The Dab of Dickens, the Touch of Twain and the Shade Of Shakespeare

The Dab of Dickens, the Touch of Twain and the Shade Of Shakespeare You Ll Never Look At These Literary Giants The Same Way AgainThey Are Icons Of The Literary World Whose Soaring Works Have Been Discussed And Analyzed In Countless Classrooms, Homes, And Pubs Yet For Most Readers, The Living, Breathing Human Beings Behind The Classics Have Remained Unknown Until Now In This Utterly Captivating Book, Dr Elliot Engel, A Leading Authority On The Lives Of Great Authors, Illuminates The Fascinating And Flawed Members Of Literature S Elite In Lieu Of Stuffy Biographical Sketches, Engel Provides Fascinating Anecdotes Essays Read By Dr Elliot Engel, PhD Other Selections Read By David Birney, Scott Brick, Grover Gardner, Joe Barrett, Stefan Rudnicki, Ralph Cosham, And Others

Professor Elliot Engel is considered the most insightful, personable, and entertaining academic keynote speaker to come out of academia in the last fifty years His witty, engaging speaking style imparts hard, factual information, leaving his audiences virtually spellbound, yet charmed by periods of laughter and flashes of insight Using anecdotes, analysis, and large doses of humor, he gives new

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  • Audiobook
  • The Dab of Dickens, the Touch of Twain and the Shade Of Shakespeare
  • Elliot Engel
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9781455137589

10 thoughts on “The Dab of Dickens, the Touch of Twain and the Shade Of Shakespeare

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    The professor writes as well as his subjects, all giants of literature He knows them well and shares his insight You will enjoy this book.

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    Great book.Covers the interesting life stories of these 3 authors.Also, includes excepts from their lesser known writings.Interesting Facts Shakespeare Wrote 37 plays Dropped out of school at age 14 Invented the following phrases Thank you from the bottom of my heart Left high and dry Piece of cake Tongue tied Refuse to budge an inch In a pickle Slept not one wink The long and short of it Through thick and thin many Charles Dickens Had 15 major works Invented the paperback book Invented procrastinated suspense aka only releasing parts of the story at a time to keep readers coming back. Earned 68 Million as a writer the most ever Mark Twain Could have become rich selling cocaine, but decided to become a river boat captain His river boat captain days lasted less than a month, because the Civil War broke out. The name Mark Twain is a river boat term used when they boat is in 12ft aka 2 fathoms of water and they can anchor the ship Wrote the first book that used American dialect

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    Good Interesting and informative.This little book reminds me of a fruitcake with morsels of yumminess here and there.

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    This book took me back to all the wonderful discussions I had in college Being an English lit major, most of what was in this book, if not all of it, were things we learned and talked about in class So it was like going back to class and talking about Dickens childhood and Shakespeare s sonnets and plays Engel s writing is both enjoyable and informative It doesn t focus on the whole, of his literary subjects, but gives you an important glimpse into their lives A wonderful book that I highly recommend for all readers.Note I ve chosen to listen to this book because I thought these are the best types of books that you listen to on audiobook form.

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    Listening to this book feels a great deal like being back in an undergrad English Literature course Professor Engel teaches his material with enthusiasm and obvious personal fascination and then assigns a great load of reading to do before the next class topic can be discussed I felt a strong temptation to skip ahead to the next lecture, but I dutifully sat through the Shakespeare, Dickens, and Twain excerpts which were inconsistently identified, making it difficult to keep track of which sonnet or story we were stepping into I found myself wishing there had been an audit option, where I could have come for the lessons and skipped the homework portion I suspect that will be my approach when I read the other books in this series.

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    Elliot Engel is a professor who would engage anyone in the lives of these famous authors with fascinating tidbits about their lives and the times in which they lived This is enhanced by having different narrators read copious samples of their work to give you a really good feel for why they are worth reading I ve done the Shade of Shakespeare and am now on the Dab of Dickens enjoying this immensely.This is an excerpt of the book by the way The whole book doesn t exist in audio But I am enjoying it enough that I have the print version requested from the library.

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    Way delightful, interesting, and lively than the title suggests, this compilation of literary biographies is accessible and well written I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the engaging writing and compelling details of these authors lives You won t regret reading this, and I even gathered some great information to use in my classroom.

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    Funny, interesting stories that make Shakespeare, Dickens and, to a lesser extent, Twain, come alive Lucas loved it Very short, but padded with badly chosen excerpts from the authors that I found boring.

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    Love these interesting biographies Especially Poe

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    Very good and very amusing look at the work of the three greatest writers in the english language.

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