Delta Factor

Delta FactorIt has been well over forty years since I read this novel I did a re read before tackling The Consummata, due out in October from Hard Case Crime.Morgan The Raider had been convicted of stealing forty million in new bills the Treasury was transporting He d been caught up in a sweep of a cheap hotel where authorities were after a drug dealer Hidden in the room was a stash of money from the heist, serial numbers all matching.Morgan had escaped and, because someone ran a red light, hitting his car and him regaining consciousness in the hospital handcuffed to a bed, he was in custody again.They were offering him a deal to reduce his sentence A man, a scientist with security knowledge vital to America, was a prisoner on a Caribbean island run by a dictator He was demanding money for the scientist and the Russians were after him also.His job was threefold ascertain if the man was still alive If he was, get him out If that wasn t possible, kill him.Morgan was working all the angles he told them if they wanted it done, he kept the forty million They weren t anxious to agree.They didn t know one thing though Morgan hadn t stolen the money, despite his conviction He was going to find it as well as doing the job.He had a minder as well, a beautiful agent that was to be his new bride as they played the casinos on the island They even went so far as to marry them She had her orders also. I made a mistake It isn t the X factor at all Oh The Delta Factor, she said It s all Greek to me, I told her.There was something in her expression I couldn t quite read Delta, she repeated, the phallic symbol for a woman The triangle The personal little geometric design that identifies the female from the male The eternal triangle She looked at me long and hard You and your damn broads Morgan the Raider is the perpetual doppelganger of Spillane s hero in the acclaimed PI series with the protagonist a mirror image of Mike Hammer Morgan s mannerisms either intentionally or unintentionally are so similar I couldn t help but picture Morgan as younger Mike Hammer minus the trench coat and hat While comparisons are overwhelming, the plot deviates slightly from the PI formula enough to instil a sense of international thriller ala James Bond with national security paramount to the plight Morgan, for his part is merely a disposable pawn in a much larger picture who quickly assumes a prominent role courtesy of the delta factor Teaming up with a voluptuous federal agent under the guise of a newlywed couple, Morgan enters Nuevo Cadiz and steadfastly establishes a routine as a smart and patient gambler while wife Kim shops and generally conforms to the 60 s woman stereotype supposedly waiting on her mans every beck and call supposedly being the operative word Soon enough bodies pile up and corrupt senior officials become hip to Morgan s presence on the island The allusive 40 million supposedly stolen by Morgan is omnipresent as he attempts to fulfil his deed to the U.S Government with many interactions assuming a double play with the elements converging upon one another While the drive is a shortened sentence following his earlier apprehension at a criminal safe house, Morgan s internal focus is perceived as the thrill of the hunt the target, Victor Sable, an occupant of a well guarded jail as a political prisoner and the opportunity to manipulate his federal agent handler Had Spillane concentrated on Morgan s attempt to deliver Sable from captivity to US soil than spending time on the casino floor, gambling and conducting Hammer like investigations, and investing time to the various sub plots surrounding the 40 million The Delta Factor would ve rated highly My rating 2.5 stars it sufficed insofar as entertaining me though the almost bipolar affect of part time PI, part time thriller often had me thinking I was reading a different kind of book That, coupled with Morgan s seemingly never ending lucky streak of cash, women, befriending the right contacts too easily, etc put a damper on what was a solid plot and interesting cast of characters I look forward to seeing what influence Max Allan Collins has in co authoring the belated sequel The Consummata Parting quote I was less than a shadow and bigger than the rules Morgan the Raider Best Ebook, Delta Factor By Mickey Spillane This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Delta Factor, Essay By Mickey Spillane Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Classic Spillane awesomeness. Sicuramente un libro di cui si sente il passaggio del tempo Morgan il Razziatore una specie macho senza paura, sciupafemmine, delinquente, ma dal cuore d oro Kim, la bellona di turno, dovrebbe essere una super agente della CIA, ma in realt non fa nulla tranne essere bella non un idea, non un azione e anzi una certa soggezione nei confronti di Morgan lo ammetto, questo aspetto del romanzo mi ha fatta un po innervosire Il romanzo tutto inseguimenti, assassinii, tradimenti e macchinazioni varie una lettura da relax, carina, ma niente di pi. I spend much of my time reading and writing academic stuff and I also love to read popular histories and think of myself as a bit or an amateur history buff, but when it comes to fiction, I like my escapism fiction Mickey Spillane s work is escapism, pure and simple I know Mickey Spillane was not a good writer in the view of literary critics, his plots were simplistic and his characters were mostly one dimensional and cartoonish and his views and ideas don t fit in well with the PC 21st century, but still, I find his stories mostly entertaining He was basically a pulp fiction writer who wrote novels after the death of the pulps.Although this one was not one of his best works in my view, for a variety of reasons such as the plot was absurd, which in itself is not a problem but it went beyond the normal absurdity of a typical Spillane novel, the main character, Morgan the Raider, really wasn t as interesting as Mike Hammer or Tiger Mann in my opinion It wasn t terrible, but from the gambling winning streak to the ending of the story, it was hard to maintain the suspension of disbelief needed to enjoy escapism fiction.I would suggest this one is only for true Mickey Spillane fans, if one wants to get a taste of Mickey Spillane, I the Jury or other works might be better. Tuntematon Tekij Sicuramente non il miglior romanzo di Spillane se di questa antica lettura non mi rimasto neanche un briciolo di ricordo if you like Spillane, this is one of his better ones, a stand alone novel about Morgan the Raider While I started out reading like his famous Mike Hammer series, I ve found his short stories stand alones to be much better don t like the Tiger Mann series at all This one isn t quite a 5 star Spillane, but it ranks pretty close to the top There is a bit too much luck angst involved, but they re always a factor in his writing.Morgan, the man, learning about his past, how tough good he is, is the point of the story He s not just the hero of an action story, but the reason for it If you re not into a tough guy ego trip, this isn t the book for you, although the action is pretty good The setting time is intentionally obscured, but is still somewhat dated There are Commies, that everyone knows are bad Long distance service to the Caribbean island is by radio only It was a fun read on a cold, windy snowy day A perfect way to relax a good break from the epic fantasy series I m reading right now. An original Spillane from the 1960 s that I had not read As I have the sequel, completed by Max Allen Collins, I needed to read this one first Out of print so it took me some time to track down a copy A bit of departure from his usual hard boiled detective style, the hero of this book is a master criminal forced to work for the US Government Very much in the action adventure espionage category it did not seem to have any classic Spillane wit in it This left me feeling less than enthusiastic about the whole thing The twist at the very end was pretty good and I hope the sequel follows up on what happened there.

Mickey Spillane was one of the world s most popular mystery writers His specialty was tight fisted, sadistic revenge stories, often featuring his alcoholic gumshoe Mike Hammer and a cast of evildoers who launder money or spout the Communist Party line.His writing style was characterized by short words, lightning transitions, gruff sex and violent endings It was once tallied that he offed 58 peop

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