The Great War of Hind (The Legend of Ramm #1)

The Great War of Hind (The Legend of Ramm #1) The descriptive sequences are present in a balanced way than intimating narrative, so that at each return stage the reader is able to find their way to pick up the thread of the speech, to understand them at all times better what is going on, sensing meanings and correlations between the facts and the characters.Read the full review herehttp 1OmAn43 Very interesting version of Ramayan In The Beginning, There Was No Such Thing As Heaven Or Hell All That There Was Then, Was Earth There Are Raconteurs And Mischief Mongers In Our Ranks And I Have No Doubt They Shall Pervert The Truth With Their Self Serving Versions The Events Of History This History Of Our Land Shall Thus Inevitably Have Many Versions, Doubtless But, I Was There With General Ramm, I Fought By His Side Sanjaay, Official Chronicler Of General RammAroundBC Hindustan Or Hind As We Know It Today, Comprised Five Kingdoms Of Man, Sandwiched Between Parbat The Kingdom Of The Gods In The North, And Lunka The Kingdom Of The Demons In The South The Legend Of Ramm Unravels The Story Of The Military General Called Ramm In The Kingdom Of Ayodh And How His Actions Came To Define Our World As We Know It Today Read my review on very entertaining highly recommended for readinga nice book i read in long time My favorite book of all time what a rollicking thriller Congrats to Vaibhav for writing such a peach of a book Riveting The rating islike a 3.5 instead of 3 Even though the names used seem similar to reading a different version of the Ramayana, this is a completely different story Don t let the names sway you and make you believe that you are reading a well known story The interpretation is decent which tells you that at that time, we had gods, humans, and demons living together on the earth This story is about how humans fight among themselves for supremacy after years of peace The book ends with a person named Ramm named and intended to be very close to the legendary god in Hindu mythology, Lord Ram turns out to be victorious.The stage is set to witness the epic and well known battle between Ramm and Ravan in the next book. First, this is NOT Ramayana This is a story which takes a life of its own when you admire the character of a protagonist but keep wondering if he she would have lived the same life, created the same legends had he she come from somewhere else, if they populated a completely different tale And Vaibhav delivers brilliantly on that.I especially loved the war strategy parts brings to mind the Art of War by Sun Tzu I do hope the subsequent installments elaborateon Hanohman s story, as well as the Brahma Vishnu Shiva back story.Look out for A complex yet fast paced story, with enough layers to keep the reader engrossed and curious. When I first read the blurb, I thought it would be a retelling of the great epic Ramayana but a bit differently I was all set for reading Ramayana onceBut when I started reading it, I realize how wrong I was It is anything but the Ramayana I knew of The author has modified the entire story and presented it in a new and brilliant manner, which leaves you asking forThis book narrates the story of Ramm, not as the God we know but as a common man just like us.The story begins with General Ramm displaying his skills and winning one of the winter war games held in the presence of six kings seated together his own king Vikramadetya, Sheikh Muhumud of Persis, King Talib of Kurd, Emperor Trystan of Nipalaya, Lord Garman of Ga and Russ, the cow king of the kingdom of Sur The story soon jumps to Lunka, where Kaikesi narrates the young Raavan a bedtime story about the creation of man and demons and the curse bestowed upon Adum.Back in Persis, Sheikh Muhumud plans a war against King Vikramadetya to conquer Awadh The story picks up momentum from here The war plans, the tricks and the actual course of the war cover up the rest of the book There are also snippets from Prabat where Lord Vishnu seems to be agitated about something and the few and far fetched scenes of Prabat slowly unfold the mystery which leads to a shocking revelation in the end Things I Liked Read the full review here Escape Reality Book Reviews In the ever growing genre of humanizing the godly incarnates, comes a astonishing piece on the legend of Ram The narrative is taut, the language is lucid and the storyline is distinctive And yes, this is NOT the Ramayana

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[Reading] ➸ The Great War of Hind (The Legend of Ramm #1)  Author Vaibhav Anand –
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • The Great War of Hind (The Legend of Ramm #1)
  • Vaibhav Anand
  • English
  • 17 October 2019
  • 9789382665465

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