The Games Do Count: America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports

The Games Do Count: America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports What Do Henry Kissinger, Jack Welch, Condoleezza Rice, And Jon Bon Jovi Have In Common They Have All Reached The Top Of Their Respective Professions, And They All Credit Sports For Teaching Them The Lessons That Were Fundamental To Their Success In His Years Spent Interviewing And Profiling Celebrities, Politicians, And Top Businesspeople, Popular Sportscaster And Fox Friends Cohost Brian Kilmeade Has Discovered That Nearly Everyone Shares A Love Of Sports And Has A Story About How A Game, A Coach, Or A Single Moment Of Competition Changed His Or Her Life These Vignettes Have Entertained, Surprised, And Inspired Readers Nationwide With Their Insight Into America S Most Respected And Well Known Personalities Kilmeade Presents Than Seventy Stories Straight From The Men And Women Themselves And Those Who Were Closest To Them From Competition To Camaraderie, Individual Achievement To Teamwork, Failure To Success, The World Of Sports Encompasses It All And Enriches Our Lives The Games Do Count Reveals This Simple And Compelling Truth America S Best And Brightest Haven T Just Worked Hard They Ve Played Hard And The Results Have Been Staggering

As cohost of FOX Friends, the number one rated morning program on cable television for the past nine years, Brian Kilmeade shares his unique perspective on the daily news He has interviewed the biggest names in politics, sports and entertainment, often securing exclusive content.Kilmeade played a large part in FOX s coverage of September 11th, as well as coverage including reporting from w

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  • Hardcover
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  • The Games Do Count: America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports
  • Brian Kilmeade
  • English
  • 12 February 2018
  • 9780060736736

10 thoughts on “The Games Do Count: America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports

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    The overall intention of this book, to show that sports are an important part of character development, was really appealing to me I agree that participation in sports helps to shape a person and influence them all their life However, there were lots of typos Worth a casual read.

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    The people I found interesting had a few nice stories But, albeit it could be my issue, I didn t care about most of these people And the ones I wanted to read were super short An easy book to read a chapter if you have a few minutes here and there but I skipped quite a few due to lack of interest.

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    I picked up The Games Do Count whilst browsing in the bargain books bin in a Border s in San Francisco Being a huge sports fan and a relatively recent MBA grad, I really thought this book would be perfect I mean think about it, it s about the US s most powerful leaders and their experiences and takeaways from the universal activity, sports And for 3, he steals second Whoa, I am lame I cracked the book open immediately and realized I didn t really like it In fact, the stories often times were short and didn t have too much meaning Most of the time it felt like a person would write about random stories from different parts of their lives and tried to piece them together Oftentimes, there didn t seem like a point to the story nor were there any clear takeaways It was just a bunch of men and women recalling reliving their youths After plowing on, it actually started getting better And as I got to the later chapters, I started empathizing and with these celebrities The chapters featuring the heroes of United 93 were just absolutely tragic I even found myself connecting with people I typically disagree with on a political or business level I m going to classify this type of book as a good on the go book It s good for those short 15 minute tube and bus rides.

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    Began reading sometime ago pulled off shelf recently to continue reading These vignettes give insight into the influence of sport in a cross section of 74 American leaders and well known personalities Entertaining for those of comparable age to the personalities interviewed could have an impact on our youthful readers if revised to include some contemporary personalities I appreciated the memorial of Mark Bingham, Jeremy Glick, Todd Beamer, and Tom Burnett on Flight 93 I applaud Brian Kilmeade for helping us understand The Games Do Count.

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    This may be necessary reading for educators that seem to want to cut out sports Although I did not grow up with much of this in my earlier education, there seem to be lessons that are best learned while actively engaged in these types of activities It made me interested in playing these games that sometimes we have taken for granted More importantly, it made me interested in making sure to provide opportunities for our children to participate in sports.

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    It s a nice book The chapters are pretty short and are quick reads.For me, there are too many typos For instance Tony Danza boxed in the Golden Gloves not the Golden Globes Dr J s name is Julius Erving, not Julius Irving Those kind of errors, and they re all over the place, just detracted from my enjoyment of the book In a book about sports, wouldn t you think that there wouldn t be so many sports reference errors

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    I ve only read 15 or 20 of these profiles, but I like that so many of the people talk about how their participation in sports influenced what they re doing now and they re doing everything from acting to politics I also appreciate that the sports include what many people in my part of the country consider minor sports like soccer and horseback riding It provides a good balance.

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    A collection of essays written by some of the most famous people in America They tell the story of how participation in sports influenced their lives, how they applied lessons of teamwork, dedication, etc to their successes off the field After a while, the stories begin to sound the same, however.

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    Their stories illustrate what the games are supposed to mean to our kids NOWHERE in the book does it talk about the importance of the games to the guy pacing the siadelines, veins bulging, living vicariously through his offspring

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    The stories were not that remarkable but it was interesting to see what value sports played in these lives.Same old theme for me great theme but not that great of a book.The author is one of the anchors on Fox and Friends on morning TV Smart guy.

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