The Emperor's Tomb

The Emperor's TombA fast paced thriller, The Emperor s Tomb by Steve Berry is the 8th book in the Cotton Malone series and it pulls you from the moment Cotton is faced with having to save Cassiopeia Vitt s life in exchange for an ancient Chinese artifact that different groups want and will do anything to get it in their possession He s soon drawn into a power struggle in China, which takes him from Copenhagen, Antwerp and to the most incredible cultural sites in China The struggle between the two opponents, one a believer in Confucianism, the other in Legalism, could destroy the balance of power in China, which would affect the rest of the world The difference between legalism and Confucianism is that, legalism demands harsh criminal sanctions that are consistent, so as to promote a cohesive society through fear, whereas Confucius demands firm, yet gentle leadership of a cultivated population, which will brings harmony through education in virtue An outstanding and in depth plot, filled with danger, suspense, twists and turns, double crosses, violence and death The climax at the What made the story for me was the amazing detail of the culture and history facts of China He interweaves the plot with historical fact so well not just facts and figures in such a way that had me wanting to find out about the historical part and even had me look up abiotic oil And the part about Tiananmen am totally serious.I did do a lot of goggling.wanting to see and know about the subject in the plot That s what makes a great writer To get you totally immersed in a world he creates And how the end of the book, he gives us a section where he tells us what fact is and what is fiction in the book I love that he does that with all his books.I love his writing style, his brilliant and unforgettable characters and the historical topics of his books.The only moan I have.wanted of Cotton and Cassiopeia together..I hope that these two get together I mean really together, in the future A nice and surprise at the end..and I can t wait for the next book. This is the sixth book in a series featuring retired Justice Department operative Cotton Malone He receives an intense video of his friend, Cassiopeia Vitt, being waterboarded and knows he has to do whatever he can to save her This set up Malone for one of his most traumatic adventures He will travel from Denmark to Belgium to Vietnam and then on to China where he will be tested by ruthless ancient brotherhood.It turns out several groups are searching for an artifact that is important to the Chinese They are looking for an ancient winged dragon lamp, originally stolen from the tomb of the first Emperor of China Both Karl Tang and Ni Yong are just a step away from becoming China s new Premiere, a position of power that will allow either man to set foreign policy for their country Tang is of the opinion that China should remain unwilling to work with any foreign power, believing in the natural expression of totalitarianism He would also strictly enforce laws and exact severe punishments for breaking them Ni, on the other hand, would pursue peaceful international relations and permit some local democracy.I really enjoy this series but for some reason I just wasn t riveted by the action I felt like Cotton was a secondary character until the last third of the book and it could easily have been edited down a hundred pages for a better flow Nevertheless, Steve Berry does a great deal of research and incorporates compelling facts into his action novels While not my favorite, it was still an interesting story and I m looking forward to the next book in the series. The Tomb Of China S First Emperor, Guarded By An Underground Army Of Terra Cotta Warriors, Has Remained Sealed For Than , Years Though It S Regarded As One Of The Greatest Archaeological Sites In The World, The Chinese Government Won T Allow Anyone To Open It Why That Question Is At The Heart Of A Dilemma Faced By Former Justice Department Operative Cotton Malone, Whose Life Is Shattered When He Receives An Anonymous Note Carrying An Unfamiliar Web Address Logging On, He Sees Cassiopeia Vitt, A Woman Who S Saved His Life Than Once, Being Tortured At The Hands Of A Mysterious Man Who Has A Single Demand Bring Me The Artifact She S Asked You To Keep Safe The Only Problem Is, Malone Doesn T Have A Clue What The Man Is Talking About, Since Cassiopeia Has Left Nothing With Him So Begins Malone S Most Harrowing Adventure To Date One That Offers Up Astounding Historical Revelations, Pits Him Against A Ruthless Ancient Brotherhood, And Sends Him From Denmark To Belgium To Vietnam Then On To China, A Vast And Mysterious Land Where Danger Lurks At Every Turn When I grow up I want to be Cotton Malone There I ve said it I feel better now now that I ve been true to myself I am Spartacus I am Cotton Malone If only life was that easy and exciting The world would be a better place and I d go to work satisfied that I d made a difference Long before I opened Steve Berry s The Emperor s Tomb I knew I wanted to read it Not only did it sport an incredibly seductive and colourful book jacket UK version infinitely better than the US version but the subject matter was just up my street adventure, danger, spies, double crossing, an infinite amount of travel and a second hand bookshop owner not necessarily in that order what could a guy want Hearing that his old friend Cassiopeia Vitt is in trouble, Malone follows the few clues he has and realises that they are in the middle of something huge, involving Russian and US oil interests and a centuries old secret After stumbling across two dead bodies and into the crosshairs of his former boss, Malone finds himself in a race to unravel the mystery of an emperor s tomb, a sinister society, and a deadly battle between two ruthless men for supremacy in China and the world My first introduction to the master of suspense Steve Berry I wasn t quite sure what to expect but by the time I d finished the enticing Prologue I knew I was in for the ride of my life I was well and truly hooked Crossing a rickety bridge in the middle of nowhere, our protagonists meet danger head on when disaster strikes The bridge disintegrates and Cotton Malone is left clinging for dear life reminding me of a predicament Indiana Jones also found himself in in The Temple of Doom it certainly made me smile The world has been fascinated by the terra cotta army ever since its discovery by three farmers, out digging holes to find water, in 1974 Berry utilises this fascination to great effect in The Emperor s Tomb with a wonderful descriptive narrative that places the reader deep within the terra cotta chambers in Xi an, Shaanxi province in China close your eyes and you can almost feel Qin Shi, China s first Emperor s, presence in the afterlife It s hard to believe that Berry, in the writer s notes at the end of the book, confesses he s never been to China due to time constraints.Full Review on my blog I won t write a full review since I was only reading this for fun but I still feel compelled to throw my thoughts into the fray I only have a few reasons why anyone should read this and those reasons are as followed 1 You re a Steve Berry fan or Cotton Malone series fan 2 It s fast, fun, and typical Berry which can sometimes be a bad thing if you re persnickety 3 There is constant action coupled with pretty interesting historic facts yet those moments do not slow down the pace to a snails speed like other historic fiction can do.4 It s Steve Berry and I stand by my assessment that he is the thinking man s Dan Brown.That is all Only good thing was that I learned a bit of Chinese history Apart from that, nothing impressed me I virtually had to force my self to read and finish it. Steve Berry s sixth novel in his remarkable Cotton Malone series, THE EMPEROR S TOMB has tremendous resonance in today s geopolitical world For example, Chinese leader XI JinPing recently had his presidency extended for life Second, is the US, China, and Russian competition for energy resources and control of new land masses Third, the world geostrategic balance is being reoriented through the use of new technologies All of these contemporary issues are played out throughout Berry s novel that opens with Malone, the former US Justice Department Special Agent for the Magellen Billet receiving a computer message from longtime ally, and possible romantic interest Cassiopeia Vitt, that she is in dire trouble and needs his help Since in the past she has rescued him, for Malone it was an easy decision to leave his retirement occupation as bookstore owner in Copenhagen to fly off and help her in Belgium and China.Berry weaves an interesting web whereby Vitt has been asked by a Russian geochemist who lives in China, Lev Sokolov for assistance as his four year old son has been kidnapped Sokolov had left Russia years before against the wishes of Moscow to marry a Chinese national Sokolov fears his son has been stolen because of China s one child policy as males are in such demand As you will see this is not the reason for the kidnapping, and Vitt immediately becomes involved in a Chinese plot to secure energy independence, and Beijing s role in the world It seems that Sokolov was an expert in abiotic oil oil that is not a fossil fuel but emanates from deep in the ground and as the ability to regenerate itself, making its supply infinite a primordial material the earth forms and excretes on a continual basis Berry creates a number of fascinating characters to carry out his plot as he integrates Chinese history and philosophy to educate his reader Karl Tang is the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology and First Vice President of the People s Republic of China, and second in power to the president Tang believes in the ancient authoritarian legalist philosophy pursued by Chinese Emperors for centuries and reinstituted by Mao Zedong Tang believes that any further Chinese democratization is against its cultural past Tang s competition to succeed the aging Chinese president is Ni Yong who heads the Central Commission for Discipline of the People s Republic Ni is a practitioner of Confucian values and is the antithesis of Tang when it comes to the exercise of power domestically and abroad Another interesting creation is Pau Wen, a rich Chinese emigre who left China, and was the former advisor to Mao, now living in Belgium It appears Wen is a leading member of the Brotherhood of the Ba, an organization of powerful eunuchs, who have historically influenced Chinese government policy through advice to the Emperor, a movement that seems allied with Tang For the United States the evolution of this power struggle is extremely important because should China gain total energy independence through abiotic oil, and Tang assumes the Chinese presidency, it would pursue an increasingly aggressive foreign policy.The issue of achieving unfettered access to energy sources is a key to Tang s realpolitik as it is today in China China imports 60% of its oil from Africa, Latin America, and Russia as a means of avoiding becoming dependent on Mideast oil which is such a volatile source To this point China has survived by trading technology and financial aid to corrupted regimes to secure its energy needs If they were able to achieve energy self sufficiency, Tang would press domination in the South China Sea, seize Taiwan and possibly Korea, and expand influence throughout South East Asia A key component to the plotline is the role of the tombs that house the Terra Cotta warriors in Shaanxi, China It seems that all the major characters have an interest in exploring a newly discovered area of the tomb and what may lay hidden could be the key to the future world balance of power.Berry s periodic summary of Chinese history is extremely important to the overall story providing context for events Berry has the ability to weave aspects of Chinese philosophy and technological advancement, i.e., discovery of salt, drilling techniques, oil, natural gas from previous centuries and how they impact events in the novel Berry s mantra as in all of his books is to blend real historical events and discoveries with a counterfactual plot that approaches contemporary realism, this mantra is firmly met in THE EMPEROR S TOMB As in all of his Malone novels, Berry offers a historical essay at the conclusion of the novel depicting what is actual history, and what is fiction in the author s presentation a valuable asset for the reader.Other characters who emerge important are Viktor Thomas, a Russian operative who seems to work for all sides in the novel at one time or another Ivan, a Russian agent, bent on stopping China s power play, Jin Zhao, a geochemist who knew too much about abiotic oil and Tang s plans Stephanie Nell, Malone s old boss at the Magellen Billet appears throughout the plot as do Malone s many skills that he nurtured throughout his career Malone is very distrustful of most individuals in the novel who all seem to have their own agendas which usually do not correspond with his What is different about this current rendition of the Malone saga is that there is a vocalization of his relationship with Vitt as each come to realize the importance of their feelings for each other.THE EMPEROR S TOMB contains the usual suspense, country hopping, historical education for the reader, strong plot development, and interesting characters that one comes to expect from a Berry novel At times the dialogue and background can become a bit long winded, but overall Berry has another success on his hand If you are interested in continuing with the Malone saga, the next book in the series is the JEFFERSON KEY. For some reason, this book by Steve Berry did not grab me the way that his other books have In it Cotton Malone teams with Cassiopeia Vitt and travels from the museums of Europe to the terra cotta soldiers of China to rescue a stolen child They become embroiled in a power struggle between Ni a moderate and Tang an extremist as each determines to be the next leader of China Pau, the leader of the Ba an organization of eununchs seeking control of China , forces this struggle to a head while double agent Viktor plays both ends against the middle Maybe the book didn t grab because so much Chinese history, philosophy, politics, beliefs, geography, etc had to be explained to the western reader, rather than allowing the plot to carry the reader The trickery in the politics and philosophies was also complicated even Cotton Malone said that he didn t understand it all though much of the plot boiled down to oil The novel covered a lot geographically, and the escapes were a bit trite Somehow, though, this book might be a better action espionage movie than book Just think what scenes from China could be included in this The best part of the book was the notes from the author explaining what was true and what was fiction and that part was worth it all. This is my least favorite of the Cotton Malone series I m grudgingly giving it three stars because I respect the research and travel Steve Berry did prior to writing the book I did learn some interesting things about China and its history, and also discovered that there are some debates about the nature of what we consider fossil fuel As for the story, though, it was just too muddled and confusing I could never keep track of who was on whose side and who was double crossing and who was good and who was bad and who had power and why they had it There was no feeling of satisfaction when I finished the book More like a feeling of relief, because I had a hard time making myself finish I probably won t continue with the series It s getting a little repetitive and predictable. Emperor s Tomb by Steve Berry pp 480 When the best thing you say about a thriller is that s well researched, you know you re in trouble Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia Witt return in Berry s sixth book to take the reader on a clunky journey to rescue a boy weak premise at best and get involved in a deep behind the scenes political intrigue in China.From the start the premise misses the urgency of a thriller The backroom politics of multiple Chinese men from the same areas of government seeking power by tracking the same item is so subtle and interwoven that it s difficult to keep up with untagged dialogue Cuts between the over adrenalized Malone and Witt in contrast feels like a rocking ship thrashing you about The evil entity being blamed on a conspiracy perpetrated by a 2000 year old group of eunuchs called the Ba feels like Dan Brown s evil albino Which by extension feels like a lame, lazy premise.Berry does a nice job of writing Chinese travelogue He covers a wide variety of towns and hits on many of the cultural and religious elements of the region Much of the material is similar to what you d experience in a Comparative Religion class The modern element of abiotic oil is timely and contrasting with the Russians is thought provoking despite the plot and narrative.Berry s afterword is telling than the book itself Each book takes him to a new region and he does heavy travel to get settings and details to pop But at this point, it s at the expense of the story His books continue to feel like cobbled together notes from a great vacation instead of a well developed story.Berry is releasing the next in the series next month And I will likely read it, too I blame Dan Brown There s a lack of good offerings in the genre lately Maybe the problem is less to do with writing and to do with early success and writing contracts Thank the heavens for eBooks At least I m not killing trees for the privilege.

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