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The Communist This is an excellent overview of the Communist Party in America from the early twentieth century and beyond I highly recommend this book and it s even better read in conjunction with Barack Obama s Dreams From My Father. Well researched and disturbing, this collection of evidence on the background of Frank Marshall Davis and resulting biography makes for a stimulating read.What makes this compelling is the apparent relationship between Davis and the current US President, Barack Obama The Democrats and the Left have accumulated a significant history of communist sympathizers and Marxist admirers Obama may not be a Manchurian candidate but he is obviously a Neo Marxist His unbridled faith in the efficacy of central planning and state control at the behest of an intellectual elite is an homage to the Leninist faction of that bloody political view.Disturbing, very disturbing. I Admire Russia For Wiping Out An Economic System Which Permitted A Handful Of Rich To Exploit And Beat Gold From The Millions Of Plain People As One Who Believes In Freedom And Democracy For All, I Honor The Red Nation FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS,In His Memoir, Barack Obama Omits The Full Name Of His Mentor, Simply Calling Him Frank Now, The Truth Is Out Never Has A Figure As Deeply Troubling And Controversial As Frank Marshall Davis Had Such An Impact On The Development Of An American President Although Other Radical Influences On Obama, From Jeremiah Wright To Bill Ayers, Have Been Scrutinized, The Public Knows Little About Davis, A Card Carrying Member Of The Communist Party USA, Cited By The Associated Press As An Important Influence On Obama, One Whom He Looked To Not Merely For Advice On Living But As A Father Figure While The Left Has Willingly Dismissed Davis With Good Reason , Here Are The Indisputable, Eye Opening Facts Frank Marshall Davis Was A Pro Soviet, Pro Red China Communist His Communist Party USA Card Number, Revealed In FBI Files, Was CPHe Was A Prototype Of The Loyal Soviet Patriot, So Radical That The FBI Placed Him On The Federal Government S Security Index In The Early S, Davis Opposed US Attempts To Slow Stalin And Mao He Favored Red Army Takeovers Of Central And Eastern Europe, And Communist Control In Korea And Vietnam Dutifully Serving The Cause, He Edited And Wrote For Communist Newspapers In Both Chicago And Honolulu, Courting Contributors Who Were Soviet Agents In The S, Amid This Dangerous Political Theater, Frank Marshall Davis Came Into Barack Obama S Life Aided By Access To Explosive Declassified FBI Files, Soviet Archives, And Davis S Original Newspaper Columns, Paul Kengor Explores How Obama Sought Out Davis And How Davis Found In Obama An Impressionable Young Man, One Susceptible To Davis S Worldview That Opposed American Policy And Traditional Values While Praising Communist Regimes Kengor Sees Remnants Of This Worldview In Obama S Early Life And Even, Ultimately, His Presidency Kengor Charts With Definitive Accuracy The Progression Of Davis S Communist Ideas From Chicago To Hawaii He Explores How Certain Elements Of The Obama Administration S Agenda Reflect Davis S Columns Advocating Wealth Redistribution, Government Stimulus For Public Works Projects, Taxpayer Funding Of Universal Health Care, And Nationalizing General Motors Davis S Writings Excoriated The Tentacles Of Big Business, Blasted Wall Street And Greedy Millionaires, Lambasted GOP Tax Cuts That Spare The Rich, Attacked Excess Profits And Oil Companies, And Perceived The Catholic Church As An Obstacle To His Vision For The State All The While Echoing Davis S Often Repeated Mantra For Transformational And Fundamental Change And Yet, The Communist Is Not Unsympathetic To Davis, Revealing Him As Something Of A Victim, An African American Who Suffered Devastating Racial Persecution In The Jim Crow Era, Steering This Justly Angered Young Man On A Misguided Political Track That Davis Supported Violent And Heartless Communist Regimes Over His Own Country Is Impossible To Defend That He Was A Source Of Inspiration To President Barack Obama Is Impossible To Ignore Is Obama Working To Fulfill The Dreams Of Frank Marshall Davis That Question Has Been Impossible To Answer, Since Davis S Writings And Relationship With Obama Have Either Been Deliberately Obscured Or Dismissed As Irrelevant With Paul Kengor S The Communist, Americans Can Finally Weigh The Evidence And Decide For Themselves There Were Hundreds Of Thousands Of American Communists Like Frank Who Agitated Throughout The Twentieth Century They Chose The Wrong Side Of History, A Horrendously Bloody Side That Left A Wake Of ThanMillion Corpses From The Streets Of The Bolshevik Revolution To The Base Of The Berlin Wall Double The Combined Dead Of The Century S Two World Wars And They Never Apologized Quite The Contrary, They Cursed Their Accusers For Daring To Charge Correctly That They Were Communists Whose Ideology Threatened The American Way And The Greater World And All Of Humanity They Took Their Denials To The Grave, And Still Today Their Liberal Progressive Dupes Continue To Conceal Their Crimes And Curse Their Accusers For Them We Need Hundreds And Thousands Of Books On American Communists Like Frank, So We Can Finally Start To Get This History Right And, So, Learn Its Vital Lessons To Fail To Do So Is A Great Historical Injustice We Especially Need To Flesh Out These Lessons, Which Are Morality Tales In The Truest Sense Of The Word, When We Find The Rarest Case Of A Man Like Frank Managing To Influence Someone As Influential As The Current President Of The United States Of America The Leader Of The Free World And Driver Of The Mightiest Political Economic Engine In History Such Figures Cannot Be Ignored The People Who Influence Our Presidents Matter From The Communist The Untold Story Of Barack Obama S Mentor This is a well documented book with lots of notes and an extensive index The primary purpose seems to be to tell the story of Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of the CPUSA Communist Party of the USA and a Marxist.It is a narrative that follows Frank through his life, showed when he became a card carrying Communist who wrote a column called Frank ly Speaking It follows him from Atlanta, to Chicago, to Honolulu and back He made the watch list of the FBI and Congress Frank had an ideal view of Communism that didn t fit with the reality In Frank s view, Stalin could do no wrong Frank had no qualms about throwing down the race card when he was challenged.Barack Obama s family knew Frank This is the Frank who Barack Obama mentions quite a bit in his book, Dreams of My Father For Barack Obama, Frank was a father figure someone whose advise was sought out Later, at Occidental College, Obama would declare himself a Marxist It is Frank s constant call for change that seems to echo through Barack Obama That was the buzz word in the 2008 campaign Change Bailing out General Motors is only a step away from Frank s desire to nationalize it And socialized health care is certainly a socialist s dream.So it s easy to see where Barack Obama got his ideas easy to see who his mentor was.Whenever someone makes a major change in their own life, they generally want everyone to know If someone switches gears from Muslim to Christian, everybody is sold on the idea because that person who just made the change is sold on it and it is new and exciting The same goes for someone who changes from Marxist to Democrat It is a change made because of newfound convictions and not a change made lightly.We never saw any of that with Obama Maybe that s because nothing really changed inside the man Maybe Barack Obama can lay claim to manyfirsts than we give him credit for first black president, first Muslim president, first Marxist president May be, huh Read the book Become informed. This is an excellent and interesting biography of Frank Marshall Davis, former President Obama s boyhood mentor in Hawaii Marshall, having survived an attempted lynching as a boy and growing up under Jim Crow, became a devout Communist officially a member of the CPUSA and and disciple of Stalinism Marshall was also a fine writer and poet, and these abilities landed him jobs first with African American and then Socialist newspapers in the South, Chicago, and, finally, Hawaii, where he edited the paper of the Soviet aligned Longshoreman s Union.Kengor of course discusses Marshall s influence over Obama a major theme of the book is that mentors matter in the development of a young man, and that by understanding the mentor, we better understand the young man as an adult Kengor s conclusion is that, based on Obama s writings and policy goals, Marshall had quite a bit of influence over the 44th president.The author, though himself a conservative Catholic and strong anti communist, is very fair and even sympathetic at times to Marshall The book is easy to read and heavily footnoted with references Highly recommended The Communist is well documented, highly readable, and another Cold War insight with modern day relevance by one of the premier scholars, Dr Paul Kengor, Professor at Grove City College and Director of the Center for Vision and Values This, with Dupes, firmly establishes Dr Kengor as a top historian and writer for Cold War politics and its continuing impact on our nation today I highly recommend it. The Communist is, in essence, a bibliography of Frank Marshall Davis, late and longtime member of the United States Communist party In it Paul Kengor details Frank Marshall Davis s writings, which are often critical of the United States and very pro Soviet Union I think their can be little doubt that he was a communist The question Dr Kengor raises is about his relationship to our current president, Barak Obama Was he the mysterious Frank mentioned in President Obama s memoir I can only suggest you read it and come to your own conclusion. Paul Kengor, PH.D Given that I came into possession of Frank s political writings, and that my area of research is the Cold War and the American communist movement, I took up the task, for better or worse I could not ignore it It s too bad others who had this information didn t feel the same way. Hard to believe the liberal strategy has been going on for the number of years begining before WWII.A real eye opener.I hope Mr.Kengor is looking out for drones I read this book at the request of several ultra conservative friends How sad to see so much fear and ignorance in the 21st century I found this book to be wholly un American and un Christian.

Author and politicial science professor He is executive director of The Center for Vision Values, a Grove City College think tank policy center.Kengor has focused much of his work on Ronald Reagan, faith and the presidency, conservative politics, the Cold War, the communist movement, and Catholicism.

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