The Dream of a Thousand Nights

The Dream of a Thousand Nights Neriah, The Crown Prince Of Tazier, Escapes His Father S Deadly Wrath With The Help Of A Jinn Named Tamir Knowing That The Other Jinn Would Find And Punish Him For Falling In Love With A Human, Tamir Takes Neriah S Memories Of Their Brief Time Together And Leaves Him With Only A Jade Pendant As A Token Of His Love Tamir Is Then Stripped Of His Powers And Imprisoned For His Crime Ten Years Later, Neriah Is Still On The Run From The King S Assassins, But Each Night He Dreams Of A Lover Whose Face He Cannot See And Whose Name He Does Not Know, But Who Fills His Heart With Peace Tamir, Freed At Last From His Prison Cell, Poses As A Pleasure Slave And Offers To Serve The Prince Although Neriah Does Not Recognize Tamir, He Falls In Love With The Powerless Jinn But Just When Tamir Has Earned Neriah S Trust, He Is Forced To Betray It There May Be No Hope Of Mending Their Broken Relationship, But Tamir Is Determined To See Neriah On His Rightful Throne Even If It Costs The Jinn His Life

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 191 pages
  • The Dream of a Thousand Nights
  • Shira Anthony
  • English
  • 20 August 2018

10 thoughts on “The Dream of a Thousand Nights

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    This book was hard to rate for me, since I really, really wanted to like it and still ended up being unable to Might ve been only me, but I stumbled upon some of my pet peeves here which ultimately left me underwhelmed by this book.On the one hand, it had many elements I m usually very fond of The setting alone I adore the Arabian Night fairytales, which was one of the reasons I grabbed this book as soon as I had the chance Then the premise I like angst, and I like forced separations of lovers and romantic and or passionate reunions which, as I can say without getting ahead of myself, this book both has in spades I also found it fairly well written, consistent in its language the narrative smooth and rather modern, while the dialogue sounds slightly oldfashioned, in tune with the setting There were parts I liked well enough, for example the dreams Neriah had, or the jinn world and philosophy, or later in the book, the matureness with which Neriah came to terms with Tamir s decision And I loved Kuri, she was one tough as nails lady and the best big sister Tamir could have wished for.But.Unfortunately, there was a big but, several actually For one, there were a number of huh moments that threw me out of the story, the biggest of which occured right at the beginning and sat in the back of my mind like a nagging little burr.When we first meet Neriah, he s a sixteen year old boy on the run from his father s guards who have just murdered his mother, the king s favorite He literally escaped with the clothes on his back, jumped to his near death from the palace walls, only saved by a pair of young jinns, Tamir and Kuri, who took him in and healed him btw, Neriah is unawares of Tamir being a jinn, but when Tamir tells him your body has been mended , Neriah doesn t so much as bat an eyelash, but takes the news just like that Next thing we see is Neriah marching on his father s town with an army of his own some ten years later Not a word about how Neriah managed to gather an army, how he came by his followers at all, and most of all, how he came by the wealth that is mentioned several times in the further course of the story Even though it s supposed to be a fairytale, this unanswered mystery bothered me to no end throughout the story.Next, there s Neriah s and Tamir s first reunion I beg to keep in mind that, as it says in the blurb, Neriah has no memories of Tamir left So all Neriah can see is a slave his men freed from an enemy camp, a man who could just as well be a spy or a mortal enemy for all he knows And what does he do, this able warlord and leader of men He sends his men away and, within minutes after first meeting him, requires a blow job from the slave I couldn t help but cringe at the thought of bringing something as tender as a dick near the teeth of a possible enemy Neriah seems unable to decide if he can trust Tamir or not While the warlord finds himself unable to resist the sexual attraction which is understandable since Tamir used to be a jinn, and humans are supposed to be unable to resist a jinn s sexual lure , he keeps Tamir bound, even makes him ride with bound hands It seemed to me as if this element was only there to add a little bondage to their sex, since Tamir can otherwise move freely among Nariah s men, even train swordplay with them To me, this didn t make much sense Further, even though Neriah expresses his distrust toward Tamir than once, he keeps the presumptive slave in his inner circle, asks and heeds his advice, as do his men And while I could relate well enough to Tamir s motives for following Neriah and loving him which were perfectly appropriate for a fairytale , the way Neriah took a one eighty with Tamir took me by surprise.Anyway, Neriah During the first third to first half of the book, I found he acted quite different from what we re told all around he s supposed to be like wise, independent, self confident instead, he acts mostly arrogant,haughty and quite whimsical so I couldn t help wondering how he could inspire loyalty in his followers He redeemed himself later, but I found him so annoying that I would ve stopped reading by then if I hadn t read this for a review.My next but was the sheer amount of drama in here As I said above, I like angst, but not for its own sake Forced separation, self sacrifice, having to watch one s lover experience sexual pleasure with someone else, guilt, remorse, an oath of celibacy after presumably losing the love of one s life forever, a number of dramatic reunions those two have to go through a lot, not to mention watching one s mother murdered by one s own father, exile, several mortal wounds that can only be healed by supernatural powers which, conveniently, are always just handy, as this is a fairytale, after all , incarceration, torture it was a bit much.So, no, this book was not for me, even though I enjoyed parts of it I beg to keep in mind that mine is only one opinion others may very well be able to lose themselves in the colorful magic of the setting and not be bothered at all by the things that bothered me Guess you ll have to find out for yourself.Originally reviewed on

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    3.5 starsNeriah, the crown prince of Tazier, is running for his life after witnessing his mother s death at the hands of his father s orders Tamir, a young Jinn, heals Neriah when Neriah becomes injured and unconscious Tamir has loved Neriah from afar for years which is forbidden for any Jinn and so after he saves Neriah and lets him go with a cleansed memory of their encounter, Tamir is punished Losing his powers for loving a human is the least of Tamir s problems when they meet again ten years later after Tamir s enforced slavery Neriah is none the wiser of their previous encounter when they were young but that doesn t stop the two from building a relationship off the lust and affection that they can t help but feel With Neriah trying to get revenge on his father and Tamir s old mentor, Amir, looking to force Tamir back into his life could possibly create a betrayal that just might break their fledgling bond.This book is hard for me to rate I thought the plot was a very good one From the beginning I was fascinated with it, with Neriah and Tamir s characters It was easy for me to feel for both Neriah and Tamir while at the same time enjoying how the story was progressing The beginning was truly awesome and I just could not put the book down There was a bit too much sex for my liking, hot sex yes, but that didn t derail me from enjoying it It just made me think, Geez, they re going at it, again.In the middle, however, my enjoyment of the story started to flag because something happens that I truly did not agree with I felt like Tamir and Neriah were really starting to explore the relationship Tamir had lost a part of his life over and then it happens view spoiler It being the fact that Tamir gets kidnapped by his old master, Amir, and then because Tamir no longer has his powers for saving Neriah all those years ago, Amir is able to bewitch Tamir into wanting him I could live with that if I know Tamir truly does not want it but the moaning and groaning he gave willingly even though he thinks before any sex that he doesn t want to lose Neriah kind of made me feel like his love for Neriah wasn t a legit feeling in some ways Call me a hopeless romantic but you d think since Tamir risked his life to save Neriah all those years ago and put up with a hell of a life for a decade, as a former Jinn, he d have some way of either rejecting Amir or at least controlling his cries of pleasure Honestly, I could deal with knowing that Amir and Tamir were having sex but I did not need to see it There is only one scene that needed to be shown between Amir and Tamir but aside from that, none of the sex had to be shown, IMO I felt like there was sex between Amir and Tamir than Neriah and Tamir and that right there is just not right, at least that s how I feel hide spoiler

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    My first M M romance, The Dream of a Thousand Nights is a fantasy fairy tale about a prince and a Jinn and the power of love This long novella 45K words was inspired by a short story I co authored a few years ago.A little bit of BDSM, a little magic, a nasty old king, lots of angst, handsome princes, Jinn and lots of sand If you re curious, there s a link to an excerpt Chapter 1 in its entirety on my Goodreads profile or at the DSP website ShiraPS If you re interested, the short story that inspired this book is available for free download here on Goodreads The Prince and the Jinn UPDATE Dream has been nominated for several M M Romance Group awards here on Goodreads Please check out the fabulous M M Romance Group and the other nominees here M M Goodreads Group

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    There were a few things about this book that would normally have me hitting the roof or growling at the very least I did not care, not one single bit This story managed to engage me completely making me cheer for Neriah and Tamir, making me want to shake some sense into them, taking me to unexpected places, breaking my heart, making me cry like a fool and finally end up happy I enjoyed the heck out of it Bring on Amir

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    This book was written to create as much angst as possible.Lovers separated by the authority CheckedLover has to witness the other one being humped by another man and the other one seems to enjoy it CheckedLover has to choose between the lover s life and his own love CheckedLover has to be alone for several years knowing that the other one is used as a boytoy but he cannot do anything about it CheckedLover has to let go his loved one because he loves another person CheckedAnd these are on top of a son has to witness his mother being killed and him being chased by his own father.Since it s a thousand nights world, with jinn and others, the author has the flexibility to create rule of games in her plot to maximize the angst And she uses it all Don t get me wrong It s a good story if you like angst induced by, among others, but not limited to, stuff I listed above It s just not my cup of tea.

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    If you ve marked this as to read but haven t yet, I strongly urge you to make the time to do so I don t often read this genre because so much of it is poorly written with storylines that have not been logically thought through however, when Shira asked me to help edit her manuscript, I found myself being drawn into the story almost as if by magic The alien yet familiar setting is the perfect backdrop for the plot driven by both Fate and unyielding love The characters, while very much like those from other fairy tales, are real people with issues that they need to overcome for themselves I m not even a fan of bondage, but far from being gratuitous, it is a key indicator of how Neriah and Tamir grow as men and grow in their relationship with each other It is a mesmerizing read that will keep you up at night if you aren t careful.

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    Light hearted and sweet, but still oh, so achingly beautiful That jade pendant is so totally a consummate Chekhov s gun it s not even funny.It s great I like that it tackles serious subjects, but still maintains a light tone I think the lightness adds to the fairy tale myth like quality of it much than a darker tone would have.And it s got a moral.It s got a nice ambiance Very 1001 NIghts esque.

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    This book is about a bunch of overgrown teenagers with raging hormones, irrational, stubborn and angry There is no reason to their actions, no logic in their thoughts The writing itself is on immature side Disappointed The rating is for the 40% I ve suffered through.

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    This review was written prior to this book being picked up by publisher Final content may not be reflected in this review.Moving on The biggest compliment I can give to this tale is that I remained awake past my bed time to read just a little I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Tamir and Neriah The world created around these characters Tazier is at once original and familiar It had a very Middle Eastern feel to it, coupled with some magic and otherworldly elements Aladdin meets King Arthur It was very easy to instantly submerge myself in the scenery and the confines of the story and I really enjoyed that.The story telling was superb I quickly grasped each characters motivations and desires No plot holes and little to no errors in the text to distract me from greedily making my way from one sentence to the next I found the story telling so engrossing that I didn t notice or really take heed of certain elements I usually characterize as missing from a romantic erotic story For example, the sex was usually brief and not very descriptive, still, there seemed to be some emotional subtext that made me say good enough for me I don t need a blow by blow no pun intended Also, the story operates in a time warp, entire months years pass in the mention of one sentence Normally, I would raise a flag and call that lazy, but somehow it just worked in this story.In the end, while I DO wish the story were longer just so I could spend time with Tamir and Neriah , I have to say that I was very impressed with this author The Dream of a Thousand Nights is a ruby in a sea of crap

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    Reviewed by Kristen I love the setting and idea of the story, but I m a torn about the actual story.The characters are amazing I love Tamir and Neriah Both are complex and I understand why they act the way they do.What makes me torn about this is that there s a part of the story that is blurring the lines of consensual sex and just plain rape between one of the main characters and a Jinn While Tamir didn t object, he didn t really have a choice because Jinns are these beautiful creatures that no human can resist I just don t know what to feel about that part I get why it was included and it would feel less if it wasn t there, but I m not a fan of this theme.BUT, and the but is huge, I loved everything else about this book.Shira Anthony created a unique tale I want to reread over and over again skipping the consensual sex rape part She even got me to like the Jinn Amir that seduced Tamir in the end, although he was my mortal enemy no 1 during most part of the book.Now I m totally excited and looking forward to Amir s story I want him to see for himself what love is all about and to see the errors of his way, while still finding love A

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