The Enforcer (Fire’s Edge, #3)

The Enforcer (Fire’s Edge, #3) This is the first book I have read by this author I must admit that I enjoyed it so much Drake is coming to the end of his life Knowing he has no hope of finding a mate he leaves his brothers behind only find the woman he rescued from a fire months before Drake knows that Camilla is human so the draw he feels for her doesn t make sense While Camilla bears the mark of a dragon mate she does believe in dragons Is she now his savior or is his decline to far.This book drew me in from beginning to end I found myself on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happened next In fact I loved this so much I went and purchased the other three so I can catch up the series Drake is everything that life long book boyfriends are made and Abigail Owen reminded me why I love paranormal romance so much I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review This review was originally posted on Wickedly Romance Drake is a grumpy Gus, but he gets the job done and he does it well His word is a good as gold As his body continues to fail him though, Drake knows his time is up on finding his dragon mate However, he was hoping for just a little time before he has to say goodbye to those closest to him Joining with this new group of dragons isn tideal exactly, and darned if the human female he risked life and limb to save is staying with this motley crew But who s mate could she be Certainly not his, because he would have known when he saved her, wouldn t he Cami has lost her home to a fire and has discovered than she bargained for as a new, potential Dragon s mate She hasn t found her groove in this new environment, clinging strongly to her human life and family their familiarity making her feel safe and secure Drake seems familiar, but Cami doesn t know from where or why Regardless, she s going back home where she feels she s really needed Yet when danger finds her and she unwittingly places her family in the crosshairs of said danger, it s a good thing Drake has her back, because she may have bitten off than she anticipatedor discovered what she s been searching for all along Drake and Cami cracked me up Her sassiness and determination to dig under his thick hide and his stoic demeanor and silence in the face of a chatterbox just fanned the sparky little flames between them into quite an inferno of attraction and bonding They fit well together, even when in denial of the obvious possibilities, but gracious what a journey it was to get there I am loving Abigail Owen s dragons The politics, the backgrounds, the friendships, alliancesall are intricately woven and intriguing in their own ways However the romance is what draws me every time Drake and Cami were very strong characters and their relationship alternated between butting heads and finding that someone strong enough to stand up to But it made for wonderful tension and one heck of an intimate explosion Really, there s a whole storyline of goodies happening The Enforcer is book three of the Fire s Edge series and could be read as a stand alone There s a recap given that explains the political landscape and the current situation the guys find themselves in, however, I recommend reading the series from the start because there is an entirely delicious world of sexy dragons and their madcap journeys just waiting to be discovered I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley and this is my honest review. Death Comes For Everyone Even Drake Chandali The Aging Process That Twists All Unmated Dragon Shifters Bodies Into Something Useless Has Taken Hold Of His Body Centuries Early A Mate Could Have Reversed The Process, But Now It S Too Late To Protect His Team Of Enforcers, He Leaves, And Comes Face To Face With The Woman He D Thought Was Human When He Saved Her From A Fire Months BeforeExcept She S Not Human She S A MateCamilla Carrillo Almost Lost Her Family To Wildfire To Discover She S Fated To Mate A Creature Made Of Flame And Rage, And Become One Herself, Should Be Terrifying But Somehow A Rightness Settles Inside Her, Especially When She S Around The Glowering Red Dragon Shifter Who Wants Nothing To Do With HerWhen Drake Learns Cami Bears His Mark The Same Mark As The High King He Refuses To Believe She S Meant To Be His It S Too Late How Could He Turn Cami Only To Take Her With Him To The Grave At The Same Time, He Can T Walk Away Hiding Her From The Corrupt, Rotting High King Might Be The Last Honorable Thing Drake Ever Does With The Little Time He Has Left I am so excited to be back with these HOT firefighting dragon shifters, and to meet some new ones in The Enforcer, the third book of the Fire s Edge series by Abigail Owen.Drake was the only one who could save the family surrounded by fire, but because he is unmated, his body rebelled in his hurry to save them It is Cami s family that he rescues.She is not afraid of him She has issues of her own, no one to turn to for help, until Rune He just happens to be in the vicinity He is a rogue, a dragon shifter with no clan and gathers those who need his help, offering them a safe refugeDragons come in many colors, each with their own special abilities, other than the normal fire breathing and such If dragons do not mate, they begin to age and death is not far behind Drake is one of those dragons They have their own political intrigue and narcissistic rulers.There is betrayal, danger, love and sacrifice The kings make the laws, the enforcers, enforce them Going rogue is a death sentence.Cami finds a friend in Skylar, who has her own secrets For some reason, she is drawn to Cami and offers to help her, teaching her martial arts, while she is nursing Drake At first she doesn t know why she is drawn to him, but as she learns the ways of dragons, it becomes clear to her At the moment, she is the stronger one is your default setting asshole I m surprised he left you alone with me He didn t want to, something about you being a scary motherfucker Oh man, when a shifter dies it brought tears to my eyes Abigail Owen s descriptive writing brought the scene to life and I could picture it in my mind BUT, I m not telling you who will no longer be with us And Drake, that is his biggest fear If he were to mate with Cami and not be healed, they would both die.We have a lot of fun verbal foreplay that turns HOT, steamy, sexy, playful, HOT ADULTS ONLY HOT Did you know some dragon shifters can shift a single part of themselves I know what first popped into my mind and I wonder what pop into yours LOLI love dragons in any shape or form They are people first, doing all the things that humans do, after all, someone has to cook dinner, do laundry, and all those menial chores that need to be done day after day I love Drake, Cami, and their merry band of misfits Makes for some wonderful moments as their individual personalities are revealed It has been a marvelous visit and I look forward to returning.I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Enforcer by Abigail Owen.See at fundinmental I love the Fire s Edge and Inferno Rising series from Abigail Owen This is the third book in the Fire s Edge series and it builds into what we have already seen and there is a cross over with the first Inferno Rising series which seems to take place at roughly the same time as this one and there are some cross over events This book does work as a stand alone, but really you should read the other books first, just because they are so good.The Enforcer is Drake, he s never found his mate and now he s slowly dying, even though the degeneration shouldn t have started to take place for another couple of hundred years Not wanting to endanger his family the Hurac n team of dragon enforcers, he leaves them, becoming a rogue dragon There he meets Camilla, a woman that he had saved previously, not realising that she was a dragon mate.I loved the romance between Cami and Drake She not only gives as good as she gets but quite often has the upper hand where Drake is concerned He s a grumpy old sod and really needs someone who is able to push him out of his comfort zone and challenge him Of course, being his mate there is a happily ever after here, but they both need to work for it and really find out that they are the one for each other.I can t wait for in this series and in Inferno Rising I think I know who were are going to read about next in both series I just hope that I haven t got too long to wait until I can.I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. I liked this one, I really did But even so, it took me too long to finish because I was so easily able to put it aside for other things I don t know, I guess it just didn t suck me in despite everything I liked I really liked how this time the female mc already knew about dragons and the whole mating thing by the time she meets her mate I also got pretty excited that this one was bringing in some things from The Rogue King I really liked that book.I m pretty ambivalent about Drake as a character He definitely didn t have me swooning for him or anything, but he was a really great guy One who is dying and continuously tortures himself in order to protect those he cares for the most Sure he s broody and would rather grunt at you before using words, but that s attractive in it s own way Isn t it I really liked Cami in the beginning She did the right thing in order to protect her family and was able to learn about her fate and the world of dragon shifters She was smart enough to know that she had to be sure before choosing a mate and was in no hurry She wasn t afraid of Drake and the way she dealt with him was good too But then she turned all selfish about her family and stupid and it was annoying.We all knew that Drake was dying, but we didn t really know just how bad it gotten for him And far too early considering his age In order to protect his brothers and his sister he makes one of the hardest decisions in his life Leaving them and going with Rune By this point, Drake can t even fly by himself and when he arrives at Rune s hideout, he passes out For a few days When Drake arrived, he was beyond shocked to see Cami He had saved her and her family from a fire only a short time before and he had no idea she was a mate But here she is and she s also the only one willing to deal with his bad attitude to take care of him A good chunk of this book takes place inside Rune s hideout So we see Drake getting all that hostility and not caring one bit We also get to see Cami interacting with Skylar who is the next female mc in the Inferno Rising tie in series We get a little bit Rune here too, but not nearly enough for me Dare I hope he gets his own book somewhere between these two series Anyway During this time Drake and Cami don t so much as get closer per se, but they kind of do Does that make sense Drake is also becoming suspicious of some things when he notices that occasionally he doesn t suffer from any of his symptoms.When Cami hears kind of bad news from her mother is when she becomes selfish and stupid Selfish because she doesn t care about anything but getting back to them, and stupid because by doing so all she is doing is putting them in danger Something she doesn t realize AT ALL Come on, I thought she was smarter than that But Drake refuses to let her go alone, so it s off they go together Once they get back to her family s ranch, things only keep getting and complicated.Despite what they feel for each other, Drake is harsh in his pushing Cami away because he thinks he s protecting her But at the same time his willpower is weak and he always eventually gives in I will say their love scenes were pretty hot While at the ranch, Drake catches the scent of an enemy and risks it by going back to his team to warn them From there things go a little crazy and we get a lot action The Alaz team is on their way and the friction between these two teams is high Toss in Cami being a mate and the mark she bares and it s got explosive possibilities Now they just have to figure out a way for Drake to mate her without getting him labeled a traitor and dragging his team down with him But they come up with a plan It s a risky gamble indeed, but one that pays off Especially when Rune shows up to play his part.What I hated was how this ended I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS DECISION view spoiler I was shocked and absolutely hated it when Drake was appointed as team leader with Finn being removed I don t want Drake to the boss And I don t think he would make a good one either hide spoiler The Enforcer Fire s Edge series by Abigail OwenDescription Death comes for everyone Even Drake Chandali The aging process that twists all unmated dragon shifters bodies into something useless has taken hold of his body centuries early A mate could have reversed the process, but now it s too late To protect his team of enforcers, he leaves, and comes face to face with the woman he d thought was human when he saved her from a fire months before Except she s not human She s a mate.Camilla Carrillo almost lost her family to wildfire To discover she s fated to mate a creature made of flame and rage, and become one herself, should be terrifying But somehow a rightness settles inside her, especially when she s around the glowering red dragon shifter who wants nothing to do with her When Drake learns Cami bears his mark the same mark as the High King he refuses to believe she s meant to be his It s too late How could he turn Cami only to take her with him to the grave At the same time, he can t walk away Hiding her from the corrupt, rotting High King might be the last honorable thing Drake ever does with the little time he has left.Each book in the Fire s Edge series is STANDALONE The Mate prequel The Boss The Rookie The EnforcerAnd the spin off series The Rogue King Inferno Rising My Review I ve read the other books in this series You don t have to read the others, but it helps, it gives a little insight into where the story and characters are going there is a story that loosely connects the books A quick recap there are six coloured dragon kings who rule their kingdoms as usual there is conflict this is where the enforcers come in, a team of dragons each comprising of the colours they police the dragon world, dispensing justice to rogue dragons These dragons set fires in the human world the enforcers go in as firemen and put out the fires but not with hoses, they draw the fire into themselves They don t interact with the humans, if they have to, they wipe their memories The humans can t know about them The dragon world don t have fertile female dragons, so they mate human women, but these women are special, if they can accept the fire a dragon breathes into them, then their life forces are connected And the female will be able to turn into a dragon A forced mating will kill the woman, but desperate times are making dragons force the issue And so a band of rogue dragons are trying to rescue human women before they are taken I ve liked Drake since reading about him in the first book, a rough and gruff dragon, one you don t want to cross, but a loyal friend and an awesome fighter But Drake is hiding a secret from his brothers the dragons he calls family he s dying When a dragon gets to a certain age he s struck with a disease, and Drake has been battling it for a while A mate could probably reverse the process, but Drake is too far gone, and if he was to find her, he won t sentence her to an early death their life forces are joined so when one dies, the other joins their mate The best Drake can hope for is to die in battle or fighting a fire Or the only other option is going rogue and forcing his team to end him A fire is closing in on Camilla Cami and her family, and the stupid herd of goats she s trying to save aren t helping She hasn t got long, and when the fire threatens to consume her beloved family, Cami has no choice but leave the goats and return to the car But they won t make it, they need a miracle, how will they get out of this alive Drake is in the vicinity he s fighting the fire that a rogue dragon started he s got no choice but rescue the family trapped but the fire What he doesn t bank on is the feisty female who demands he doesn t hurt her family He doesn t eat humans in his dragon form He turns from dragon to man, and then wipes all of their minds he s reluctant to wipe the woman s mind, but no one can know about dragons setting them on their way shouldn t bother him, but the thought of letting the woman go, pains him, he pushes himself to let her go Cami is in trouble, not long after somehow escaping the fire they were racing away from, she began to emit sparks from her body strong emotions usually caused it she s scared, how did this happen Why is this happening Maybe she s gone crazy, maybe there is something wrong with her Coming face to face with death has changed her, but not to this extent surely Cami needs answers, and they come in the form of a stranger He calmly explains that she s a potential mate for a dragon Yeah right Until he shows his dragon form to her She doesn t really believe him, but at this point she doesn t really have another answer Cami and Drake meet up again, but she doesn t know who he is but she thinks she knows him Drake knows her, and he s stunned, she was a dragon mate, how could he not have known Probably the disease that is now ravaging his body He s left the only family he s known and had come to Rune the traitor dragon who steals potential mates from the Alliance He needs a purpose until he can t fight any oh I forgot to tell you, Rune use to be his friend and second in command to the team Drake was in Cami is sure she is Drake s mate, Drake knows it deep down she is too, but he s not going to claim her, she could die if he s wrong, she could die if he did mate her, he won t sentence Cami to death So in Drake manner he keeps pushing her away The story is a fast paced action read The Alliance is not happy that Rune keeps helping human women evade them And they are suspicious of the Huracan that s the name of the group they keep finding women and mating them law states they have to come to the a Alliance and receive a mate I like this series and I can t wait to read the next one I like we keep in touch with previous mates couples We have a group of unmated dragons and now a few rogue dragons that fight fires and an Alliance that is watching them carefully. This series just keeps on getting better and better The Enforcer is here and I ve just been waiting to get my hands on Drake s story I refused to accept that he was too late to find his mate, it just wasn t a possibility in my mind And of course, Abigail would NEVER do something like that to us.Drake s story was well worth the wait and I was living for every single moment of it There were soooo many moments that just really tore my heart apart I hated how Drake was already accepting things and wasn t even willing to think it a possibility especially when it was right in front of him.I LOVEDDDDDDDD Cami for Drake, she s a whole lot of sass and unafraid to speak up to Drake As grumpy and moody as he can be, he does not scare her one bit I d say she accepted the dragon shifter life rather easily, but when it comes to her family, that wasn t something she was willing to say farewell too.CHECK OUT THE REST OF MY REVIEW HERE BLOG INSTAGRAM BOOKBUB TWITTER They hide among us, fiery dragon shifters with their slow ageing process, their soul deep loyalties to their clans and their desperate search for their fated mates, for to never find them will mean certain decline and death Drake is coming to the end of his life, he has no hope of finding his mate, so he leaves his brothers behind only to come face to face with a woman he rescued months before from a raging fire For all of the sexual tension between them, Drake knows Camilla is human, or is she Camilla bears the mark of a dragon mate, yet she doesn t even believe dragons exist, could she be Drake s savior or has his decline gone too far to even dream of finding what his heart and soul crave To try to turn her now could mean certain death alongside him, besides, her mark is shared by both Drake and the High King which makes her doubly dangerous or possibly doubly strong Could this female possess the strength to pull Drake for the brink of death Would she even accept him Drake is far from an open book, he is moody, standoffish and doing his best not to encourage Cami, but you know what they say about a hard headed woman Cami is fierce in her love of family, of those she cares about and in her loyalty to a man who she sees clearly needs someone on his side.Abigail Owen s THE ENFORCER sizzles with tension, not only between Cami and Drake, but among the dragons, as well Brilliant storytelling in a world created to fall into and believe in, page after page Feel the heat, the passions and the turmoil as one dragon and one mate find each other only after it may be too late.An excellent addition to this series I received a complimentary ARC edition from Entangled Amara and Abigail Owen This is my honest and voluntary review.Series Fire s Edge Book 3Publisher Entangled Amara December 9, 2019 Publication Date December 9, 2019Genre Paranormal RomancePrint Length 325 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow Drake and Cami were a delightful, stubborn and sexy pair.

Multi award winning paranormal romance author, Abigail Owen, loves plots that move hot and fast, feisty heroines with sass, alpha heroes with heart, a dash of snark, and oodles of sexy shifters Other titles include wife, mother, Star Wars geek, ex competitive skydiver, spreadsheet lover, Dr Seuss quoter, eMBA, organizational guru, Texan, Aggie, and chocoholic.Abigail grew up consuming books and

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