The Golden Twine

The Golden Twine I liked this book There were these weird cat people and a little girl The only thing I didn t like about it was that it ended way too suddenly This book was a nice contrast to Amulet and Dragonspell in that it is a comic that throws us into a new world without an outsider access character unlike Amulet and yet stuck to its guns in not providing us with lots of exposition explaining the setting unlike Dragonspell That s a less fair comparison, as Paul s work is a novel, not a comic, but as I just finished reading it less than a day ago it still seems apt A street urchin orphan girl named Suri has been raised by sympathetic carnies who tolerate her presence, and she s developed a dream of becoming a monster tamer and one day going over the Monster s Cradle the one pass through the mountains that separate the land of monsters from the land of men But in the meantime, she has to continue scraping by to survive each day.The setting is an interesting one, for all that it sounds like Pok mon It really doesn t read like Pok mon at all, and feels like a much deeper, better realized world The world has a bit of a steampunk feel though that may be largely my imagination, based on one of the character s disguises Monsters in this book are like fae they can be anything, of any shape or size, and we find that some are even crafted like Frankenstein s monster Monster tamers are somewhat enigmatic we see some tamers, but we don t really see any tamed monsters, so it s not clear whether the tamers hunt and kill the monsters, or whether they are enslaved after capture Certainly Suri doesn t plan to do either becoming a Monster Tamer, for her, is about personal resolve and fame It s a fun setting, and the artwork is well realized The book sets up some interesting situations and relationships, and I finished the book wanting . Now Available As A Motion Comic In This Steampunk Fantasy Graphic Novel, An Orphan Girl Named Suri, Barely Earning Her Keep With A Traveling Merchant Camp, Has Ambitions Of Becoming A Heroic Monster Tamer Suri Is Convinced Monster Taming Is Her Destiny, Defiantly Explaining To Those Who Deride Her That She Was Born In The Land Of Monsters And Was Carried Into This Valley In The Arms Of A Fire Breathing Dragon But While Suri May Be Brave Enough To Challenge A Monster, She Still Has Quite A Few Lessons To Learn About Their World Like How Sometimes The Most Frightening Looking Monsters Are Actually Not Scary At All Up Close, While A Normal Looking Boy Can Prove To Be Terrifying And Sometimes A Perfectly Ordinary Object, Like The Ball Of Golden Twine Suri Finds In The Woods, Can Turn Out To Contain The Most Mysterious And Powerful Magic She Could Ever Imagine With A Multilayered Plot, A Range Of Intriguing Characters And A Smart Protagonist Whose Sights Are Set On A Seemingly Impossible Task, This First Book From Jo Rioux Seamlessly Lays Out The Fantastic World The Stories Inhabit The Dark And Spooky Illustrations Are Infused With An Energy That Leaps Off The Page And, Along With The Story S Numerous Plot Twists And Savvy Humor, Are Sure To Keep Even Reluctant Readers Flying Through The Pages Besides Its General Appeal To Readers, This Book Could Be Applied To A Language Arts Lesson On The Components Of Genre Fiction The illustration drawings are rich and colourful and so is the little gypsy girl who was born in the valley of monsters and brought to the caravan of merchants by a dragon or that s how she tells her tale anyway Suri is a Hunter who fears no monsters, only no one takes her seriously because she s so young But then she finds a ball of Golden Twine and suddenly the monsters are very interested in her The Twine keeps them looking human and they need that to fool the Hunters who would kill them This is a pretty short tale, a prequel to a longer one I think This is how Suri s adventures began I think children will love the adventurous and resourceful heroine and the new friends she makes in this story DISCLAIMER netgalley ARC. 3.0 out of 5 starsSome decent mystical elements, I liked the circus, but left questioning some of the backstory elements that weren t explained Girl in a traveling circus wants to be a monster hunter, shows evidence of being good at the job, if only accidentally I enjoyed the fantasy world, the caitsith, the scrappy young heroine and the monsters Should be a fun series As soon as I finished it, Natasha read it and also enjoyed it.Library copy. Suri wants to be a monster tamer, but her efforts to make her dreams come true get her truly tangled in an adventure she wasn t expecting I liked the ideas in this story, but I felt like there was too much explaining of the world, the characters, etc and not enough doing That left the book with a strange mood for a graphic novel This book seemedlike the first chapter in a very long story, rather than a first book in a series That said, I will read any subsequent installments when Rioux publishes them this has the potential to be good. Good art as well as cute and well done story.Gotta love Byron. I really liked this The art style is really nice, and the story is really cute mixed with some adventure aspects I just wish it was longer, but nevertheless I really enjoyed it Originally posted on my blog. Bilingual review ENG ROThe Golden Twine is the first graphic novel for children of the Cat s Cradle series It follows the story of Suri, an orphan girl travelling with a caravan, who thinks she s a monster tamer and is very determined to prove that to everybody Trouble arrives when she accidentally steals something very valuable from a caitsith a monster who can take human form.This series has huge potential as the story, although not fully original, has a very unique way of combining the elements it uses in an amazing form The whole book is surrounded by the mystey factor, and it makes you really curious about how the story is developping.The artwork is definitely the book s cornerstone, with its beautifully combined colours and pretty character design The monsters are drawn in a unique style, having a very eerie appearence without being too scary the series is aimed at children, after all I particularly liked how Suri was drawn, with her gypsy like attire.I had a little trouble following the story, as I received a digital copy of this book from Net Galley, and the text from a third of the pages s dialogue bubbles was not visible, and therefore couldn t be read I believe I would have enjoyed the bookwere it not for this technical problem.I recommend this graphic novel to fans of graphic novels and mysteryous stories, both children and adults, as long as their soul is still a child s one. The Golden Twine e primul roman grafic din seria pentru copii Cat s Cradle Urm re te povestea lui Suri, o orfan ce c l tore te cu o caravan , care crede c e mbl nzitoare de mon tri i e foarte hot r t s le dovedeast asta tuturor Problemele apar c nd ea fur din gre eal ceva foarte valoros de la un caitsith un monstru ce poate lua form uman.Seria are mare poten ial, ntruc t povestea, de i nu complet original, are un mod unic de a combina elementele pe care le folose te ntr o form uimitoare ntreaga carte e nv luit de mister, i te face foarte curios n leg tur cu felul n care se va desf ura ac iunea.Grafica e cu siguran punctual forte al c r ii, cu culorile mbinate n mod pl cut i cu designul frumos al personajelor Mon tri sunt desena i ntr un stil unic, av nd o nf i are sinistr , f r a fi ns prea nfrico tori seria este pentru copii, p n la urm Mi a pl cut n mod special cum e desenat Suri, cu straiele ei ca de nomad.Am avut ceva probleme n a urm ri povestea pentru c am primit o copie digital a c r ii de pe Net Galley, iar textul din bulele de dialog din o treime din paginile c r ii nu se putea citi Cred c mi ar fi pl cut mai mult cartea dac nu a fi avut aceast problem tehnic.Recomand aceast carte tuturor fanilor romanelor grafice i al pove tilor misterioase, at t copii, c t i adul i, at ta timp c t nc au suflet de copil.

Jo Rioux was born and raised in Ottawa After high school she pursued her artistic schooling at Sheridan College Now back in the lush suburbs of her home town, she works, reads and plays video games from home.

☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Golden Twine  By Jo Rioux ✩ –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • The Golden Twine
  • Jo Rioux
  • English
  • 11 April 2019
  • 9781554536375

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