The Haunted

The Haunted HOUSE OF LIESSomething Was Terribly Wrong Jennifer Stone S Brother, In Vietnam, Hadn T Heard From His Wife Marcy For Six Months, And Jennifer Had To Find Out Why But She Had Hardly Arrived At The Barnsted Farm, Where Marcy Was Staying, When Uncle Horace Barnsted Tried To Drive Her AwayEven Aunt Elna Barnsted, Who Welcomed Jennifer S Presence, Hardly Seemed Trustworthy, And Handsome Young Lyman Parks, Friendly Enough At First, Suddenly Turned Hostile As For Marcy, She Had Changed Shockingly A Mental Breakdown Had Turned The Once Beautiful Girl Into A Frightened Child, Incapable Of Speaking Her SecretThere Were Explanations, Of Course Elna Had Explanations For Everything But Somehow They Just Didn T Ring True Jennifer Had Never Before Known Such An Atmosphere Of Falsehood And Deceit, Of Lives With Secrets Desperately Concealed And Slowly It Dawned On Her That The Barnsteds No Longer Wanted Her To Leave The Farm In Fact, If They Had Their Way, She Would Never Leave Not Alive, That Is

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❮KINDLE❯ ❅ The Haunted  Author Alice Brennan –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • The Haunted
  • Alice Brennan
  • 13 June 2018
  • 9780417752921

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    The Haunted started off tense and remained so for the entire book It gave me the same sort of on edge feeling that Iain Reid s I m Thinking of Ending Things gave me, though I did not like that book very much.Jennifer Stone went to the Barnsted Farm to check on her brother s wife Marcy, whom he hadn t heard from in six months Upon arrival Jennifer comes across Marcy, and Marcy looks and acts dramatically different than she did when Jennifer last saw her, and the difference wasn t pleasant.Marcy s Uncle Horace and Aunt Elna gave vague explanations for the change in Marcy, but Jennifer had a hard time believing anything that came out of their mouths Determined to get to the truth, she stays on at the Barnsted Farm Sooner rather than later, she came to realize that leaving would not be as easy as it should have been.I really want to give the book four stars, but that isn t going to happen Alice Brennan can be absolutely brilliant at times, and others times absolutely awful This was an occasion where she bordered on brilliant, but often than not there is usually something that spoils it, much like Ross books, Marilyn Ross, Clarissa Ross, and W.E.D Ross, and Dan Ross The Haunted became downright repetitive, to the point of being sickening Jennifer was always shivering or shaking from a cold chill of fear that ran down her back, or a cold wave of terror that froze her lungs, or from an icy cold blast of horror that sent an icy chill into her heart.The words cold, icy, and chill must have been used five times per page Next, Elna and Horace s eyes were always searching Jennifer s face, Jennifer s eyes were constantly searching Elna and Horace s face, or Jennifer was trying to figure out what the look in their eyes meant Was it fear Was it mockery What was it Was it mockery Was it fear What was it It was some something, but what was it Was it fear Mockery What Fear If onlywas it fear I thought I would go insane by the end of the story, and I also thought I had managed to escape another case of insta love Silly me Alice Brennan managed to throw in the most ridiculous case I have come across yet, it literally took place in the last four pages of the book

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    As the other reviewer mentioned, this book is not great However, you don t read Alice Brennan 1913 1973 for a good book you read it for atmosphere, a certain breathlessness and a lot of similes, some of which work, many of which don t Part of the pleasure are the times when things don t work This contemporary gothic is a pretty standard murder plot, but does have some suspenseful moments She was never that good of a writer, but she had a certain clunkiness that s memorable.

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