The Dead Game

The Dead Game Wow this novel is so precious It introduces us to a little town Oasis where tourists disappear without a trace, murders here and there but the local police always trying to hide them Linda and her friends got invited to a mysterious party in the End House and that s the beginning of their adventures Everything I love about a book is in here The storyline is beyond perfect , with a chess game vibe where everyone is pawn and the reader has no idea what is going on so we are living the game with them Hellooo, plot twists Especially the romance plot Didn t see it happen at all Mystery,thriller and action, I m sure any young adult reader will love this one Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review Trang Book Blogger Linda Moves To A Seaside Town To Live A Quiet Life She Opens A Bookstore And Makes New Friends Life Is Simple That Is Until The Dead Body Washes Up On Shore Linda Is Horrified To Find That Dead Bodies And Disappearing Tourists Are Common For This Small Town As Soon As The Sun Sets, The Residents And Tourists Are Stalked By Dark Shadows But This Is Only The BeginningLinda And Her Friends Receive An Unsigned Invitation To A Party At A Deserted House They Are Pursued Through Revolving Rooms And Dangerous Traps, Barely Escaping With Their Lives Two Of Their Own Remain Trapped In The House Or So They ThinkThey Must Embark On A Difficult Journey, Chased By Unnatural Creatures, Not Knowing Whom To Trust, To Uncover The One Controlling The Game And Everyone In Town Who Are The Dead Are They Humans Or Vampires Or A Combination Of Both Will There Be An End To Their Evil Game Will Linda And Todd Find Love Will A Second Book Be Needed The Dead Game Has Begun Some books take an eternity to get things kick started, using slow burn tactics to ramp up suspense or develop storylines, some almost to the point where you almost feel like giving up on them with the thought the ultimate payoff is never going to culminate.Susanne Leist s debut opus The Dead Game is not one of those books.From the very moment it gets underway, starting off with a sinister, tempestuous and enthralling prologue section which takes place five years prior to the main story, it launches directly into chills and thrills and lays out a wonderfully dark and engaging foundation on which to build all ensuing events.After these cataclysmic events in the residence known as End House in the seemingly idyllic Florida town of Oasis, the story now begins in earnest from present day revolving around chief character Linda Barnett who has relocated to this very town in a bid to discover a simple, peaceful existence.For a while, that is exactly what she finds in this apparently ideally named township, but that is all going to change and soon enough it does, with Oasis becoming plagued by a host of strange and mysterious occurrences, deaths that occur once the sun goes down.The mysterious invitations to a party hosted by unknown persons, received by Linda and her bunch of compatriots are the spurring agent to initiate events where the worried townsfolk embark on a nightmarish expedition to uncover the dark secrets lurking behind the perfect innocuous facade of oasis.Leist is a great natural storyteller and she exhibits her skills here, weaving a cornucopia of elements into the fabric of the tale, developing a cast of intriguing characters who engage the reader and draw them into their various stories and agendas.This is a supernatural thriller, predominantly involving things of a vampiric nature, but it is far from your standard generic vampire by the numbers piece, it is skilfully crafted to involve romantic overtures along with lashings of action and loads of building suspense, as well as some atmospheric horror, all neatly balanced without sacrificing any of the components.Rolling along with a suitable undercurrent of menace and portentous threat, The Dead Game keeps things interesting with a host of plot shifts and moments to maintain a strong desire to continue reading and become absorbed in the frightening secrets engulfing those who dwell in Oasis.For the most part, the characters are extremely well fleshed out, in particular those in main roles such as pivotal soul Linda herself as well as the mysterious and wealthy Todd, the vivacious Shana Logan and the others in the core group of friends, and the author ensures we care about what happens to these folk, though having the knowledge that not all is right at End House means we re helpless to warn them against having anything to do with it.Susanne Leist has constructed a thoroughly engrossing debut novel here and those who enjoy atmospheric supernatural thrillers with a taut and deftly written story will find plenty to captivate them here. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review The Dead Game isn t usually the type of novel that I go for, but I m trying to readof a variety I was excited to read something a little outside my comfort zone, but I was a little disappointed.The beginning was pretty slow and there were so many characters introduced that I couldn t keep them straight They didn t really have anything unique about them because they were all beautiful, lived in the same building and owned their own stores on the same street and those were just the main characters By the end of the book, the entire town was introduced The relationships didn t feel authentic to me either The one thing that bothers me the most is that one of the characters explicitly states that they have never had a conversation with their love interest but they were obsessed with each other The dialogue itself was weird as well These are kids right out of college, but everything they said was incredibly formal.The plot for the story had definite potential, but to me it felt like I was being told things versus being shown them I was intrigued by all of the supernatural beings and their history, but I was a little let down by their actions Whenever there was conflict, things seemed to be too easily solved I went into this book thinking it was going to be action driven, but it wasn t Like I said, this book has a lot of potential and if there were a few less characters orunique characters andshowing versus telling then I think it could have been great. The beauty of the horror genre is variety With so many sub genres, you can always find something to read, something to take your fancy Be it serial killers, ghosts, haunted houses, thrillersyou get the point From a personal perspective, I love stories about small towns That s right, when a group of characters go to a town and discover all manners of evil lurking within It s one sub genre I think speaks to everyone in some way All the masters of horror have done it King did it was It, Laymon with Funland, Herbert with The Fog For me, it s the type of tale I can read multiple times.The Dead Game was a surprise to me Initially, the cover didn t give much away It s been mentioned in several reviews, but this book throws you straight into the story True, it develops the characters a little before unleashing the town s horrors on them something we know is inevitable but for some reason, it doesn t feel rushed or forced There s no loitering, The Dead Game wants our attention from the start and garners it with crisp dialogue and excellent character development When the characters receive their invite to the game of the titleyou can feel the hairs standing on end Invited to an isolated house on the hill Yep, we all love a story that does this.A supernatural thriller needs characters to push it along The Dead Game has that in abundance The characters are intriguing, realistic and very normal considering the chills on display We feel for them and when the town starts to unleash unknown terrors, you can t help but get swept away by the story and feel like you re living the horror with them This along with the pacing, frantic but never overbearing, and a simple premise that s heightened by some excellent storytelling, makes for a gripping read, one that will keep your attention throughout.5 Totally I don t want to give too much away this book deserves to be read blind but this novel has something for everyone For horror fans, there s plenty to keep you busy and for non horror, well, it contains a bit of something for you too A chilling tale of things that go bump in the night, and day, and will keep you thoroughly entertained Great stuff THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist is full of so many twists and turns, one may forget where the story began Her creativity and imagination went wild, making for an entertaining read She has cleverly mixed romance, mystery, horror, and paranormal fantasy And her twist to vampires was interesting Leist is great with describing scenes, placing the reader right into the pages What I struggled with was all the characters and the switching points of view, especially in the beginning It was hard to remember who was who and why they mattered Maybe if she developed themit would have been easier It s hard to keep up when the author head hops frequently.I do have to say for a debut novel she made quite the impression Leist has quite the imagination and she isn t afraid to show it And I believe with time she ll nail the character aspect She s definitely an author to keep an eye on This would appeal to those who love vampire stories with a twist. Linda moves to the town of Oasis, Florida to open a bookstore This was a strange little town with tourists disappearing and bodies being wash up on shore Linda and her friends receive an unsigned invitation to a party at the End House The End house has been desert for many years and is said to be haunted Linda and her friends attend the so called party but they were the only ones there Linda and the gang barely escape with their life s Two of the invited guess are trapped somewhere in the house Strange dark shadows lurk in Oasis after dark This story is about good and evil vampires fighting over whether to live in peace with the humans or destroy them The main characters is this story are well developed and this adds to the strength of the storyline This is the first book that I have read by Susanne Leist I plan on checking out another works by this author. I recommend this book Usually I don t like vampire stories, they re trite and Susanne Leist s The Dead Game is like a scavenger hunt with a twist of the board game Clue Every character is like a chess piece and just when you think you ve got checkmate, you realize the game isn t over yet Leist has added a refreshing twist with this with a lot of plot twists which prolongs the suspense aspect which keeps the intrigue intense It s like Hollywood story meets The Munsters Starting with the haunted house deliberately leads the reader into a Pandora s Box creating a paradoxical effect that is most imaginative and rare Very creative I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.When Ms Susanne Leist approached me about reading and reviewing her Supernatural mystery novel The Dead Game, I decided to check it out and received a free ebook copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review I was not disappointed For a debut novel, Ms Leist did an incredible job telling the story of a small coastal town in Florida called Oasis and the dark secrets surrounding it.Tourists go missing and dark shadows lurk the town of Oasis at night When five friends get invited to a mysterious party at End house, a haunted house that lies deserted at the top of the mountain past town, they accept the invite not knowing the dangers that lurk within Attending the party, they run for their lives to get out as deadly traps await them Most of them make it out alive but two remain in the house or so they think With bodies drained of blood lying on the beach near End house, can they find their friends and solve the mystery of who or what tried to kill them before they become the next victims and are silenced forever in the dead game Read the book to find out.This was a pretty good read Be sure to check this book out I reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries and supernatural horror novels It is available atand Barnes Noble I give this book 5 stars for original storyline, a great variety of characters, and for holding me onto the edge of my seat until the very end.

Hello My name is Susanne Leist I m the author of The Dead Game Series The Dead Game, Book One, brings fantasy and the surreal to the classic murder mystery with dead bodies, suspects, and clues It offers vampires, vampire derivatives, and a touch of romance to give spice to the mix Once you read The Dead Game, you will never look at a dead body the same way In Book Two, Prey for The Dead, th

[Ebook] ➦ The Dead Game  By Susanne  Leist –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Dead Game
  • Susanne Leist
  • 26 February 2019
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