The Elements of Love

The Elements of Love Official Description Following An Attack On His City, A Firefighter Returns To His Mountain Retreat As He Has Done Every Seven Years Since His Birth Once There, He Waits For The Only Two Men Who Know His True IdentityWhen They Arrive They Discover That The Key To The World S Fate Rests In Their Own HandsThis Intense, Erotic, Short Story Blends SciFi And Magic Like Never BeforeOriginal Prompt Dear Author,I Am Intrigued With This Photo And These Men They Are Uniquely Individual, But Together They Are Power And Magic I Imagine They Are Not Quite Of This World Though What That World Would Be And Who They Are Within It, Is Your Story To Tell One Minor Deet I M Really Not Much Of A D S Or BDSM Fan Photo Description Three Gorgeous Men Lie With Heads Together, Two Facing One Way, The Other Between Them Reversed Their Intent Eyes Gaze Up Out Of The Picture One S Dark Skinned, Curly Haired, Full Featured With Dark Eyes The Next S A Pale Skinned Brunet With Blue Eyes The Last Has Olive Skin And Dark Eyes They Touch Hands Lightly, The Connection Between Them PalpableThis Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Hot Summer Days Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short StoryDownload The Story, Read It Online Or Find It In Don T Read In The Closet, Volume Genre Sci Fi, Fantasy, M NageTags Gay M M, Threesome, Friends To Lovers, Firefighter, Futuristic, MagicWord Count , Read as part of the free Don t Read in the Closet Volume One anthology Story 25 This would have worked better as a full length novel The world building was to complex Too much info without explaining enough.I didn t like the forced sex It s all like We have to have sex to save the world 2.5 stars 3 stars After having read the first few pages, I was absolutely sure that this book wouldn t be my cup of tea The author however managed to spike my interest by introducing the power of the four elements It is something I haven t encountered much in my previous reads and I definitely think that the whole setting has a lot of potential A big part of the story is unfortunately focusing on a m nage sex scene don t get me wrong, the m nage isn t the problem at all it is however too short and way too rushed with regard to the world building I am pretty sure that this story would have worked out quite well in a full length novel 3 stars for the original way to handle this intriguing prompt picture of the Don t Read in the Closet event 2.5 StarsI love scifi but this little 9 page scifi short confused the hell out of me I had trouble figuring out what was going on How did 9 little pages do that Maybe this short story deserves 5 stars for doing that to me. Nice premise Decent writing Very short It was just sex for the sake of sex But that s ok too. I was really confused by this one I think it was too short for the world it created It mentioned a lot of stuff but never developed anything I still don t even know what Water is in this story The sex at the end was jumbled or maybe it was just me but I couldn t follow along with it It takes three to make fire, and that s exactly what happened I loved the whole concept of using nature s elements in reference to the main characters What a creative idea Great story Okay I really liked the start of this story The sci fi genre with the magic of the earth, air, and water elementals was an interesting change to other stories in this anthology I have to say though, that it kind of lost me at the M M M scene I was kind of hoping for Fire to appear and then when it turned into a menage, I was a bit disappointed On a positive note, the author did a good job adhering to the reader request and bringing the photo to life and I liked the writing style as well.Don t Read in the Closet is a collection of short stories published for free for members of the M M Romance Group The best part of this series of shorts is that they were based on a photo and a reader request for a story Here is the photo and reader request that inspired this story warning contains M M M situation with non graphic nudity 3 elemental stars What does fire need to burn This shortie certainly get points for originality I liked the world build, but as the story progressed there s not much said about it, it just morphed into a kind of hot, but a bit confusing menage sex scene I really liked the element idea, but I would have liked a better connection between Earth Air and Water It was like it says so in the story so we should do it I missed aemotional connection between the couple and the third Without war there would be only love The story DID made me want to rewatch The Fifth Element One of my fav movies D A short story in the collection Don t Read in the Closet, Volume One from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.Click HERE for the story online or HERE to download the whole collection for your reading device.Picture and prompt view spoiler Dear Author, This story started out really promising It quickly created a world of which I found myself intrigued I found myself a bit uneasy, though, because I knew that due to the short length, it probably wouldn t be able to fully develop And that s what happened here I felt like the story was starting to develop, but then just abruptly took a turn to allow for it to wrap up in the short format In the end, it left meconfused than enthralled.

Stuart wants to live in a world where toys are free, washing machines never break down, and everybody gets a happy ending.As an author, he s written Kindle best sellers, been nominated for the Polari First Book Prize and People s Book Prize, and experienced the all consuming fear of reading his work at London s Southbank Centre.He holds a Masters Degree in Professional Writing from Falmouth Univer

[Epub] ❧ The Elements of Love  Author Stuart Wakefield –
  • ebook
  • 9 pages
  • The Elements of Love
  • Stuart Wakefield
  • English
  • 08 June 2017

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