The Consummate Traitor

The Consummate Traitor THE CONSUMMATE TRAITOR Is A World War II Novel In Which Loyalty Is Betrayed, Love Is Lost, And Secrets Are Buried In A Chain Reaction Of Double Crosses, Two Women Stand In The Way Of A Nuclear DisasterOn The Eve Of World War II, American Journalist Lee Talbot Witnesses Hitler S Experiment In Total War, The Bombing Of Guernica In Northern Spain It S A Preview Of The Horrors Nazi Germany Will Unleash If Hitler S Nuclear Labs Develop The Atomic Bomb First Lee Joins Winston Churchill S Secret Operation To Sabotage Hitler, But Ends Up Babysitting The King Of England S Cousin, Lady Grace Talbot, A Gifted Pianist Who Fancies Herself In Love With An SS Officer When Lady Grace S Parents Die In A London Bombing, She Joins Lee S Team As A Pianist, Transmitting Coded Messages To British Covert Missions In Nazi Held Territory Soon, Both Women Learn That, In The Secret World Of Spies, They Can Trust No One Except Each Other In A Tale Rich With Historical Detail, What Happens To These Two Women Spies Exposes A Secret England Wants Buried Forever

Bibi and Babu are Swahili names for Grandma and Grandpa, and when grandparents Bonnie Toews and John Christiansen go to Central Africa, their tour guides fondly call them, Bibi and Babu These nicknames stick, and as they share their journeys in a series of armchair adventures to faraway lands, they introduce you to countries and people who live in different worlds from the one you know Their

❮Epub❯ ❧ The Consummate Traitor  Author Bonnie Toews –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 346 pages
  • The Consummate Traitor
  • Bonnie Toews
  • English
  • 02 June 2019

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a page turner A great plot line and the author excels in her descriptions Harrowing They make the story immensely human and believable Highly recommended.

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    A gripping spy story full of love, betrayal and intrigue.Lee Talbot, an American journalist, is in Guernica, northern Spain with Quinn Bergin on the day Hitler chooses to try his experiment total war there Devastated by the scenes of horror which unfold before her, she sends a graphic eyewitness account to London, where it is broadcast on the radio Back in London Sir Winston Churchill meets with his Director of the Secret Intelligence Organisation, Sir Fletcher McAlister and Lord Wynne Henry Radcliffe, as they build their spy network and watch Hitler carefully.Undercover spies Lee and Quinn are in Vienna surreptitiously minding the lovely pianist Lady Grace, daughter of Lord Radcliffe as she wins the coveted Belvedere Medal they are still there when Kristallnacht The Night of Broken Glass changes everything That night Lee and Grace witness horrors which bond the young women from very different backgrounds together, and a close friendship develops.England is at war and when tragedy strikes Grace s life, she decides to work with Lee undercover in the desperate race to stop Hitler from make an atomic bomb, knowing that if he does so first, all is lost What follows is a tale of love, intrigue and betrayal, as the two women and the people in their lives face unimaginable dangers, and hurdles, in the name of duty The secret life of the underground network, and spies, who risked their lives to help others escape the tyranny of Hitler in World War II, comes alive as we learn of the dangers they faced constantly, and the personal sacrifices they had to make.The knowledge that this author has firsthand experience of wartime journalism comes as no surprise when reading this engrossing book With her thorough research and attention to historical detail, I felt as if I was taking a peep into hitherto hidden war files, rather than reading a work of fiction I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, full of love, betrayal and intrigue, it has so many twists and turns it keeps the reader guessing right to the end.Website

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    The Consummate Traitor Bonnie ToewsThis book takes us back to a dark time in world history It starts on the eve of World War II and takes the reader through the rise and popularity of Hitler and his tyranny The story involves wartime espionage and trying to stop the Germans from creating the atom bomb Lee Talbot and Quinn Bergin are at the heart of the resistance as is Lady Grace an accomplished pianist who joins after her parents are killed in a bombing raid There is much done to weave a story around real life events and too show how people can betray those who trust them.Ms Toews has written a brilliant account It is full of action, suspense and what is a good book without a hint of romance I was riveted to the events in the story as the author caught all the nastiness of the Nazi regime Not all the Germans were painted as evil monsters The author showed the compassion of some characters to juxtapose the power hungriness of the others I was extremely impressed with the way the subject was handled and highly recommend THE CONSUMATE TRAITOR to history buffs and lovers of a good story I give the book 5 gold stars.

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    Bonnie Toews demonstrates a writing skill that all writers should strive for the ability to tell a story that is real to the reader, and give the reader a greater sense of the duty of mankind The Consummate Traitor is a compelling story of sacrifice in a time when morals and honor were something of value, challenged by the immorality of Nazi brutality I highly recommend this book, especially to readers who enjoy stories of WWII Bonnie Toews knows how to draw a reader in and keep you turning the pages.

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    Part romance, part historical fiction, part adventure An intriguing tale about two women who must deal with World War II and the confusing swirl of events around them I won t spoil the fun, but figure this one for a two or three session read I always love a strong woman character and Ms Toews delivers two And a twisty, suspenseful plot as well I m looking forward to from this new author.

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    I read this, reviewed it as fantastic, and am now reading it again Bonnie Toews can write a story

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    Bonnie Toews 19 THE CONSUMMATE TRAITOR is a gripping spy thriller set in occupied Germany during World War II The British know that Hitler is working on an atomic bomb, and will use any and all of their espionage assets to prevent that from happening Two women from very different backgrounds find themselves working together in Nazi occupied territory, but somewhere in their chain of command is a traitor, and they are left fighting for their lives as they struggle to complete their mission with the world hanging in the balance.This book had a very interesting and unique plot, and there were twists and turns in seemingly every chapter which left me guessing until the end There is plenty of action, and the characters for the most part are well developed and historically accurate The author has a particular gift for setting up a scene and drawing the reader into the story one scene in particular was so vivid that it haunted me for days after I read it The story does span several years from the late 1930 19s through the end of World War II in only 325 pages, but the author does a remarkable job at using the gaps in the story line to further character development Throughout the story, the characters describe to each other what happened to them in the time periods not explicitly covered by the story, and in the end the timeline is quite complete and consistent Toews also does a commendable job of weaving scripture references and her Christian faith into the overall story without forcing the issue or preaching a difficult line to walk but definitely done well in this book.This story is not for the faint of heart there is no profanity, but there is violence surrounding the Holocaust and several references to torture Spy fans will enjoy it, as well as those who enjoy World War II historical fiction.

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    If you like spy novels, history books, romance and adventure, you won t be able to put down The Consummate Traitor And I ll warn you, when you do emerge from the world of the story, you ll find it has become a part of your soul Toews does not hold back evoking emotion, compelling us to experience the suffering of WWII, as well as the unfailing love that survives its destruction You will feel as though you are there, in every scene she writes, a part of the action and the history.Toews s deep understanding of her characters fears and desires, their strengths and sense of duty is what makes this work of fiction completely believable Her confident handle of the plot s twists and turns will whip you through the story like a joy ride, although you ll find yourself crying at times, maybe even shouting out loud With two beautiful, talented, and courageous female protagonists, both capable of altering the course of the war, and both susceptible to falling in love with the wrong men The Consummate Traitor is an emotional journey on many levels.Finally, what struck me about The Consummate Traitor is the research that went into writing it Astounding From the social etiquettes of the elite to the norms of espionage from the type of limousine Danish royalty drove to the streets a local cabbie might take in Berlin to avoid the madness of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, the details are in place The true beauty of The Consummate Traitor comes from Toews s portrayal of history and the glimmers of love that persisted throughout the darkest of times.

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    Excellent book I felt the plot was stretched a bit maybe a bit over the top on the melodramatic scale I was emotionally invested until the twists crossed the line of believability for me, which left it a bit anticlimactic Overall, still a worthy read.

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