The Crossing (Detective Louise Blackwell #1)

The Crossing (Detective Louise Blackwell #1) In A Small Town Full Of Secrets, Everyone S A Suspect When A Body Is Discovered, Bled Dry On A Beach, The Sleepy Seaside Town Of Weston Super Mare Wakes Up To A Nightmare For Detective Inspector Louise Blackwell, Recently Transferred To The Town She Last Saw As A Child, It S Her First Case On The JobThe Victim Veronica Lloyd, An Elderly Volunteer At A Local Church Has Puncture Wounds To Her Hands When A Priest Is Found Killed In A Nearby Church In A Similarly Grisly Condition, It Becomes Clear That Blackwell Is Dealing With A Righteous And Bloody Murderer But The Victims Aren T Random The Killer Has A Vendetta And Is Hell Bent On Exacting Twisted Revenge For A Dark Secret Dating Back Years And There Are Murders PlannedAs The Body Count Rises, Blackwell Faces A Race Against Time To Solve The Mystery Of The Murderer S Identity And Put An End To The Carnage She Thought She Knew Weston, But The Town Holds Secrets Than She D Ever Have Imagined Who Can She Trust And Who Knows Than They Are Letting On She Must Discover The Crimes That Unite The Victims Before It S Too Late

Following his law degree where he developed an interest in criminal law, Matt Brolly completed his Masters in Creative Writing at Glasgow University He is the bestselling author of the DCI Lambert crime novels, Dead Eyed, Dead Lucky and Dead Embers The fourth in the series, Dead Time, was released by Canelo in May 2018 In addition he is the author of the acclaimed near future crime novel,

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  • The Crossing (Detective Louise Blackwell #1)
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  • 11 March 2018

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    THE CROSSING by Matt Brolly is a police procedural and the first book in the Detective Inspector DI Louise Blackwell series It is set most in and near Weston super Mare in England When the body of an older woman is found on a beach, DI Blackwell becomes the senior investigating officer As Louise and her team work to identify and capture the murderer there are also personal issues that are weaved into the story line.While this book is a police procedural, the reader knows who the killer is in the first chapter as some of the chapters are from his viewpoint The plot is driven by the police working through the clues and the killer s activities and motivations There is a lot going on under the surface Other themes running through the story line include work relationships, the drive to succeed, corruption, infidelity, loneliness, aging, friendship, family, dealing with grief, and much These other themes enhanced the plot.The characters are compelling, fascinating, and felt three dimensional There was enough at stake to keep me engaged throughout the story The world building was absolutely fantastic and gave a clear sense of place.Overall, the plot was creative, absorbing and well paced I would recommend it to those that enjoy police procedurals and British crime dramas I look forward to reading the next book in this series as well as checking out his DCI Michael Lambert series Thanks to Publishing UK and Matt Brolly for a digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley and the opportunity to provide an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Publishing UK for an advance copy of The Crossing, the first novel to feature DI Louise Blackwell, set in the English resort town of Weston super Mare.When the mutilated body of pensioner Veronica Lloyd is found on the beach Louise is keen to get stuck into her first real murder investigation in Weston When the body of a priest, known to Veronica, is found with similar injuries there is no doubt that they are hunting a killer with an agenda.I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Brolly s Michael Lambert series and was looking for to The Crossing Unfortunately it is a psychological thriller than a police procedural and not really to my taste I should underline, however, that my rating reflects my personal reading taste rather than the quality of the novel which has a clear plot and crisp writing The novel switches point of view between DI Louise Blackwell and the killer who is identified immediately and unambiguously as Geoff Simmons with the odd chapter on a missing person case in St Ives whose relevance is obvious The only thing missing is the detail behind the motive I like the hunt in a police procedural and don t enjoy either reading about a killer s motivation and actions in the course of the novel or the police s efforts at catch up I don t have the kind of mind that appreciates the nuance of this approach As a result I ve finished the novel but it didn t hold my attention or make me forego other activities to pick it up my standard for a good book On the other hand I do think that if this is your kind of reading matter you will be impressed by it and its mixture of procedure, character study, strong plot and action.Geoff Simmons is, to use a technical term, a nutter with certain delusions I couldn t care less about an examination of his motivations or actions as there is nothing fresh that can be written about this type of character If he interests you I can report that he is well drawn with a certain naivety in his makeup Louise Blackwell is a character I could come to like if she would drop the paranoia and join the team 18 months ago her fellow officer lied about his actions, resulting in a promotion for him and exile from the MIT in Bristol to Weston for her She suspects he is still trying to sabotage her career As this situation is not resolved in this novel it looks like it will be an ongoing thread.The Crossing is not to my taste but will surely please many other readers with different tastes.

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    Before reviewing this title, I first have to confess I m quite fond of British crime dramas The cover and description of The Crossing immediately evoked shows such as Broadchurch and Happy Valley, leading me to happily delve into its pages In the fallout of the last case she worked at Bristol s Major Investigation Team, DI Louise Blackwell was summarily transferred to the small seaside town of Weston while her manipulative narcissistic ex partner, Timothy Finch, enjoyed a promotion to DCI Eighteen months after her arrival, DI Blackwell encounters her first major case when the bled out body of a woman, with uncharacteristic injuries, is found laying on a beach The first in a series of grisly murders that will shake the town and its inhabitants All that I love in a good British drama is present in this book The author s attention to detail allows us to get intimate knowledge of not only the main character and her family, but also of the supporting cast Along the pages, even the town itself comes alive as a character of its own The murderer isn t your classic two dimensional psychopath, either His slowly revealed motives, rooted in his childhood, his relationship with his father and the church, bring us to a point where we can t help but to feel some empathy, in spite of his despicable acts The expertly written investigation, keeping us constantly guessing alongside the detectives, leads to a riveting ending in which the full meaning of the book s title is finally revealed This appears to be the first book in a new series by bestselling author Matt Brolly, and I, for myself, can t wait to visit the town of Weston again Thanks to Publishing s Thomas Mercer and Netgalley for the ARC provided in exchange for this unbiased review.

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    2 starsNot as good as his Michael Lambert books There is too much angst about Louise s past and her demons She was written as weak and emotional certainly not a strong woman Not someone I d see as a SIO on an important murder case Not a bad book, just not my style I want to thank NetGalley and Publishing UK for forwarding to me a copy of this book for me to read and review.

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    Just finished reading The Crossing and thought it was excellent I loved how the characters of DI Blackwell and the perpetrator are developed throughout the book against the backdrop of Weston super mare and cannot wait to read in this series.Keeps you gripped throughout, interweaving the case and DI Blackwell s own personal turmoils as she tries to solve the murders.Definitely a must read

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    This is a really well written book It is a little different than the Lambert series, less procedural, but for me that is a strength I loved the character development, and the dark atmosphere of the book.

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    This is the first in a new series for Matt Brolly and I haven t read any of his work before, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I liked the character of Louise broken from a past history with her last boss Finch, but was still a strong and determined character You can see the re emergence of her personality as the story progresses, finally get the strength to confront her history and have the self confidence in her abilitiesThe protagonist Geoff I couldn t help but feel a bit sorry for him He felt let down all his life in regard to an event in his childhood, something which should have been acknowledged and dealt with at the time He is someone who has been bullied his whole life and comes across as being sad and lonely He is just messed up but with the desire to commit murder a horrifying combination.Although the plot of stigmata has been done numerous times before I still enjoyed the narrative and the dramatic ending was chillingThis book was chilling, thought provoking and fast paced I would certainly be interested in reading the second book when it is released.

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    Wow Completely in love with this book I am actually just discovering this author The story is developing brilliantly and really keep you hooked from start the finish I absolutely love everything about the story The plot is excellent and the ending is nicely done.

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    4.5 StarsThis is the first book in the Detective Inspector Louise Blackwell series by Matt Brolly.I ll tell you one thing, Matt Brolly sure makes it easy to dislike one of his characters One of Louise s foils when this starts off is a colleague who made her look bad months earlier and then took the position she was a shoe in for Now, he is continually harassing her What a schmuck Since this is only book one, and I am sure the struggle between them will not be solved in quick measure I really can t wait for the story that reveals this character s true colors Most of the police force seem to have blinders on where this character is concerned So, when a ritual killing turns up in her new backyard, the higher ups in the police department want to call in those they think are knowledgable and of course, that team is headed up by Louise s old nemesis.With the pressure on, Louise is out to prove to herself and her colleagues that she can solve this complex case It is a super gripping read Get ready to stay up late to finish this if you read late in the evening.Definitely excited by this new series by Brolly I also enjoy his other series, DCI Michael Lambert I love finding new to me authors who put out such great work This is a series I will continue to pick up in the future So good If you love a good mystery suspense thriller or detective fiction police procedural, definitely check this one out You won t be disappointed.I received this as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in return for an honest review I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.

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    The Crossing by Matt Brolly First book in a new police procedural series featuring DI Louise Blackwell Her first case on the job is interwoven with DI Blackwell s personal turmoil There was a lot of focus on her past which at times detracted from the investigation The killer is known from the beginning and the investigation reveals his motives in a well written and intriguing plot Looking forward to the next book in the series and revisiting DI Blackwell s squad Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.

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