The Eye Of The Abyss

The Eye Of The AbyssIt Is Germany And Franz Schmidt Is The Chief Auditor In A Commercial Bank In A Provincial City But As Schmidt Will Soon Learn, The Bank S Prestigious New Client, The Nazi Party, Is At Once Its Least Desirable Schmidt Will Oversee Their Account, And Soon, He Is Embroiled In The Duplicity, Violence And Horror That Is Nazi Germany Schmidt Can T Help But Be Involved, And The First Victim Of The Harsh Realities Of The Germans Politics Is A Jewish Secretary Whom Franz Tries To Help, Much To His Wife S Distress As Schmidt Finds Himself Caught Up In Dangerous Political Machinations, He Also Finds Himself, As The Result Of An Act Of Compassion, Under Deadly Suspicion The Schmidts Struggle To Protect Their Marriage And Their Family Without Compromising Their Sense Of Decency, But Eventually, Franz S World Explodes As Events Spin Out Of Control, Franz Must Act, And He Seeks Revenge On Those Responsible By Attempting A Massive Fraud On The Party Itself In Eye Of The Abyss, Marshall Browne Crafts An Intelligent Historical Thriller Reminiscent Of Philip Kerr, Christopher Reich And Alan Furst With A Riveting Pace And Spellbinding Plot All His Own

Inspector Anders

[EPUB] ✰ The Eye Of The Abyss By Marshall Browne –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Eye Of The Abyss
  • Marshall Browne
  • English
  • 04 September 2017
  • 9780312311568

10 thoughts on “The Eye Of The Abyss

  1. says:

    a cool premise an everyman german banker accountant gets a big client in late 1930 s, adolph and his nazi party want to make a deposit as things spin out of control of this banker s ethics, and he tries to protect his workers and himself and his culture and country, he comes up with a good idea for revenge to get back at those pyscho dirty dogs.

  2. says:

    This book took a while to get into and the action was never fast paced, but the suspense and intrigue eventually drew me in There s something about Nazi s that rachets everything up a couple of notches in the suspense department.

  3. says:

    A bank auditor in Nazi Germany, faced with some ethical dilemmas Some very clever twists and good character analysis.

  4. says:

    Love Franz Schmidt, Browne s hero Amazing reality feel to the early days and times of Nazi Germany Trust the series continues

  5. says:

    Very enjoyable book that keeps you guessing Germany is in the hands of the Nazis pre WWII People of strong conscience have to decide whether to submit or take a stand in any small way they can.Subterfuge, intrigue, and .Read the author s note in the back of the book mid read for a little hint of whats to come.

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    Franz Schmidt is the auditor in an old fashioned bank in Germany in the 1930s When the bank is given the business of the Nazi Party, its staff find themselves plunged into the harsh realities of German politics Franz tries to help the first victim a Jewish secretary At the same time, he resists orders to support a Nazi officer in small acts of embezzlement His opposition to the Nazi regime terrifies his wife and challenges their marriage, but conscience and a sense of loyalty and justice win out for Franz, and he finds himself taking greater and greater risks The Schmidts struggle to protect their family without compromising their sense of decency, but eventually their world explodes and Franz conspires in an attempt to commit a massive fraud against the Nazi Party A good read I marked some passages where the author had woven word magic I love it when writers do that The story provided fascinating insight into the workings of the Nazi Party and the impact of the Nazi regime on those German people who opposed the party s policies I loved the way Marshall Browne portrayed his characters They were real and easy to relate to.

  7. says:

    While not nearly as authentic or powerful as Alone in Berlin , this is still a well imagined story for Nazi Germany.

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