The Goddesss Choice

The Goddesss Choice Provided copy from the author in exchange for honest reviewThough the story is a bit slow in progressing, I quite liked it I liked how Jamie put everything in places, even if I had to read many long naratives. The Goddess s Choice is an epic fantasy that is not for the young only the young at heart as there are scenes in it which some readers may find disturbing.The King is in his 90 s, his daughter is in her teens He wants her to choose a consort for when he dies, she doesn t want any of them that suck up to her By contrast, Robbie is also in his teens, but living on a farm where his brother and his father both beat him He has an aptitude for healing, but never sees any benefits from it These two are as alike as chalk and cheese, and yet when they meet, something calls to both of them.There is so much that goes on this book, and for the majority of it, we are with Samantha and Robbie separately They both have things to do before they can meet up, even though they both know that they can never be together and we all know how that turns out With an amazing array of characters and situations, this book has been exceptionally written The pace is smooth and although it is a LONG book, it won t feel that long as you get swept away in the story This is the first book, and I can t wait to get my hands on book 2 as I am not prepared to leave their story where it is right now Absolutely recommended by me A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion MerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books In A World Where The Corrupt Church Hides The Truth About Magic, The Fate Of The Joined Kingdom Falls On The Shoulders Of Two Young People From Opposite Ends Of The Social Hierarchy Crown Princess Samantha S Life Begins To Fall Apart When She Starts Seeing Strange Colors Around Her Potential Suitors She Fears That She S Going Insane Or Worse That She S Defying The Goddess S Will Robrek Is A Lowly Farm Boy With Incredible Magical Powers He Has Been Biding His Time Waiting To Get Revenge On Those Who Call Him A Demon Thrown Together By Chance, They Must Overcome Their Differences To Fight Their Common Enemy Duke Argblutal, Who, With Dark Magic, Is Slowly Poisoning The King S Mind And Turning Him Against His Own Daughter Time Is Running Out For Those Chosen By The Goddess To Prevent The Power Mad Duke From Usurping The Throne And Plunging The Joined Kingdoms Into Civil War Thanks to the author and netgalley that gave me this for free for an review I liked this book a lot It s a fun read and has a good vibe over it The pacing is good and I I am super glad I have read it It probably isn t something you haven t read before but it s super good Not until I finished this book did I realize through someone else s review that this book is a retelling of a fiery tale, that was an Aha moment like my brother likes to call them, I realized why did I just keep reading and couldn t leave the book until I finished it Let s get back to the beginning, I don t read fiery tales retelling, well that s not true, I ve read some good ones, really good ones, but I m always apprehensive around those books, I mean you should be really good to be able to add your touch and vision to a classic tale that works very well on its own, right I needn t have worried with this book, and when I learned its origin I realized why was I thinking of Cinderella while reading it, it was the feel of the book, this magical atmosphere a fiery tale possesses, and Ms Marchant managed to preserve it while at the same time offering us a solid plot line, relatable characters and a wonderful experience overall.It s an addictive book, well written and there wasn t a single boring page in it, and while I thought the idea of magical horses was absurd, I couldn t be very prejudiced since I really love horses, and the original story was about magical horses, so I could not complain, besides, the book is downright awesome, why do I care whether they were horses or dragons for that matter The Goddess s Choice was very difficult to rate I really like the overall story It has a lot going for it But there are very obvious flaws that are hard to ignore If I could take a red pen to certain sections I would wholeheartedly recommend this book, but I can t pick and choose which parts to review Yet I can t say reading this book is a bad choice either I know, I m being terrible reviewer right now.The Good Samantha is very believable As a child I was very much like Samantha She s a little feminist forced to wear Princess dresses but raised by her father to rule a Kingdom She s outspoken about gender roles and what s expect her in a way that felt very familiar For me, she carries this book and I would ve liked evenof her The fairytale This story is a fairytale retelling, a fairytale I m not actually familiar with For me, that s a bonus because I love fairytales and mythology It s a very interesting retelling The story lying underneath everything in this book was quite good I want there to be a 3rd point to make this lookeven because I have very even feelings about this book So tada 3rd point is, I want to forgive this book it s flaws Or Something The Bad The inappropriate sexualization That sounds harsh doesn t it You may thing I m just a prude who can t handle sex in my books But while sex may not be my favorite aspect of most books, I just read Game of Thrones and it didn t bother me But here s the difference, Game of Thrones reads very adult like, where the Goddess s Choice feels like it should be a younger Young Adult book The voice and the quite graphic sex scenes don t match up I feel like maybe the trendiness of Game of Thrones influenced this book to try to beedgy or adult when really it should ve shotfor Tamora Pierce type fantasy and there is sex in those books than Game of Thrones The included sex scene makes me sad because the audience I think would enjoy this story is too young for everything that s included It had some cliche moments The two main characters who see themselves as unattractive and nobody else saw them as attractive but were wildly attractive to each other Looking in the mirror description, etc Too many exclamation points This book could ve used a tadediting.So I m not sure if the good outweights the bad I m frustrated because within this book there s something that could be so much better than what it is And it s not a matter of changing much, just removing some parts and accepting that the story is a young adult story, not an adult one.Is this book worth giving a chance Yes, I think it is Especially when I see the Kindle ebook is only 2.99 But be prepared for a good story surrounded by imperfections Ford the record, I m planning to continue reading when the next book is published. I read the paperback version of this book I was pleasantly surprised with the depth and character driven plots that emerged among the magic I appreciated the clever way each character s abilities were revealed and the potentially realistic qualities given to them Instead, they were introducedas powers acquired at birth or through life changes Each character was well developed and it was as easy to hate the bad guys as it was to understand their perspectives in some ways I was a bit confused at some points in the storyline during specific transitions, but quickly recovered I found it hard to wrap my mind around how some of the characters intricate names would actually be pronounced, since when I read I like to visualize the book as though it were a movie, which aides in my becominginvested in them Perhaps the unique names add to the Fantasy aspect of the book for some Regardless, I enjoyed The Goddess s Choice from the despicable deeds of the biggest villain Argblutal, down to the romantic drama between Princess Samantha and her suitors The storyline is definitely avivid, in depth and adult version of The Princess on The Glass Hill , but I assure you it is certainly worthy of a sequel on its own. This was an awesome read Now, I first have to warn you that this is absolutely an 18 read There is some sexual bits and language.With that out of the way, let me just say I was sucked into this story from the moment I began The story moves along at a very good pace, not too fast but not slow, either The world is well developed as are the characters It kept me up long into the night, reading I didn t want to put it down until I was finished.Samantha is a strong female character and Robrek is her equal Neither of them make the other feel inferior The other characters are just as developed and hold their own in the story There were two instances I wanted closure from, but feel I didn t get, but that s okay It leaves room for me and my imagination to hope that it did come about.The only other issue I have with this book is it could have had another proofread But the typos weren t so overwhelming as to affect the flow of the story I did also contact the author about the formatting of the ebook for Kindle, but again, I didn t let that stop me from reading This Book If you like epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, you ll like this book Jamie Marchant is an author to keep an eye out for I ll absolutely be picking up other books 3 starsAn Entertaining FantasyRival nations, united with a royal marriage and skillfully unified by a fair king, have lived in harmony for fifty years Now the aged king has assigned his daughter the task of selecting her consort Power hungry men eagerly seek the young princess s attention Robrek Angusstamm, a farmer s son with a Goddess given gift with animals, captures Samantha s heart Conspiracies and dark magic threaten the kingdom s stability, as the princess and amihealer struggle to fulfill their destinies in time.Inspired by a fairy tale, Jamie Marchant delivers the conventional theme of good versus evil, including the tragic hero, overwhelming obstacles, and hidden evil Full review in the May 2013 issue of InD Tale Magazine. Someone is wanting to give G.R.R Martin a run for his money I am telling you No dragons are involved in the story here, but I am talkingabout the overall style and detailed writing Though, we dod not have really specific time markers and I hope i am not mistaken, this book takes place over an about 2 year period where we meet Robbie and Samantha as they are both going through their life together and separately all the way until they come finally really together in the end.Though the book has an element of roman, it is really not the dominant theme here and here we are mostly dealing with political intrigue and on Samantha s end and Robbie s being different in a small community and pretty much everyone thinking him a demon Just an FYI Robbie has healing abilities with animals and can also communicate with them which is totally cool.Another element that I really liked here, is the fast that the deity is a Goddess and I can only openly admit that it made me happy.The book was nicely written and the characters good or evil ones were fantastic, however it was quite long and detailed thus me mentioning Mr Martin Luckily for me the action hungry one that I am we get a few parts of danger and or ass kicking along the way or this would have been really agony for me.There are parts of me that wishes that we could have moved on with the storyline a lot faster and that it was a bit dragging on in place, but I do believe this isrelated to my love of action and always needing to know what happens next than anything truly bad to do with the book.It is slow but evenly paced and like I said, I managed to get some good bits along the way and some good surprises too.Since this is book 1, I would be very curious to see what happens in the next chapter as the book finished here quite properly without any major cliffhanger Thank the Goddess and honestly I am really looking to what happens next in Robbie and Samantha s life.If you like grand epic adventures, I think this will be the book for you And you know what even if it is not your cup of tea, there is a lot here in The Goddess s Choice that is really amazing and I think Jamie did a wonderful job.I am going to very highly recommend the book and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Jamie began writing stories about the man from Mars when she was six, and she never remembers wanting to be anything other than a writer Everyone told her she needed a back up plan, so she pursued a Ph.D in American literature, which she received in 1998 She started teaching writing and literature at Auburn University One day in the midst of writing a piece of literary criticism, she realized

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