past, about Malik, about Rosa, about the other fae in London Genny learns a new, powerful use for her spellcracking ability.The writing itself is particularly good for this subgenre, and then the epilogue packs a terrible punch We re led to believe McLeod has forgotten a particular loose end and there are plenty of writers who really have forgotten something like this but then we learn in poignant fashion that no, she didn t forget it at all The Sweet Scent of Blood was somewhat frustrating to me, but The Cold Kiss of Death has sold me on Spellcrackers I ll eagerly read the next book and see what new revelations McLeod has in store for Genny.I originally wrote this review for

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    How awesome are book signings Back in May 2009, not only did I get to meet Rachel Caine at her London book signing hosted by Murder One, but I also got to buy several books, one of which was the amazing The Sweet Scent of Blood by Suzanne McLeod Suzanne was also at the event, but I didn t know I hadn t heard of her or her book at the time But I feel in love with her series within the first few pages, and since reading it, I ve been itching to read its sequel, The Cold Kiss of Death I got lucky at Christmas, though, and I can t tell you just how good these books are I don t even know where to start, there was so much going on It always amazes me how authors are able to write such complicated books, and have everything fit together Genny has a series of problems in her life, some pretty inconsequential, some a little on the larger side, but when you get to the end and you realise all of the plot threads are part of a large jigsaw puzzle, it s just wow Suzanne is a very skilled writer We meet most of the characters we came across in the first book Genny is our spunky heroine, a bean sidhe who has problems than answers Malik al Kahn, the mysterious vampire connected to Genny s past Finn, Genny s satyr boss and will they won t they love interest, and a range of other characters, none who seem to be being completely honest with Genny, and making things a whole lot harder for her There s still the hint of a possible love triangle, but even that gets complicated so frustrating, but in a good way We have action a plenty in this novel I can t go into too much detail, it s pretty spoilery, but it s awesome to read Some scenes are kind of disturbing, but it all has you sitting on the edge of your seat, the adrenalin pumping, jaw hanging at how unbelievable it is and how some of the characters act I just love it all The ending is just so good, I can t tell you I closed the book feeling pretty sad, but in complete awe of how the whole story worked out If you haven t started this series, you really need to It s just so brilliant, and I can t for the third in the series, The Bitter Seed of Magic, due in September 2010.

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