The Flawless Skin of Ugly People

The Flawless Skin of Ugly PeopleI found this book to be a quick read as it was engaging and I quickly became invested in the outcome.It s strange to read that some people thought it was about ugly people I thought it was about people trying to hide even disappear From their pasts their secrets their regrets their shame And about people learning to forgive themselves and others Forgiving doesn t mean you have to reconcile with that person or justify what was done you just have to get yourself to a place where you are prepared to move onI think the characters in this book found that place or are on their way. Thanks To Ugly Betty, America Is Finally Ready To Read A Love Story About A Couple Who Isn T Sleek, Slick, Tucked, Pulled, Or PlasticDo We Have To Be Beautiful To Be Loved Hobbie This Novel S Darkly Romantic Hero Has Been Banished To Homely Man Exile In The North Georgia Mountains, Where His Enemies Are Mirrors And Bears Things Are Not Going Well For Hobbie His Skin Pizza Face, Super Sized, With Extra Pepperoni And Pitted Olives Job Status Former Bank Teller Love Life His Common Law Wife Kari Has Gone AWOL At A Weight Loss Clinic In North CarolinaBut Just As It Seems Hobbie Is Doomed To Go Through Life As A Sweet, Self Pitying Anonymous Joke, He Jumps Out Of His Skin And Becomes Downright HeroicCan Hobbie Rescue Kari From The Weight Loss Clinic Can He Pull His Fractured Family Together Plastic Surgery Will He Or Won T He Will Love Endure If Hobbie S Skin Clears Up, Kari Drops Pounds, And Ugly People Become Flawless Readers Won T Be Able To Put The Book Down Until They Find Out I really liked this book I found it randomly at the library and read it in a day I felt so sorry for the characters but loved them at the same time I just wanted to give each of them a big hug and tell them that they were important and loved despite all the abuse and rejection they had faced throughout their lives A good read for a plane ride or afternoon away from distractions. This was one of those books where you keep reading just because you sort of want to know the end and once you get there you kind of wish you hadn t bothered I love everything that I have read from Doug Crandell s entries in The Sun magazine, so I picked this book up I have to say though, I barely made it through the first three chapters, because I felt so queasy from all of the disgusting habits of the main characters and the detailed descriptions of them carrying them out But I still couldn t seem to put the book down and read through it very quickly The series of events that take place are so crazy and unbelievable, but I found that I really cared about all the characters and grew fond of them despite all of their strange quirks and idiosyncrasies They form a very unusual family, but nodisfunctional than most, I guess. BLAH I picked this book up purely because of the cover and title My first instinct was that it might be an interesting book about plastic surgery or something Boy, was I wrong Instead of plastic surgery, I got a cast of characters who are completely unable to communicate and are awkward and unrelatable Every form of conflict felt forced, and like it was supposed to pull at my heart strings It s a quick read, but it s not easy I spent the majority of the time trying to figure out who the audience was supposed to be, but I still am not sure The fact that the 37 year old main character is so shallow and developmentally stunted at age 16 makes me think it was aimed towards young adults, but there is a lot of sexual content that is obvious for an older crowd The unclear demographic left me feeling often confused and frustrated at the unrealistic interactions between characters I would not recommend this to anyone I ve read better fan fiction Also trigger warning there are some pretty graphic but poorly written rape scenes in this book. I read this book due to a suggestion It started out pretty good I really connected with the narrator That s Hobbie, a man in his late thirties who s been dealing with adult acne his whole life This is something we have in common, although thankfully mine has quieted down lately Anyway, what I connect with him most on is how his acute awareness of his acne permeates his perception of every encounter he has with every human with whom he has any contact any stranger, any loved one, any coworker His real life is lived inside his mind, through his experience of having a face covered in scabs, boils, and painful cysts The plot of the story wore thin on me, and probably did the author too you can tell by the way the sudden light speed jump in the last eighth of the book paired with the happy, hopeful ending Also, his religion theme was kind of weak I would recommend this book to people who love a strong narrator voice. This was a surprisingly good read The story is told from an unusual point of view At least, I don t think I have read this particular voice before The narrator is a 38 year old man who has suffered from acne vulgaris for most of his life He and his wife were abused by a deacon at their church when they were young They both have serious issues relating to this abuse, but the book deals with the issues and the healing process rather than the abuse What stood out to me is the idea implied by the title that the condition of the skin you live in is not necessarily indicative of the inner person Also, the incredible love that this man has for his wife, who is absent for most of the story I finished with a sense of hope A sense that no matter what our struggles are, with enough patience and love, we can heal Some language, but manageable A quick read. This book reminded me of little woman and two girls fat and thin I like a story about someone who is not typically the hero heroine And in this book, the hero is a man in his 30s with severe acne couple with a compulsive skin picking disorder His common law wife is obese and the book begins with her at a weight loss clinic and communicating soley by letters.The book is interesting and well written and odd, like the other two books I mentioned I ve never read a book where a character was a compulsive skin picker and it was a fascinating and disturbing peek into that world This is one of those books where you re meant to reexamine the meaning of family and what it is to need others A quick read.I know you re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I bought this book simply because I loved the title. This is a marvelous book I ve had it on my to read list for years, but my former public library didn t have it I don t even know if I knew what it was about an estranged common law couple each dealing with the fallout of a shared horrific experience but I m so glad I left it on my list Doug Crandell tells a wonderful story about flawed people just trying to get by I ll read anything by him Also, the Goodreads summary does not do this book justice It s not as campy predictable gleefully positive as that makes it out to be.

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Flawless Skin of Ugly People
  • Doug Crandell
  • English
  • 02 January 2018
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