The Consequences of Marriage

The Consequences of Marriage When James McElroy Saw The Ad For A Lodger With Bibi Sanders In A Smart Edinburgh Street, He Pictured A Glamorous Young Landlady With Whom He Would Form A Meaningful And Deep Relationship But Bibi S In Her Seventies She S Led A Full Life, Including Marriage To The Domineering And Difficult Callum, Now Deceased, And Raised Six ChildrenShe S Not Sure What To Make Of James And Suspects Rightly A Troubling Secret In His Past When Bibi Sets Out To Re Visit The Past For The Final Time Via A Tour Of Britain In Her Rather Unexpected Volvo Sports Car, James Decides To Go With Her It S A Journey Full Of Surprises And Revelations Which Will Change Them Both And, In Isla Dewar S Inimitable Way, Entertain And Enlighten Every Reader

Born in Edinburgh, Isla Dewar now lives in Fife with her husband, a cartoonist, and two sons Her first novel, Keeping Up with Magda, published in 1995, has been followed by a string of bestsellers.

[Ebook] ➤ The Consequences of Marriage By Isla Dewar –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Consequences of Marriage
  • Isla Dewar
  • English
  • 21 September 2019
  • 9780755325924

10 thoughts on “The Consequences of Marriage

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    This book is not really the kind I go for but I picked it up in a library sale of 5 paperbacks for 1 and I m glad I did It s an engaging read all about a family who individually all reach a turning point in their lives and what happens One of the reviews on the book called it funny but I would disagree with that It s wise , wistful and well observed , sometimes it s even witty but it s not a funny book Very much enjoyed it , hope you do too.

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    Bibi Saunders, an eccentric 70 something woman, somehow gets her young lodger to take her on a road trip We discover her life from Scotland to the USA We learn about her dreamer of a husband and her sensible ness She has raised 5 children happily, but she also has a son who has never returned Her choices and mistakes are poignant in their consequences The author makes this book a success by creating a charismatic character and weaving a web of time, place and era with her language I liked it in spite of myself.

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    I really enjoyed this book I loved Bibi and finding out about her as a young woman and as a mother as her family grew up Great story.

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    A book that grew on me I enjoyed the Edinburgh and Scottish background and the characters came across as real, complex and often entertaining at their heart the eccentric Bibi.

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    A very nice Mild reading book that talks about a 70yr old woman and her life from her childhood especially her marriages, her husband and children Read it especially those who would love irony.

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    Bibi is my favourtie character of all time, would love to have her over for a dinner party What a delightful read I thoroughly enjoyed the development, it started strong with a witty atmosphere but I felt it lost it towards the end of the book A person would want to be alone in it In a car like this, he thought, you could be everything you wanted to be A god, a king, Superman Driving it would make a statement about who you were not rich, but stylish, someone who took risks, who knew what he wanted, and who he was It was a beautiful, beautiful thing Bibi didn t fare so well friend wise In the end she reckoned she wasn t a hi kind of person she was a good morning sort Gathering the soup dishes, Bibi noticed a headline in the newspaper she d been reading Do Creases in the Ear Lobe Signal a Heart Attack She carefully investigated her own ear lobes, tugging them, feeling for creases Definitely, she said I have definitely got a crease or two Bugger I m going to have a heart attack I am going to die And I m just getting the hang of being alive After we d been married for years, we were one life I was him He was me It was hard to know where one began and the other ended We knew what the other was thinking But marriage does that all its stupidities, fights, jokes, misunderstandings, meals shared, a bed shared I mean, you d have to love one another after all that I m old, she said I don t know how it happened, but it did My life slipped by one day at a time and suddenly I was seventy two Seventy two, I say to myself, that s really old Only I don t feel old, not inside, anyway Only my body lets me down I get stiff, aches and pains here and there I know I can no longer run for a bus But really I just feel like me She thought she had been living so long there was barely a sound, sight or smell that did not evoke a memory These days I am living through are full of mourning and shadows and memories, and do you know She turned to James and smiled I m enjoying it enormously That s what makes a love affair sex and conversation That was one of the consequences of marriage She d always known that the day would come when one of them would go and the other would be left behind.

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    This novel is set in modern day UK It is a family drama with witty outrageous scenarios Bibi is the unfortunate gullible long suffering wife of a poet Callum who struggles to earn enough money to support his family He married Bibi to spite her aristocratic father who then disowned his daughter The author does present a believable story even though the rebellious ungrateful personality traits that exist in everyone are somewhat glorified Hard work and boring commitments are not rewarded in this family group.This is an easy book to read but the characters are ones I found difficult to identify with.Carinya

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    This was a solid mild work of fiction A well written family drama also, roadtrip set in Scotland that I picked off the library shelf spontaneously.

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    Delightful read good humor and depiction of family life, marriage intricacies and consequences, plus inter relationships A real find.

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    A trade me experience.

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