The Girl in the Mask

The Girl in the Mask Liked this book loved the story line and the ending leaves an option of another book to follow though i don t think there will be Amazing story loves this author. DNF 25%I m sorry but this book is not for me It feels like the author skimped on the research for the time period Without the note in the back I d have no idea when this was taking place because the actions of the characters and the dialogue are not indicative at all of the time period.I m not an expert on 1715 English history but there was way too many times where stuff didn t feel right.I don t see a wealthy family of this time allowing a daughter to live so freely and wildly, completely unchecked without looking in on her for the amount of years Sophia s father does The climbing out on roofs, speaking with any servant or lower class person in such an open, candid, joking manner, and the sneaking about the streets of Bath at night are extremely unbelievable I can buy a commoner doing this sort of thing, but not someone of Sophia s status.Also.https articlJust to prove that I m not completely crazy about the historical oopses Sophia pulls a ton of cardboard boxes filled with clothes out of her wardrobe Yeahthat s over a 100 years off Cardboard isn t even close to being invented and who knows when it was used commonly to package clothing and shoes.My inability to suspend my disbelief any longer combined with multiple reviews stating the misleading marketing of this being a thief by night book where no masking and thieving happens for the first 90% is why I m putting this down.It also means I won t be reading anyfrom this author since the lack of ebooks or popularity to land in a local library means I have to buy a physical copy as I did this time and that s money I m not willing to spend on another gamble for a new author. Set In Georgian England, Fifteen Year Old Sophia Is Trapped By The Limitations Of Living In A Man S World Forced By Her Father To Give Up Everything She Loves, Sophia Is Ordered To Make A New Life In Bath By Day, She Is Trapped In The Social Whirl Of Balls And Masquerades By Night, She Secretly Swaps Her Ball Gowns For Breeches, And Turns To Highway Robbery To Get Her Revenge When One Man Begins To Take A Keen Interest In Her, Sophia Must Keep Her Distance, Or Risk Unmasking Her Secret Life Really enjoyed this Fabulous protagonist who sticks to her guns ha and doesn t go all wishy washy at the end as is so often the case The book is well researched too, plonking you right into the middle of The Bath society Exciting, pacey, and fun Well worth a read. I was super excited when I found out that Marie Louise Jensen had another book coming out I reserved it from my local library and read it in two days It was immediately gripping and I loved the brave character of Sophie, she wasn t going down without a fight I also loved the character of Jenny who I really felt for despite her trying to be tough attitude I knew I wouldn t be disappointed as I had loved Jensen s other books such as The Lady in the Tower I thought the setting was written very powerfully, I could almost smell the rotten water of the Bath springs I was a tiny bit disappointed with the romance in the book, I thought it would have beenpowerful but maybe that is just my cheesy side showing through The book has a very clear and concise structure and even though Sophie found the social gatherings tedious, Jensen didn t bore us with the details The book had some comedy in it and I found myself chuckling over some cleverly delivered wit I can tell from the ending that the book will have a sequel and I very much look forward to it All in all I would definitely recommend the book as it a breath taking gripping ride It s difficult I had so many up and down opinions about this novel, but overall I find that I really enjoyed it There were so many things about this novel that I really liked about this I liked the way that this plot developed Even though it was slow and at first I had a little trouble figuring out where this was going, when it finally got there, I really liked what I was reading I really liked it to the point where I couldn t help flipping the pages.It was slow This is my first Marie louise Jensen novel, and since it s called The Girl in the Mask I was intrigued The premise was a bit brief, but I was interested to know about the girl in the mask Of course, I didn t really see the significance until the end, during the masquerade But it s also a theme that s constant throughout the novel in the literary sense.Sophia was pretty cool I loved her inside voice, but I swear she s a little oblivious going out by herself going for walks and doing mischievous things I like that she did mischievous things, I felt like I was getting a little bit of revenge too I felt like I was in sync with Sophia s feelings Particularly during one scene between her and Mr Charlton That was unbelievable, chemistry wise anyway Mr Charlton Oh my, between Sophia and Mr Charlton, there s quite some mystery and intrigue as well as chemistry between them Most of the novel, they are dancing around each other I love that Sophia gets angry at him But I hate that Mr Charlton didn t find out a little bitabout why Sophia protested about being trapped at home It was awesome when Sophia was discovered that night by Mr Charlton who reprimanded her Because she totally blows her lid off at him, clambers over the tiles on her roof relatively elegantly and slam the window down on her bedroom window with the kind of attitude that I totally give a thumbs up for Because what she said was totally honest and right, and it irritated me that Mr Charlton didn t understand Though when you think about it, during that time, men were dominant and women were expected to follow meekly And yet, by the end, I also liked Mr Charlton actually I liked his character from the start, but when Sophia got angry at him, so did I and I was a little bit disappointed by their ending, though it is also a very good ending I like that Sophia sticks to her guns in refusing to marry As long as they are together, I m happy haha.It was strange, this took a while to get going, and a lot of things happened For most of the story, it s slow going, slowly developing the connections between the characters and slowly revealing the mystery between them But then, at the end, after the major climax, suddenly the story speeds up and we see Sophia s life after briefly And though it s not a long time, it seems kind of pointless, yet I know it s also important to the story I just wished maybe it needed a bittime And then the ending happens And alls well that ends well.Since I ended up really liking this, I ve decided to read her other books I certainly love the characters, and the voices of the characters, as well as the love that happens and the plot It s good, though to someone else, it can actually be not so great This kind of story written this way had that kind of feel But I liked it I thought it was very good This is a light, fun story While I enjoyed it, it was a little too light at times It seemed like Sophia couldn t or wouldn t show any other emotion than that of defiance, even when the very nice and charming Mr.Charlston was trying to help her At moments when I felt like swooning, she wasn t, and that kind of ruined the effect If your looking for a high action, sweeping romance, you won t find it in this book, but a light, if somewhat lackluster, quick read. I loved the setting and the characters The ending was a bit of a come down But it was different to anything else I ve read and it sure did surprise me. This was a crackingly exciting book that was quite difficult to tear myself away from at times The plot centres on a young girl in the early 18th century who is determined to escape her restrictive life and cruel father Sophia is headstrong, fearless and at times very reckless, qualities that get her into a lot of trouble but also help to get her out of it Add in an intriguing male friend, some enjoyable overtones of Georgette Heyer, and the firmly historical setting of 18th century Bath and the Rising of 1715, which all mixed together make for a very enjoyable and pacy read My one slight criticism was that I wondered if Sophia s attitudes might have been a tiny bit too modern at times, but then I remembered that her heroine was Aphra Behn and thought maybe not I ve seen some readers criticise the ending but I thought it worked perfectly for the characters though if there was a sequel I certainly wouldn t complain. I had this on my Kindle somewhere, because I did like the concept, but I ve read one of her other books already, so I was sort of wary about reading this I m afraid I got through a couple of chapters, but just couldn t stick with it The writing is pretty bad One minute the narrator is telling someone something because she knows he ll understand, and then immediately after he s responding with obviously no interest in it at all And there are people exclaiming loudly and tall gangly young men with laughing blue eyes in the first page and I just not for me, thank you.With a bit of editing, it might have held my attention, but All the drama and so on might have turned me off anyway stereotyped nasty father and all I can see how it would appeal to younger readers, though.

Born Marie Louise Chalcraft in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire on September 22nd 1964 I attended a string of state schools, including Chiltern Edge in Oxfordshire Once my family moved down to Bath in 1979, I attended Fitzmaurice and St Laurence schools in Bradford on Avon Throughout my primary school years I was constantly told off for reading secretly and writing long stories instead of completi

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