The Eighth Day (Eighth Day, #1)

The Eighth Day (Eighth Day, #1) One morning 13 year old Jax wakes up and the house is empty The electricity is out, the streets are deserted, and the sky is a strange shade of pink Jax is terrified, until he finds out that this is actually Grunsday It s a magical eighth day smooshed between Wednesday and Thursday created centuries ago by the great Merlin himself Things get even stranger when Jax realizes there is a mysterious girl named Evangeline imprisoned in the house next door What s , she s locked in the eighth day The other seven days of the week don t exist to her She even ages slower TheJax learns about Grunsday thehe begins to realize it s not just magical, it s dangerous.This action packed adventure is built around the modern day descendants of Merlin, Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and others from the Arthurian legends Chapters alternate between Evangeline and Jax s perspectives, allowing for revelations, suspense, and a fast paced narrative The implications of an eighth day are well thought out and revealed throughout the story There is some violence, but nothing explicit The first in a series, this an excellent recommendation for kids who are clamoring to read dystopian stories, but aren t quite ready for the graphic content Full review at Chapter Book Explorer This was an extremely solid series starter The end of this book definitely gave me a taste of the excitement that is to come in the next two books When Jax Wakes Up To A World Without Any People In It, He Assumes It S The Zombie Apocalypse But When He Runs Into His Eighteen Year Old Guardian, Riley Pendare, He Learns That He S Really In The Eighth Day An Extra Day Sandwiched Between Wednesday And Thursday Some People Like Jax And Riley Are Transitioners, Able To Live In All Eight Days, While Others, Including Evangeline, The Elusive Teenage Girl Who S Been Hiding In The House Next Door, Exist Only On This Special DayAnd There S A Reason Evangeline S Hiding She Is A Descendant Of The Powerful Wizard Merlin, And There Is A Group Of People Who Wish To Use Her In Order To Destroy The Normal Seven Day World And All Who Live In It Torn Between Protecting His New Friend And Saving The Entire Human Race From Complete Destruction, Jax Is Faced With An Impossible Choice Even With An Eighth Day, Time Is Running Out I absolutely loved this book to death along with the characters, and the the story was compulsively readable I was hooked from the first chapter and enjoyed everything about the story except for the length too short The good news There are twobooks in this series I settled in to read just a bit of The Eighth Day and finished it in one sitting It is one of those books I simply could not put down The story begins with 12 year old Jax Aubrey attempting to settle into his new life with his guardian, Riley Pendare The unfortunate truth is that Jax doesn t care much for Riley and would rather be living with his mother s cousin The next day he turns 13, and life as he knew it will never be the same He goes to bed Wednesday night and the next day everyone is gone Jax is certain that the zombie apocalypse, or something equally bad, devastated the world while he slept 24 hours later Thursday dawns and everything is back to normal.One week later it happens again.This time, he runs into his guardian, Riley Pendare, and finds out that he is a Transitioner who lives in an extra day of the week Grunsday There are also people like his neighbor, Evangeline, who only live on Grunsday.All of the people who live on Grunsday are descendants of the legendary King Arthur, Merlin, and the knights of the round table Powerful magic created Grunsday and powerful magic is at work now to free the people trapped in that Eighth Day If they succeed, everyone who lives in the other seven days will be lost.The Eighth Day is targeted to Middle Grade readers, but it easily crosses over for YA readers This story is so engaging that I think people of all ages will enjoy it I give The Eighth Day 5 Stars and an A grade. Can you imagine living on a day between Wednesday and Thursday Dianne Salerni is brilliant She weaves a tale of mystery, excitement, magic, and oh so muchHer MC, Jax is a sweet, thirteen year old boy, but with an extraordinary gift He, along with other gifted people live on the eight day, an extra day of the week.On the eighth day, he meets a young girl, living at his neighbor s house, but she is not there by chance Is she a prisoner or a ghost And why does she only appear on the eighth day Well, Jax is convinced she is just a cute girl a year or two older than he is and insists on becoming her friend.Jax s guardian, Riley, has a different view He practically orders Jax to leave her alone.Why you ask Hmmm This and many other intriguing aspects keeps the reader engaged until the very last page.What I really enjoyed most about this story was the amazing cast of characters all linked back to the Middle Ages and King Arthur s court We see a wide spectrumOdd Mean Dangerous Funny And yes, Cruel Most vying for power in the eighth day.The climatic scene was an unexpected and original surprise with many twists and turns Ms Salerni truly has a the gift for the fantastic.The Eight Day is the first in a trilogy, and I ll be waiting anxiously for any news of book two.Both adults and middle graders will totally enjoy this tale. absolutely amazing i ve heard people compare this to Rick Riordan s works but this is made of some other material entirely.i wouldn t compare.and i love both.although it s a middle grade book,i enjoyed it even as a young adult reader.if you re into YA for romance though,i warn you beforehand.this book isnt about some sparkly,tall,dark and handsome guy falling into a klutz life and causing mayhem,ensuing love now,this is an amazing intertwining of fantasy and world suck A.K.A reality in the life of a 13 year old boy,who s just lost his only parent and stranded among strangers not even likable strangers.i especially liked how the characters developed and how little mysteries unfolded.the slowly blooming brotherly bond between Riley and Jax the main character was pretty satisfying.another relief view spoiler that they both weren t crushing on the same girl,and for once the main character showed love other than romantically associated,thus saving us from the trouble of bearing a love triangle..sigh.a big thanks Dianne for not following your contemporaries also,the whole Tegan Jax situation is interesting smirk hide spoiler This was a good book It was well written, the story line was paced well, and it was a very original story that did a great job of walking the line between fantasy and Sci Fi This book will be excellent for middle grade students, but I also think that any person who enjoys YA will enjoy this book I really don t have any problems with this book I really liked the evolution of the relationship between Jax and Riley, and I was even drawn in by the secondary characters I have a feeling that this is not a book that is going to be forgotten on the shelf, and it may be the start of something really exceptional I will give it 4 stars, just because I didn t put it into one of the best books I ve ever read category, but that s only because I m an adult who has adult tastes The YA audience will absolutely love this book I received a copy of this book from Goodreads in First Reads giveaway. Mad props to the production team on this book the title, cover, and premise really drew me in I just HAD to read this book I had some seriously high expectations, and boy did it deliver The Eighth Day is my favorite book of the year so far.I was really curious what Dianne Salerni would do with an entire extra day of the week And who are these people that only exist on the eighth day What is life like for them How did they end up trapped there The Eighth Day is not only a fun fantasy, set around a really cool premise, but it is a complex adventure with plenty of action and suspense There are people robbing banks and engaging in human sacrifice and delving into magical legends.As a fifth grade teacher, I was especially glad that this super cool, very intense adventure stayed away from YA topics I will definitely be purchasing a copy or two for my classroom and heartily recommending it to my students. Jax pedaled home from the store and muttered in cadence with the rhythm of his bike wheels This sucks This sucks This sucks.I am a firm fan of muttering to myself So opening up The Eighth Day by Dianne Salerni and reading this as the first line, I knew me and this book were going to get along famously That said, what else can I say about The Eighth Day Wait, let me rephrase that What else can I say about TED that doesn t come off as all squeally and gushy Umnothing Because this book deserves every bit of squeally gushiness I can muster If there s one MG book that you pick up in 2014, this should be it And for those of you that might not venture far from the YA lanes, TED is actually a bit of a cross over, in my opinion One of the other mc characters beside Jax, is Riley, his 18 yr old guardian Eat up, Jax You look undernourished Mrs Crandall glared at Riley He eats everything in sight, Riley protested, his own mouth full I can t keep groceries in the house Jax looked up, startled He thought the exact same thing about Riley Nobody can eat like a teenage boy Mrs Crandall slung a ladle full of mashed potatoes on Jax s plate The pair of you together are probably like piranha Uh huh When my older brother and his friends were hanging out at the house, food was gone in minutes Now after Jax and Riley, there s Evangeline And I love that Jax is simply her friend, and that s all he wants to be And does he ever turn out to be a loyal, true blue friend Towards the end of the book he becomes her whoops That d be too spoilery Just to show you some of his devotion, here s one of my fav things he says to her with Evangline speaking first to give you the context That spell s too hard to hold forthan a couple minutes, she said It would have to be something else Do you think you can remember a brief incantation in Welsh I ll be freakin Harry Potter if you need me to be Oh, Jax I love you Seriously, guys, if you want a book that will keep you flipping voraciously to the next page, and has a premise that you ve never read about before an extra day of the week that can only be accessed by descendants of Arthurian legend you ll want to read TED Cuz, c mon, who hasn t dreamed of extra time to get things done holds up hand and waves it madly

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[Reading] ➾ The Eighth Day (Eighth Day, #1)  ➵ Dianne K. Salerni –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Eighth Day (Eighth Day, #1)
  • Dianne K. Salerni
  • 01 August 2018
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